Charlo, Rosario virtual press conference

WBC super welterweight world champion Jermell Charlo and WBA/IBF 154-pound world champion Jeison Rosario previewed their blockbuster unification showdown during a virtual kick-off press conference Tuesday as they near their main event battle on part two of the first-ever Showtime PPV doubleheader on Saturday, September 26 in an event presented by Premier Boxing Champions.


“I’m stronger and faster than I’ve ever been. Camp has been amazing. I can’t believe I got in shape so fast, but I really never got out of shape. I make investments in myself and I do my homework.

“Congratulations to Rosario for getting the chance to move up to this level. But I know what I possess in the ring when I choose to let it out of me. I’m more ready for this fight than any fight I’ve ever had.

“My legacy is on the line. I feed my family this way. It’s not about what we’re going to say. It’s no secret about how I fight. I’m dangerous and I feel even more dangerous now. I’m excited to go 12 rounds. My capacity and skills are exceeding all of these guys in the division. I’m way hungrier now. The fire has been lit in me.

“A lot of people were surprised Jeison won against Julian Williams, but I actually wasn’t. Williams was dealing with a lot. But I’m a different kind of fighter. My dedication is different than everyone.

“Me and my brother have always been doubted. As I mature, I don’t care about what anyone on the outside says. I don’t care who makes the rankings. My job is to box. That was once my hobby. I’ve been doing this forever and I’ve grown into this. I’m a different animal. Just like Rosario had to come up the levels, I did that as well. I’m maintaining where I’m at because of my hard work and the way I fight. All you have to do is put me out there and I’m going to go get it for you.

“I believe my last two fights and the different styles that Tony Harrison had have helped me. Tony is a great fighter. You look at his record and you know he can punch, but I’m just different. That’s what made me come out on top and made the first fight close. The experience I had in those fights will give me even more of an edge coming into this fight.

“There’s so many things I do that make me believe I’m the best in the division. I can go on and on, but I’m a lion in the cage, let me out and see what happens.

“I’m strong from the first round to the end. If it goes to 12, then it goes that far. I’m smart and know how to set up traps. I’m not going to divulge the game plan, but I’m not playing around in the ring.”


“This is going to be a great war. I’m dedicated and motivated for this fight and I know what it means to face a fighter of Jermell’s quality, so the training has been going great. I’m so ready.

“I am even hungrier now than I was before I won the titles. I’m more motivated. The desire inside of me and the fire inside of me is burning to win this fight against a great fighter in Jermell Charlo. Like the Dominican people say, ‘we have to keep moving forward’ and that’s what I plan to do in this fight.

“Jermell Charlo and Julian Williams are definitely two different types of fighters. I think Williams has a little more quickness but Jermell is definitely stronger and has more power. That’s why I’ve had to prepare a little differently for this fight. In regards to who I feel is the better fighter – I don’t want to take anything away from either guy. Williams was a great fighter and he was considered No. 1 when I fought him, which is now the same position that Jermell Charlo is in. They both have their merits but I wouldn’t say which one is the better fighter. Jermell is considered the best fighter at 154 right now.

“One thing that has changed since my loss to Nathaniel Gallimore in 2017 is my maturity. As the fights get bigger and more important, I definitely stepped up to the occasion and to the challenge. I’m training harder and there is more focus on this fight coming up.

“This fight means a lot to me. It’s definitely the most important fight of my career and I’m very thankful. I’m thankful to my trainer and for this opportunity that’s been given to me to fight the best fighter in the division. This is a great moment and some people think I won’t win. I know it’s going to be electric.

“I consider this to be my time. Empires fall. Presidents fall. Kingdoms fall. It’s all very interesting because under Charlo’s brand, you have the lion and you have the hunter and all that. But during the fight, you’re going to find out who really is the hunter. I’m a warrior and we’re going to see that night who really is the hunter and who is the one that’s going to be hunted.”

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    • You sound stupid. Thats an opinion. He just beat the man who beat the man! It has NOTHING to do where your from. Its all about nuts and guts.. Skill and will!

      Say that to one of these dominicans around my way by the bodega!

      They’d slap your eyebrows off young man! Hahaah

      Be safe though

  • Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to watch a lot of Rosario, so I will give Charlo the benefit of the doubt. I believe Charlo has a better variety of punches than Rosario. Meaning, Charlo’s hand speed, strong jab and right hand should play significant factors in keeping Rosario at bay.

    Rosario MUST present constant pressure and inside fighting to make Charlo uncomfortable in wasted energy. Rosario must also attempt body punching to decrease Charlo’s mobility. Rosario’s pressure is the key for opening his punch output for victory.

    Either way, I am looking forward to this fight.

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