Canelo Alvarez Update

Still no May 4 opponent has been finalized for undisputed super middleweight Champion Canelo Alvarez. According to ESPN in Mexico, Premier Boxing Champions, who will cough up around a $35 million purse for Canelo, considers Jaime Munguia to be a more attractive PPV attraction. Team Canelo, however, is insisting on Jermall Charlo, who PBC fears could end up being a money-loser. A decision one way or another is expected by the end of the month.

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  • We will know for sure by the end of the first week of March and I know everyone is anxiously awaiting a response on the agreement. Spoiler alert: it will be the path of least resistance, better known as maximum profit for minimum risk.

    Al Haymon takes a few million here and a few million there from each of his prost— I meant fighters and the fighters actually make millions from their fights which is why he has the loyalty of the “clients”. An easier payday will be Charlo at a decent amount. The only counter to this practice is us. If we show our displeasure by not purchasing the fight, the numbers will reflect the message and perhaps force an actual competitive fight from the PBC.

    Wether you’re a canelo fan or not, we are the only effective tool against mismatch quackery.

      • Didn’t Ryan Garcia fight Tank Davis , Errol Spence fight Crawford and Lomachenko fight Haney? This all happened well after 2015. There comes a time when you’re going to have to question Canelo or the WBC. He’s his own man and this has nothing to do with a retired boxer named Mayweather. Benavidez earned a fight with Canelo by cleaning out the division and Canelo refuses to acknowledge him and give the fans what they want. If he fought Benavidez nobody would need to look for $35 mill it would be there and then some.

  • Think PBC heard everyone complaining about another Charlo fight and good for them. Neither would be my first choice but I’d rather see Munguia. Don’t know how eager Canelo is to put more money in Oscar’s pocket though.

    • You know I was blaming PBC and it looks like in this case this is on Canelo and his team. All because of his grudge against Oscar? Munguia I think is a good choice because it fits with the Mexican holiday. Time to grow up and put the sport first. Crawford and Benavidez would have been good too though. Charlo needs a decent win over someone like Plant or Jacobs. Those fight would be interesting and fair to make.

      • Canelo isnt doing anything any different than what Mayweather did and yall made every excuse under the sun

        • If floyd jumped off of a cliff should Canelo do it as well. There are major big money fights that are being made with top guys. That’s no excuse.

      • Canelo – Munguia (regardless of how competitive it may or may not be), I agree is a much bigger fight and I think, with Charlo, people are thinking how much different could it really be after Canelo had no problems with his TWIN.
        I agree, Charlo should fight someone else, preferably Plant or, if he can still make 160, he could go down and ACTUALLY DEFEND HIS TITLE SINCE HE IS STILL A REIGNING WORLD CHAMPION against Adames.

        • One thing I will say about Charlo…he did beat Derevyanchenko more convincingly from anyone…at least from the fights I saw. Derevyanchenko was so close in other big fights and there are people who think he should have gotten the nod with Munguia and GGG. While he hung tough with Charlo no one from what I recall questioned the decision. The problem off course is it is more then 3 years ago and he has had only 2 fights since. Unless this is 1987 and your name is Ray Leonard this level of activity does not cut it to be on boxing’s biggest stage.

  • At this point, Canelo is about maximizing legacy and money. What could do more for this than a Benavidez fight?

  • Just more cherry picking. A drunk and burnt out Charlo coming up from 160lbs or the unimpressive Munguia. When Charlo was active in the same weight class Canelo wanted no parts. Now after inactivity, bad habits, mental issues, and a lackluster performance against Benavidez – Canelo gives Charlo the nod.
    For Munguia, Golden Boy needs to figure if this is the cash-out they were looking for.
    Canelo would need to backtrack on never fighting another Mexican fighter.
    Once again Canelo wont make the fights that the fans asked for. Another money grab from the Mexican fans.

  • even if canelo is “forced to fight ” mungia, canelo will come up with some “weight rehydration clause” , “handicap” , or some “$cript ,” that mungia will have to follow if that fight is made. Just look at the history of canelo “fights” and there is the answer. Same thing if he ever “fights” benavidez. Gullible casual fans and canelo fanatics will buy anything he “sells”.

  • It does not appear a Canelo/Benavidez fight will occur. Canelo will probably fight Jermall. As for the rest of the squad, maybe:

    1) Benavidez/Mbilli.
    2) Munguia/Morrell.
    3) Plant/Pacheco.

    It is highly unfortunate a Canelo/Benavidez fight may not occur in Texas.


  • Charlo fans don’t want charlo
    Munguía fans we don’t want Munguía

    The only one that could beat canelo is Benavides but Canelo will fight Benavides til September

    I’m may most likely will be Munguía

    I don’t like see fight between two Mexicans but Munguía is the best option for selling the fight

  • Just don’t tell us you’ll be announcing something big, only to announce there’s no decision. Make the deal and then announce it.

  • In fairness to Mayweather, he was still fighting top guys until he was 38 years old. Canelo is 33. If he goes with Charlo, don’t buy it.

  • And Benavidez? what about Morrell?
    A- No señor, thank you.

    What about your previous statement of no fighting a Mexican (Jaime)?
    Well, you see Señor, Jaime is not a Mexican, one of his ancestor was a Spaniard who arrived in Mexico in 1519 in the Cortes’ ship.

    Now, on a serious note, Canelo is doing what others did before him, we the fans and paying fans have a saying in the matter, when matches are not competitive, we should not support it…..

  • Miss the real days of boxing when you were told who to fight and had no choice. Too much cherry picking

  • Somehow I am getting disinterested in who Saul will or will not fight next on May 5th……

  • I don’t see an issue with Canelo facing Munguia or Charlo in May; only if, he will fight Benavidez after in September, as Charlo or Munguia will not defeat him.

    • Would be nice if we lived in a world where they did Canelo vs Munguia and put Benavidez vs Charlo in the co main. The winners contracted to meet in September. Canelo fighting Charlo is not a crime. Canelo getting over 30 million to do so is. If Charlo beat Benavidez though, a Canelo fight would have a different look. Doubt it would happen but that is how it should be done imo.

  • Seems that the three fights deal between Alvarez and PBC didn’t included Benavidez and maybe Morrell . It’s clearing more and more, now that Jermall Charlo is being rejected by everyone, PBC included as a potential Alvarez opponent, this situation is affecting enormously Canelo Alvarez credibility

  • I would love to see Munguía and Charlo face off, more than I want to see Canelo beat the brakes off of either of them.

  • At some point you some of you are going to have to hold Canelo accountable and stop the blame game from a certain person who retired in 2015. There have been high profile fights since that person retired so that’s a lame excuse. He says he doesn’t want to fight Crawford because he’s smaller and has nothing to win and all to lose YET he fought Charlo who jumped two weight classes in a fight nobody wanted to see. I think Crawford gives him that work and he knows it. He doesn’t want to get erased Crawford. Now he’s pursuing a fight nobody wants with the lesser Charlo instead of the OBVIOUS guy Benavidez. Benavidez earned it the hard way. If you call yourself a fan, you must respect that. He deserves his shot. If Canelo continues to hold those titles he needs to take on the main guy or let the belts go.

  • Pete, good assessment on the Charlo vs. Sergei fight. NJ Boxing, great point on an active Charlo being avoided by Canelo when they were champs in the same division. Common sense goes a long way, especially in an age when emotionalism from men is at at an all time high, as exhibited on this site quite frequently. Stay off the Soy products fellas, your growing breasts.

  • MF’er trying to catch Charlo after a sub par performance and not face any real threats!

  • big shit. canelo fights like shit. Bivol crushed him so he fights pussies. Nobody cares. 35 million? Who in the fuck cares except his gay lover. He is a fag.

  • Screw benavides! That’s a heavyweight uffcker! Canelo doesn’t need him as much as benavidez needs him for the money and the glory! The only time canelo should fight benavidez is when he is ready to retire, and nothing left to prove! His legacy doesn’t depend on a benavidez fight so, haters will make it look like it! Benavidez is ducking morell cause he knows morell got his number! He’s moving to the light heavyweight division where bivol and berteviev are waiting on him to give him a warm welcome to the real major leaguers!

  • Definition of canelo : scavenger , vulture like behavior feeding off those that are smaller, older, weaker , “dead “

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