Charr-Pulev to collide for WBA reg belt

WBA regular heavyweight champion Mahmoud “Diamond Boy” Charr (34-4, 20 KOs) of Germany will defend his title against two-time former world title challenger and WBA #10 rated Kubrat “The Cobra” Pulev (30-3, 14 KOs) on March 30 at the Arena Sophia in Sophia, Bulgaria. The fight will be presented by Epic Sports & Entertainment, led by CEO Ivaylo Gotzev.

“Everything is finally coming together and we are all in alignment. This fight promises to deliver an old school heavyweight barn burner. Both men are ready and it’s a make or break fight for them both. There is a lot on the line. This fight sets up multiple angles and we are excited about this year’s plans, watch this space,” said Gotzev.

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  • WBA STILL doin “REGULAR” belts huh….?!
    Still in their 10 year transition to remove the Reg belts.

  • “This fight promises to deliver an old school heavyweight barn burner.'”
    Indeed. It will be one for the ages. Anyone who sees this fight will never forget it.

    • Definitely don’t get up for a beer mid-round. Who do you have Lucie? If his conditioning is right, I think Pulev can do it.

      • I agree with you. At least for the moment, I might be leaning towards Pulev winning and how ridiculous would it be if he ended up with a belt after all these years.

  • The WBA is as bad as Don King hairdresser! LMAO
    Really, these guys are old and tired hell Jared Anderson could beat either in his sleep after handing out all night in dangerious Toledo.

  • How is Charr champion again after almost seven years? He has held the WBA international, Mediterranean, Pokemon, antarctic and the regular titles. This is either the sad state or the evolution of the heavyweight division where we have 2 over 40 boxers fighting for a recognized belt.

    I’ve always thought that Pulev would have been an interesting champion who could generate dollars. Interview friendly, decent skills and a big heart. However, he came up along the monsters of the past 20 years, so no go. Hopefully, he can pull a last ditch effort and get perhaps the biggest win of his career.

    This one is not going the distance.

    • I believe Charr sues the WBA and them reinstating him as champion was part of the settlement. They stripped him and made Trevor Bryan regular champ and he lost to Dubois and he, of course, got his shot at Usyk and you figured that was that for the regular WBA heavyweight championship…. but no! Charr absolutely refuses to go away. If he wins this fight, I fully expect him to honor his hotly anticipated and loooooooooooong overdue mandatory defense against Fres Oquendo.

  • The most prestigious belt in the world, everyone wants to stay regular.
    WBA regular belt reduction 20yr plan is on track

  • Well I see the reduction thing is going well. Will a special edition belt be made for this fight?

  • What- is this an article from 2017 or something? How is this Chump Charr till considered a champion anywhere?! This is why boxing has become the sh*t-show it has become. Besides, MMA is just much more fun to watch.

  • Damn! Pulev still fighting!! I thought that russian uffcker had retired!!!! How the uffffck he’s fighting for a tittle belt!!! What the ufffck is happening to boxing and all them uffffcking bullllishht belts! Even jake paul will become champion with this bullishhht belts!

  • I am happy for those guys to have a decent payday. But those limited old men are no fun to watch anymore. Charred was sent to sleep too.many times, Pulev have skills but his Body can’t use them anymore.

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