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De La Hoya gives advice to today’s boxers

Hall of Fame boxer and top promoter Oscar De La Hoya has been one of the most influential personalities in the sport and a transcendent figure in every aspect. This weekend, the website Yucatan.com.mx published an interview with the Golden Boy, in which he talked about important topics related to boxing and his career, with special emphasis on the current state of the discipline and the advice he would give to fighters.

“The advice I give them, which I think are the most important, are not the positive ones, but the negative ones, because those are the most valuable. For example, the easiest and the most difficult at the same time: ‘take care of your money, don’t do this, invest, don’t spend your money like crazy, don’t buy cars, invest well’. These are tips for them to learn, to grow as persons, because I can tell them things regarding boxing: ‘train hard, always give one hundred percent’, but anyone can give those. For me, other advice are worth more. They should grow, they should have wisdom, they should learn to live because that will last a lifetime, boxing doesn’t last long. Good boxers, and good people too,” said De La Hoya.

“If you earn a million dollars in a fight, just with the general expenses you only get half of it. You have half a million. If you’re going to buy a car, you’ve already lost a hundred thousand, you have 400 left. If you give some to your manager, your trainer, your people, you lose another hundred thousand… And if you want to buy a watch, or other things, you have a hundred thousand less… When you realize it, you have nothing left,” he said.

The president of Golden Boy Promotions also spoke about the creation of boxing figures and reminded how new world-class fighters have always arisen. He spoke of recent times and how Mayweather and Pacquiao shocked the world, while years later Canelo arrived. He also assured that today there is enough young talent to have important quality fighters.

However, the “Golden Boy” pointed out that more work is needed: “There are many people who can contribute so that boxing has more projection. Sometimes we need people to put money in, a lot of money, but we also need trainers to do their part, boxers to do their part. It takes everyone to do their part”.

De La Hoya also talked about great topics such as his beginnings, the influence of his trainers and how he dealt with the comments after his victory against Julio César Chávez in a great and complete interview.

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  • De La Hoya gives advice to today’s boxers: Don’t take pictures of yourself in womens clothing like myself a few years ago.

    • Only a real man will admit that all men are imperfect and in doing so, confesses to his own myriad faults and mistakes. Stop holding on to people’s worst moments, like a woman.

      • Just tired of “fans” whose only contribution is cynicism and hate. This is one reason the UFC prospers, fans that like and support the athletes. In boxing, “fans” are just as a big a problem as the 20 organizations and 400 belts circulating.

  • De la Hoya: “take care of your money, don’t do this, invest, don’t spend your money like crazy, don’t buy cars, invest well”

    He should have advised not to invest money in cocaine (see Dana White comment)

    De la Hoya, in his fighting days, was great for boxing. I doubt anybody can name a boxer with a more difficult list of opponents than Oscar. I always respected the guy for having the willingness to fight anybody. Several top-level opponents on his resume: Hopkins, Pacquiao, Mayweather, Moseley, Quartey, Vargas, Trinidad, Chavez, and Whittaker. Also a lot of rock solid contenders like Oba Carr, Darryl Coley, Miguel Gonzalez (41-0 at the time), Genaro Hernandez, John John Molina, Jorge Paez, and several others. Take a look at his boxrec page. Quite impressive. Wish all boxers had that same willingness to fight all comers…

  • The fights i rememember watching delahoya usually lost and then got gifted a decision like ike quartey fight.

    • Oscar got a gift decision against Whiataker and Strum also, then he struggled with Fernando Vargas a year after Trinidad nearly killed Vargas.

      • I thought De la Hoya was robbed against Trinidad. Thought he won a minimum of 8 rounds that night. I would also point out that Vargas went down twice in the 1st round, and three times in the 12th against Trinidad, but Vargas dropped Trinidad as well and gave him quite a fight. Vargas was not an easy outing for either of them.

        • Indeed, he beat Trinidad, I don’t know what fight the judges were watching but it sure wasn’t the same one I saw!!!

      • Trinidad had loaded gloves. Vargas had a granite chin before that fight. Watch a William Joppy interview regarding Trinidad.

      • Vargas popped for roids after the fight. Excellent fight a real beef. Total war. Everyone that bought the PPV for their monies worth

    • Ike Quartey was a great very competitive fight that could have gone either way or maybe a draw, not really a robbery of gifted decision. I would agree Oscar vs. Felix Sturm, where he lost almost evey round.


  • “If the fighter that you are promoting gets caught taking performance enhancing weight cutting drugs, just pull some strings to make them legal so that you don’t have to worry again.”

  • The guy fights every single name in his division and the division up and the division under and some people still have a pop. Seriously get a life.

  • Oscar makes so much sense here. Totally on the money with saving and investing because once the fighters career is over and it doesn’t usually last too long, all the money is usually gone and the boxer is left with nothing, so great advice Oscar!

    There is one thing Oscar did forget to mention to boxers and that’s never ever EVER put on lady’s lingerie- fishnets, thongs, garter belts stilettos etc.. it will come back to haunt you! I’m serious it’s unfortunate that Oscar had that lifestyle and the pictures are forever out there and no one that seen them can “unsee” them now.

    P.S. I forgot the kitchen utensils. I really hope Oscar let go of that behavior too because he seems like a genuine good guy..

  • He should have also advised them on how to use caution & not impregnate women out of wedlock because some women would only get pregnant because they see dollar $$$ signs as a way of setting themselves up for life. He should know that all too well. He has had a few children out of wedlock himself & has paid royally for those children.

  • Whatever he does outside the ring is on him. Unless he hurts somebody, who cares. The truth is he is a great fighter who had every tool in the game! Think about it.
    Great jab
    Powerful straight right
    Big left hook
    Had power in both hands
    Hand speed
    Took a great punch
    Fought great fighters, never ducked anyone
    All his fights exciting. He was n is great for boxing
    Enough said!

  • At the very least, current boxers should pay heed to Oscar’s financial advice/suggestions because many boxers (historically) were ruined by negative financial habits, financial betrayal and/or financial ignorance.

  • Oscar has learned more than just being a fighter. He learned by example thru past managers and promoters that both negative and positive influences are conducted within the sport to move professionally forward. Oscar himself has indulged on both sides of the fence to remain marketable in the sport. That’s no secret. However, boxing is not a perfect sport and politics, corruption, and money truly runs the show. However, the show must go on!

      • Schaefer thought he was ‘too smart’ for the game and was gonna’ come in and shit on Oscar, join Al Haymon and run shit. Where is he today? Outta’ the game, Mr. smart-ass college

  • No ones perfect. Oscar has made his mistakes as we all have. I respect his boxing career but not the cross dressing lifestyle but even then I can’t judge and besides that’s his personal choices.

    Although it definitely seems like ‘Hands’ has had his share of cross dressing lol. Hey if that’s what your into then I guess whatever floats your boat dude.

    • I hated the way commentators used to harp on Bernard Hopkins ancient criminal history, so that means I too robbed people? Hate the way people criticize Deontay Wilder’s English, so I must be poorly spoken? Oscar wore some girl stuff about a decade ago and I suggest we let it go and move on so I must wear dresses too? With your reasoning, a lot of you guys must struggle in life…

  • Bunch of haters. Look at your comments and who he fought. De la Hoya might have the best overall opponent resume of all-time. He literally fought the best all the way. Dared move up for Hopkins. Guy could smoke every hater on this site fish nets and all.

    • Totally agree Anthony. I always thought that him beating Hopkins was absolutely hopeless due to the natural size difference, but Oscar gave it a whirl anyway. Looking back on everything, I appreciate the guy now more than I did in his fighting days. I seriously doubt anybody can name a fighter with a tougher resume than De La Hoya. He was the face of the sport for most of his career IMO. He carried that mantle well….

  • This is common sense advice, nothing new. Oscar doesn’t have much substance, wisdom, or depth. I would instead defer to Mike Tyson. Tyson has substance, wisdom, and depth, not just about Boxing, but life.

    • LexusNexus, yes it’s nothing new. But sometimes it’s who they (boxer) hear it from that makes them listen and let it sink in. Yes, Tyson is someone to look at about what not to do, but what’s wrong with Oscar? He made lots, blew through almost all, opened his eyes, cleaned house and now is a millionaire. Tyson in the other hand isn’t worth the millions that he once was.

  • I have tons of respect for Oscar for his never backing down from a challenge. Unlike a certain terrified over rated boxer who ran horrified from Pacquiao until he was already beaten twice and knocked out brutally and 5 years too late. Was not brilliant planned strategy he just got lucky pacquiao wasn’t killed in the Marquez fight.

    No doubt Oscar would have taken on a prime Pacquiao. Oscar deserves all the credit in the world.

    As far as the cross dressing that’s his business I personally don’t agree with that sort of lifestyle and judging by all the haters here defending that sort of behavior no doubt that tells me these guys are into that sort of lifestyle themselves. Each to his own but definitely a disturbing thought that there are obviously more cross dressing men than I’d ever imagined judging by the comments defending cross dressing men but hey if that’s what your also into then it is what it is just don’t get your panties in a bunch defending that lifestyle.

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