Crawford to Spence: I appreciate this opportunity

After Terence Crawford scored a brutal stoppage win over Errol Spence Jr. last Saturday night, the two stars shared a heartfelt moment in the ring during the immediate aftermath of the fight.

In a newly released clip, Crawford approaches Spence and tells him, “I appreciate you. You know why? Because if it wasn’t for you, this would never have happened. So I appreciate you. You’re a hell of a fighter. You already know that. I don’t even gotta tell you that. I appreciate this opportunity.”

You can catch the replay on Showtime this Saturday, August 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The replay will be followed by All Access: Spence vs. Crawford Epilogue.


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  • Crawford is a great boxer he is in my list of My top 10 best boxers if all times new school

    1 Andre ward
    2 many Pacquiao
    3 Ricardo lopez
    4 Julio César Chávez
    5 Alexander usyk
    6 vasyl lomachenko
    7 Naoya Inoue
    8 Tyson fury or koztya tzuyu
    9 tank Davis
    10 Terrence Crawford

    Mención honorífica

    Canelo Álvarez

    • Crawford is in the number 10 but he still building his career so he might escalade more positions by the end of his career

    • It’s hard for me to put Finito in context. He passes the ‘eye-test’ like pretty much no one else, but his quality of opposition was pretty bad. He spent a lot of his career 3lbs away from 3 HOFers and he never fought either of them. You just watch him, he’s beautiful, but I wish he would have stepped up to Chiquita and Carbajal.

      • Finito oposition was good we just did not know them
        In those years small weights did not catch people attention not even today but at least people don’t see just heavyweights like before

        Now from 130 to 154 lbs are more seen

        • There is a special belt given to 5 boxers and finito is one of them the other 4 are:

          Sugar Robinson
          And jc Chavez

        • Everyone he fought, we know them in relation to him. Literally the first thing you mention about their career is that they fought Ricardo Lopez. Alvarez, Nene, Will Grigsby, the South African. He looked brilliant, but I would have loved to see him be brilliant against great fighters and they were available.

          • For example sorman sorjaturong ko Chiquita González in 3 and finito ko sorjaturong in 2

            I cant remember the names but one of finito opponents had 19 straw weights defenses

            Allan Villamil was hard hitter 21 fights 20 kos

            Etc etc etc

            Those days the asiatic boxers were more tough than they still are today

            The only blemish of finito was not to fight chiquita González or Michael Carbajal

            After that he is a perfect boxer with the best technique ever

          • Saman’s a good one, I’ll definitely give you that one, but it’s easier to look perfect when you’re not fighting good guys is my point. And that’s a large blemish. I love watching that guy fight and the fact that he looked that good and never stepped up is a giant blemish. I remember an interview Chiquita did and he said Lopez was jealous of him because he never headlined cards, he was always on the undercard and he flat out called Finito overrated. Said they were cordial but didn’t really get along.

      • You cannot ask more of Lopez than he did. The others could have come to see him for a big payday. Besides, his skill and technique would have been too much for Carbajal and Gonzalez. Decisions Carbajal and KOs Gonzalez.

        • It looks bad on him, in my opinion, that everyone wanted to see him go up in weight for so long and he FINALLY does it…. after Chiquita and Carbajal are long gone.
          And I could be wrong about this, but I think that Carbajal got $1m for one of those fights against Gonzalez, so clearly they weren’t struggling for paydays. Lopez should have gone up and fought the other great fighters of his era as the supremely gifted fighter that he appeared to be. He never shared the ring with another great one, when they were right there. You can say he would have been too much for them, but I can say what if it was Carbajal landing that counter right that Alvarez did?

    • Good for you, no Mayweather. JCC is from the 15Rounds era, fighters were tougher and fought during fights.

      • That’s rubbish, Manny was also not from the 15-round era. Is he not as tough as they come? Is a fighter not “tough” because they don’t get hit. Boxing is a tough business which is why you, I or anyone in the comments section are not in it a high level. Boxers used to fight 99 rounds. Does that make the 15 round era less tough? Your logic makes not sense.

    • Well I don’t care if he is humble or cocky I just judge them according to boxing skills and Crawford is fully skill boxer very very complete fighter

      • I wasn’t even talking to you. You’ll know if I’m talking to you because I will mention your name. Are you jumpy today? This story has nothing to do with your ” list.” It takes a man to be humble like that the same way it takes a man to apologize as well. I’m responding to the story not your “I’m Carlos give me attention list.”

  • he really said ‘I appreciate you for giving me the opportunity to whoop your ass’. He caught a big fish and battered it

  • Class Act for Bud to thank Spence and show appreciation. Throughout the annals of history, who can definitively say who was the best # for #? Wow!
    Thanks, Mo I didn’t have to repeat it.

  • Crawford showed class, sportsmanship and gentlemanship. Hats off to both men

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