Charlo-Benavidez Virtual Press Conference

Undefeated WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo and Jose Benavidez Jr. went back and forth during a heated virtual press conference Tuesday ahead of their 10-round non-title WBC special event that serves as the Showtime PPV co-main event on November 25 from Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Jermall Charlo: “He’s gonna see what it’s about when he’s in there. He can keep running his mouth, because he’s gonna find out.”

Jose Benavidez Jr: “It’s gonna be funny when I whoop you. I always keep this same energy.”

Jermall Charlo

“I’m thankful for this second chance to show my greatness. Training camp has been awesome and I’m ready to go. Benavidez is a great fighter and I really don’t have anything bad to say about him. He’s gonna see what it’s about when he’s in there. He can keep running his mouth, because he’s gonna find out.

“My mental abilities have caught up with my physical abilities, so you’re gonna see the best of me. I’m naturally stronger and I’ve really been working on my twitch and my speed. I’ve sparred strong guys, so I should be at the top of my game. I’m ready to blow this dude out.

“I won’t be rusty at all. There’s no excuses in this fight. I hope Benavidez isn’t thinking that I’m gonna be rusty. Because I’ve been working. You’ll see.

“You’re all talk. You ain’t nothing. This is my first step toward potentially fighting at 168 pounds and fighting his brother. This guy here has got little man syndrome. He’s gonna see when he starts eating right hands and jabs.

“He loses at the top level. He’s not his brother. He keeps trying to be his brother, but he’s not that. I respect his brother. I’m not worried about Jose. I’m gonna straight up fight him like a man.

“I’m gonna stand in the pocket and fight you. So you better not run. Come to me. Don’t try to do that awkward southpaw stuff. You’re not like that and you’re not ready for me.

“I’m not sweating him at all. I’m not one of those fighters who’s gonna let you choke me at the weigh-in or anything like that. We’re gonna beat up his whole town.”

Jose Benavidez Jr.

“I’m very thankful for this opportunity. I feel great and I feel strong. I’m not really gonna do too much talking, because I know Charlo is gonna do his talking, but I don’t care about any of his excuses. He’s gonna see what a real puncher is on fight night.

“You already look scared. It’s gonna be funny when I whoop you. I always keep this same energy. Ask anybody about me.

“I’ve fought at 160 pounds a few times before and I walk around at 180. The lower weights were hard to make. When I fought Danny Garcia, I was at 175 the week of the fight and had to lose 20 pounds. I feel strong now and ready to get this show on the road.

“I do thank him for choosing me to fight him. He’s right about that. It’s gonna be a fantastic night of boxing and we’re both training hard for it.

“When I fought Terence Crawford, it was the same weight I had been fighting at since 14 years old. He’s a world class fighter, don’t get me wrong. But I feel really good at this weight. I’ve always sparred bigger guys and I feel like it’s time for me. I’m in a great place right now.

“You gotta be confident. I don’t think he’s confident in himself. He’s knocked out bums. Watch what happens when I get in there. I’ve been in a tough training camp and sparring for a while. I’m really motivated more than anything.

“I felt good in my last fight stepping up in weight. It’s good to be active and it’s got me feeling very strong going into this fight.”

* * *

The pay-per-view telecast is headlined by undefeated two-time super middleweight world champion David “El Monstruo” Benavídez defending his WBC interim super middleweight title against unbeaten two-division world champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade.

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  • The benavidez brother has a juice card and seems to get big fights quite regularly. I don’t know how anyone care to enlighten me because I’m not saying he is a bad fighter, but he don’t put butts in seats.

    • I saw YouTube short and all I could hear was f this f that and I going kick yo a___.

      • Yep that sounds like a Benavidez press conference. Looks like your question still stands.

  • Same zhit like always just try to sell the fight

    I just watch the press conference to see how they look in front of each other

    After that I don’t care what the y say

    Because they always say the same thins :

    “”” I trained hard like never before”””

    “” I feel like never before my camp did a great job”””

    “””he can say what he want but I will be the winner of the fight””””

    Etc etc etc

  • For a second, I read the headline as being David Benavidez vs. Charlo, which had me saying “No way!” Figures it would be hapless Jose instead.

  • My hunch is that Charlo is damaged in some significant way, which appears to be psychological. He hasn’t fought In over two years. He seems to have spent a considerable amount of down time smoking weed, drinking alcohol, taking psychedelics, struggling with paternity issues and other undisclosed carefully guarded personal problems. He was never that impressive of a fighter to begin with. Like his brother, he talks tough, bullies those around him, and surrounds himself with yes men. I was shocked to see a known sucker puncher Caleb Plant slap the hell out of Charlo. His sense of awareness was non-existent, as was his reaction time. Who knew that it would take the embarrassment of that slap, to draw Charlo back out of his stupor and into the ring again?

    I think in Jose, he will facing a fighter who is hungry and intense, and maybe with a great deal more self-confidence than Charlo has. Jose has faced higher quality opposition, and I think Jose is going to take Charlo to hell when they fight. I’m not sure Charlo has the substance and will to survive that.

  • This could be an interesting fight. Benavidez has not looked great in the past and Charlo with his mental issues and has not fought for 2.5 years..
    Are they demons going to defeat them? Are they going to bring their A games?

  • Never been a fan of Jose. Even when Charlo beat him he knows darn well he’s not going to fight his brother. This may be an interesting fight but I’m glad Benavidez vs Andrade are fighting instead of waiting for Canelo. The winner should definitely be in line for that fight.

  • >