Charlo, Castaño both claim victory

Sho Charlo V Castano Sat Fight Night Westcott 99
Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

WBA, WBC, IBF super welterweight world champion Jermell Charlo and WBO counterpart Brian Castaño both claimed victory after their bout to crown the first-ever undisputed 154-pound champion in the four-belt era on Saturday night in San Antonio, Texas.

Jermell Charlo: “I won this fight. I hurt him way more than he did to me. Castaño is a real warrior. But my power is serious at this weight division…he threw a hell of a lot of punches. My skills and my ability and my power – I felt like I won this fight and I deserve to be going home undisputed.”

Brian Castaño: “I won the fight. There were some rounds that he did hit me and he hit me hard. But I won this fight…I was hurt in the 10th round and I had to recoup. Same with the beginning of the 11th round. But I did enough to win this fight. I hope I get the rematch. He is a great fighter. I need the rematch.”

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  • Typical rip off decision,,,Charlo twins were fast tracked and highly overrated. This Charlo lost today and the judge who had it 117_111 for Charlo should never judge again. Castano you won !!

    • Charlo lost. I bet on Charlo and still could not rationalize him winning. 73% of the TV audience agreed as well. He let Castano take the last 30 seconds of a lot of rounds that were close. Charlo laying on the ropes was a very foolish strategy. The 117-111 was ridiculous. I am sure the odds makers loved the decision.

    • I’m a Charlo fan but a draw, I’m not feeling it. I had it either 8 to 4 or 7 to 5 Castano. After seven rounds, I had Charlo down 5 to 2. This is where it got interesting, 8 & 9th rounds, clearly a toss up: depending on what you liked. Castano lost rounds 10-12. He outlanded Charlo 173 to 151, not by many but busier, he pressed the fight. Watch the fight again without sound, it may suprise some. The rematch if the mandatories doesn’t get in the way, will be about the same. Charlo is predictable and Castano cannot take a punch . Get proven judges with credible track record next time

    • Weird scoring, the judge who had Castano winning give Charlo a 10, 8 round when Castano was hurt, not dropped? In one round Charlo’s knees buckle from a punch and the ropes held him up and that didn’t count for a knockdown? The Twitter poll from the TV viewers had Castano winning 73% to 23% for Charlo, Castano landed more punches thn Charlo

    • Both fighters are courageous. I thought Twin edged him out. Hurt him in the 2nd, 10th, & 11th. But to say that judges ripped off Castano due to some conspiracy is ridiculous

  • I said not to sleep on Castano..he outworked Charlo…B.S. decision..I don’t know what fight the judge who scored the fight 117-110 was watching.

  • Charlo is delusional. All the shots he took have him speaking out his rear end. Castaño should look towards another fight because Charlo wants no part of him again.
    If they do fight again, there will be zero testing of any kind for Charlo and it will be Haymond’s family members as the judges.

  • In my opinion Castaño won not very clear but won. Nevertheless a draw is not a terrible decition.

  • Charlo Brothers, I love them both but he lost that fight last night

  • The 117-111 score was absolutely absurd. I had Castaño winning the fight by two points. That was an outstanding fight and high mark for boxing however it being scored a draw, was fair. Both buyers have their moments in the fight. Charlo is a good fighter but he needs to expand his arsenal of punches. Jab jab jab, right hand. That’s him. Castaño was welcomed to the international boxing world last night because he is the true definition of a prizefighter. I truly think that Charlo would not want any part of him anymore.

  • Charlo brothers are very average, one dimensional fighters. The only thing that makes them unique is their homosexual hairstyles.

    • Funny! Both brothers could be a little less cocky and a little more humble. Shouldn’t be cocky unless you are able to back it up.

    • Homosexual hairstyles? Homophobic folks are likely to be gay than Charlos. Charlo is a beautiful boxer and he was in there with an equally talented boxer

  • had castano winning 7 rounds top 5 charlo will lose the rematch

  • 117-110. Stevie Wonder would have done better job.

    Was the judge paid or bribed?

  • Disgraceful scoring. Even Steve W card too close. The 117-111 ranks in top 10 WORST ever cards. Adelade Byrd infamous Canelo over GGG still got him though. Castano 164-98 in power punches??? WTF
    Another home town disgrace

  • Rounds 10-12 were lousy for Castano, but I believe Castano did enough for a SD victory. Jermell knows Castano’s style will always present problems to him. If there is a rematch, Castano will have more confidence to responsibly apply more inside pressure on Jermell.

    I will pick Castano in a rematch because his style is h*ll on wheels for Jermell.

    • I said before the fight on this site..Castano would win by SD…In reality he outworked Charlo & won a UD in my opinion..You are right…Charlo will avoid Castano…BAD MATCH UP for him.

      • Watch the other “draw” in Castaño’s record. Boxing is BS. This Is It for me and boxing

    • E-man…Draw was fair….Castano came with pressure..but you even stated before the fight…Castano had to be careful of that quick right hand counter from Charlo…that is exactly what happened…the Charlos fight the same style…that is with both of they fight goes on..they start trying to set traps…baiting you then throwing those counter punches,, particularly that devastating right counter…in the rematch I see a close fight..Could could either way…just feel like there is more upside with Charlo cause he has more tools…

  • Charlo hurt Castano twice, but never came close to scoring a knockdown. However, Castano also hurt Charlo & would’ve scored a knockdown had the ropes not held up the Texas fighter. The power punch stats speak for themselves. Highway robbery!

  • A couple of posters on this forum mentioned that Castano would have an uphill battle with the judges in this fight, and that turned out to be the case with at least one of the judges. Dumb shyt like the 117-111 scorecard is almost the expectation in boxing sometimes, and shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who’s followed this sport for awhile. A poll would probably look something like: Castano 70%, Draw 28%, Charlo 2%. A 9-3 scorecard here is just shameless corruption, out in the open for everybody to see, and nothing will be done about it. This has always been a problem in the sport, and probably always will be.

    • The huge disparity in scoring on the one card is still a stern reminder that influences of corruption still run askew in boxing. I still have not forgotten the lady by the name of Adalaide Byrd who scored Alvarez on a wide margin by GGG in their first fight. Again, total BS. Yet, no accountability was demonstrated by the secular entities to discipline the judge. Basically, if any, a smack on the wrist. Yet, the secular entities know we as fans will protest, but in the end, we still come back for more and they giggle behind closed doors.

      • Strange how nobody in boxing calls for the sport to be cleaned up. Emmanuel Stewart is the only one I can recall doing that. After Lewis-Holyfield 1 was called a Draw in another outrageously bad decision, when Larry Merchant interviewed Stewart in the ring, Stewart called for “Federal Regulation” of the sport. I wish more people within the sport would insist on change like that.

        BTW, Lewis outlanded Holyfield 348-130. Beat him every which way, only to receive a Draw. Every bit as bad as 117-111 for Charlo.

        • Yes, I recall the Holyfield vs Lewis fight. Terrible scoring and corruption at its finest. Excellent points you make!

    • I bet Charlo will come out guns blazing in the rematch to make sure he wins for sure. I am sure his camp will push him to the edge for preparations.

      • Bad move for Charlo…Brian will be more confident if there is a next time….Charlo can’t keep Brian off of him.

  • CASTANO won, and if Castano would have gotten the decision the Charlo fans wold be calling it robbery but since it was a DRAW it’s a good call? Dummies

  • For anyone who doesn’t think Castano won that fight…James… Charlo’s trainer told him in his corner going into the 12th round…”Jermell you need a KO to win.”

    • Needing a KO to win is not the same as losing, you can win the last round and draw and that’s still not a win

    • One oddity to examine is this…Some trainers will tell their fighters they are losing or lacking in performance to push them to the edge during the fight for securement in victory. Charlo’s corner may have truly felt he was behind, but I feel he needed to pick the pace no matter what the scores were from rounds 7 on.

      • That is a good point…that being said Castano out landed Charlo in power punches by a wide margin…ring general ship went to my opinion Charlo thought he was going to get Brian out of there when he rocked him early..didn’t happen…after that Charlo stayed on the ropes to much…. looked bad backing up …my 2 cents

  • I’ve never been a big fan of Charlo and last night I saw no greateness in him and actually thought that he lost the fight.. He could not keep Costano off of him and although Charlo hurt him a few times so did Costano hurt Charlo… Where was Charlo’s power, few (if any )uppercuts thrown by Charlo which would have ended this contest within the first few rounds… Still, not a Charlo fan and any thoughts about this guy going up against Canelo is just plain stupid… Canelo would make Charlo look foolish like Constano did last night… Again, Constano won last night… Rematch would be fun to watch and I’d give the nod to Constano … that guy is fearless, powerfu and quick..

    • I am sure Charlos’ camp will make adjustments this time to be sure he comes out will all guns blazing this time. My guess…

  • Fans won…that was a great fight!!!! Outcome fair..,.looking for the rematch….could o either

  • both Charbroil brothers are nothing more than overhyped contenders

  • they should have an immediate rematch but at a different venue and honest judges

  • Great fight stop with the hating on the fighter! Now the 117-111 ok wtf is that judge paid or on!!!! Looking forward to fight 2,3,4 these warriors would of cleaned out all the other 154 fighters last night the work rate on Castaño is top notch and Charlo counter left was sharp! Great fight!

  • Charles Conwell is the division’s hardest puncher. He would knock out Charlo. I guarantee you Charlo would never fight Conwell.

  • I’m happy with the draw, what i’m not happy is the 117-111. When a fight is close on the eyes of the fans the underdog will always win, it is what it is… i also not like the way Jermell is not very excited about a rematch, they are both on PBC so PBC doesn’t lose + gonna be easier to promote + the fans want to see it.

  • Missed the fight! Sounds like Charlo landed the best shots and did the most damage. Look at their faces and you can see who won the fight.

    • Ronnie you said you missed the fight, are you sure you’re not the judge who scored the fight 117 – 111 for charlo

    • Yes, look at their faces after the fight. Tell me who you thought won? Or, Mr. Ignorant, look at the punch stats. Still confused, Genius? Listen to the fans boo when Charlo is interviewed after the fight. Then listen how they cheer Castano. Better yet, quit making dumb assumptions without seeing the fight. Charlo lost, easily, and made it pretty clear he wasn’t keen on a rematch. Listen to the fighter, not your dreams.

  • this was shameful… when will these rigged decisions stop. it was a good matchup between two great boxers, but Castaño won fair & square. buying off judges does nothing to improve the sport.

  • Castano is the better fighter. He faded late, but I felt he won it. He’s a better boxer, a better tactician. He was the smaller man, fought on Charlo’s home turf (TX), and fought under circumstances that appeared to be set up in advance for Charlo to be crowned undisputed champion. He faced a supremely-conditioned fighter with good power, and held his own and then some. He was robbed.

    Charlo claims he won, but frankly a draw was a gift to him. He demonstrated once again that he’s a bit one-dimensional, throwing predictable combinations off the jab. Had Castano not tired, Charlo might’ve run into trouble, since Castano is a smarter fighter, and more likely to tag Charlo with a punch he doesn’t see. There’s something missing with Charlo though. He acts and looks like a world beater. But, he’s no Ray Leonard, no Roberto Duran, no Floyd Mayweather, no Donald Curry, no Mike McCallum, no Thomas Hearns, no Felix Trinidad, no Aaron Pryor, no Alexis Arguello, no Winky Wright, no Shane Mosley, no Pernell Whitaker, and no Julio Cesar Chavez. He’s no Canelo either. In fact, he’s overrated. This was supposedly his show, but he didn’t have the ability to decisively claim that undisputed title. Credit to Castano.

    If there’s a rematch, Charlo will be looking at a far more dangerous Castano, who will be better conditioned, very familiar with what Charlo brings, stronger, and tougher. Castano deserved this win.

  • This is boxing. Its not about who hit the hardest 3 or 4 times per round vs the aggressor, who also kept his gaurd up and didn’t get hit much and kept voming and throwing punches though they might have not been knockout shots. But they did snap Charlos head back, put him in defense mode and Charlo was not able to stay busy. Now its beautiful to see knock outs. But come on. These are athletes and a guy who throws lots of punches, connects and pressed the action. How do you pick a guy who only has a name, a good manager who can buy judges and has the other fighter and be in control to give these fans another fight so He Al Haymon can make alot more money and always stay behind doors where noone will see his face…

  • I’d LOVE to hear the ref’s explanation on his 117 – 111 score, drug test that fool.

  • Charlo knows he lost, that’s why he’s not interested in a rematch, Charlos corner knows he lost, that’s why they told him in the 11th round that he needed a knockout,
    Castaño got robbed.

  • if the so called cash cow gets beat but not ko’d the next best bet for PBC is a draw. Ray Charles can see this is a BS decision.

  • Castano won that fight-pure and simple and no future fight with Charlo should happen in his ‘Home Turf’!The judging reflects the quality of people involved in Boxing-Time for a BIG CLEANUP!

  • Robbery so Vegas wins huge!! Politics will continue to hurt the sport of boxing

  • Great fight, but I was unaware that occasionally landing a counter, flicking a jab that hit gloves from time to time, and providing some minor points of “hurt” in a couple rounds, constituted winning the majority of them. I was kind to give him the 11th which both fighters had their moments in. Often judges like to give the home fighter all the remaining rounds when he comes back at the latter half of the fight to “save face” for the promoter. But it’s tough to give Charlo more than 3 rounds. Only give him 4 if a early round had less action and you didn’t pay attention. Castano was aggressor, but beyond that he was the EFFECTIVE aggressor, landed more quality shots and won the fight. He did not dominate but he clearly won. That’s why it’s always good to hedge your bet whenever you have this kind of situation where the judges will provide the home fighter a out. He wins a couple rounds with power, part of the crowd goes crazy, and then the judges decide to give a block of rounds his way. You have to be neutral and judge accordingly. Castana should offer the “LIONS share” of a rematch purse to Charlo in return for the fight to be in ARGENTINA. Then watch A.H. and Charlo team reject that, because they know they have no chance in another country if the fight is scored fairly. Only chance is if Jermell REALLY hurts him. Remember, he had a few good rounds but he didn’t even knock down Castana once. This fight was NOT close.

  • Mongoose, LexusNexus, many others are right on, my views are not a outlier. Anybody watching the fight that are not biased to either fighter going in could objectively come to the conclusion that Jermell lost. We just saw further evidence of why Charlo’s title challengers to date were average at best. They took a chance on grabbing this unification based on Castano having less “experience”. They thought Jermell could pull his card. Wrong. Now watch they try to rattle off another half dozen easy title defenses. I hope Jermell pushes to challenge himself and win a rematch. Or take his 2nd (3rd) L like a man.

  • Knew he wasn’t the next Mayweather altough he has often help from the judges..

  • 117-111 is just nonsense! It was a close fight though and I’m not upset w/ a draw. I’d see it again but I would have given the nod to Castano in this fight. I remember when Jose Luis Castillo beat Mayweather in their 1st fight but was not given the “W” and then in the rematch is was not even close and Mayweather won by a mile. I can see that happening in a 2nd fight between these two. Both fighters will make adjustments though so can’t wait for Castano vs. Charlo II. Unlike Mayweather Charlo doesn’t have the movement and boxing skills I expected for such an important fight so while I can see him trying to take out Castano early in part II – if Castano get’s past round 5 it’s his fight as he was relentless.

  • Just by the fact that Castano initiated every round walked down Charlo throughout and finished with super combos of heavy leather for the majority of rounds gives him the decision

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