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Boxing News: Crawford-Porter comments, Porter retires » December 6, 2021

Crawford-Porter comments, Porter retires

“(I figured him out in) Round 1,” said WBO welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford after stopping “Showtime” Shawn Porter in the 10th round. “I figured that I had the reach and he had to take chances, and he did what he normally does. He tried to maul and push me back, but I used my angles and I pushed him back at times as well. Shawn Porter is a slick fighter. He was doing some things in there and made me think.

“I love him. Shawn Porter is a real good friend of mine. I didn’t really want to fight him. We always said we would fight each other when the time was right and I guess the time was right for this fight to happen. I tried to fight the other champions in the division, and that didn’t happen, so I went to the next best thing.”

* * *

“My timing was off and he wouldn’t allow me to get my rhythm,” Porter said. “He’s the best out of everybody I have been in the ring with.”

At the post-fight press conference, Porter announced his retirement.

Crawford-Porter Post-Fight Press Conference
Crawford-Porter Scorecard

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  • Porter must be proud about his career. Good decition to retire. Wish the best for the future !!

  • As mentioned earlier this week, Porter is rather one-dimensional in his offense; straightforward, rely on athleticism, and hopes for the best. That style is tailor-made for Crawford to dissect Porter down as the fight progresses and we saw it unfold. Porter should retire. Why? Porter has had a few good chances to step-up his game against Spence and Crawford and he was unable to seize the moment in victories. If being on top is in your future, Porter missed those chances in recent times. Porter is protecting his health now by retiring. I feel this fight was rather easier to predict than most since Porter’s style is rather stagnant in offensive creativity. Hard for me to see Porter’s style crack the code in Crawford’s arsenal. As for Crawford, on to bigger and better things to come.

    • They said the same about Mike Tyson’s style…predictable and wouldn’t last long but Mike kicked alot ass with that style ….just saying yes Porter’s style was predictable but be was damn good at it…took the elite in the division to beat him…

  • Yeah right, I’ll give that retirement less than a year. As soon as he is offered a couple million bucks to fight someone he’ll be out of retirement so fast, no one will remember he was retired.

  • We’re sitting around waiting for guys like Crawford and Spence and Ugas and Thurman to fight one another and this guy fought all of them. Fought Garcia. Fought Kell Brook and Devon Alexander when they was still very good. Just a ton of tough guys and world champions – what a career!

  • All I ever ask for out of people (including myself and my family) is lawful, maximum effort in any/all pursuits in life. Mr. Shawn Porter always exhibited maximum effort in his boxing career, and I salute him for it.

    Best wishes to Shawn Porter as a retired professional boxer. Maybe Porter will change his mind after he settles his mind a little and/or if the money is right (???).

  • yes Porter has fought the best of the best in his division and career hes a former world champion which you can never take away so hopefully he stays retired

  • Good decision he fought them all, it’s time to do something else, take care of your family and work as a commentator for example..

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