Canelo-Charlo Grand Arrivals

0036 Canelo Vs Charlo Grand Arrivals
Photos: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

Undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Álvarez and undisputed junior middleweight champion Jermell Charlo made their grand arrivals in Las Vegas on Tuesday as they kicked off fight week events for their showdown headlining a $84.99 PPV this Saturday from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Canelo Promotions will present the Premier Boxing Champions pay-per-view.

Canelo Alvarez: “I feel the love and support from my people and I’m proud to represent my country. I am 100% right now and ready to show you a different Canelo on Saturday. Charlo is a great fighter who knows how to box. He is strong and has nothing to lose. He came to my division to win it all. But I’ve been in this position for a long time and I’m ready.”

Jermell Charlo: “These fans think Canelo is the best in the world, but I’m going to come here and show that I’m the best. I do this for the dogs, the hungry ones. I do it for the animals. I’m made for this. After I beat Canelo, the world will be screaming ‘Charlo, Charlo!’ You dig? Now it’s my turn, my time, my moment. I’m going to shine on Saturday night. We can’t talk about it; we have to be about it. Come fight night, you’ll all see what that means.”

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  • So Canelo says; He came to my division to win it all??? Really?! No, you hauled his ass up here to fight you! You could’ve been fighting a true and legitimate 68 pound fighter in David BENAVIDEZ, however YOU chose to fight someone 2 weight classes below! MÁS PUTO

      • We have Jermell himself, saying his brother ducked Canelo fight years ago, google it. Give credit to Jarmell for taking this fight, he looks scared but who wouldn’t? Good fight, Canelo takes the decision if he doesn’t knock him out.

  • I had not payed attention to the fact that Charlo is fighting in year 16 now. If true, I see why he chose to fight Canelo. Clocks ticking. I still say he can do it if he boxes all the way through. None of that crazy exchange business because he’ll get snapped like a twig by Mr. Carne Asada.

    • obviously you never seen canelo or charlo fight. IF canelo makes it to the final bell, he might get the gift decision. but he’s gonna take the worst abuse of his career to get there.

      • No way. Charlo ain’t knocking out canelo, not even close. He won’t even take a beating. Short night and short work for canelo.

  • At this level in boxing, it’s not unusual for these fights to get made. Yes, Canelo has been fighting heavier, but Charlo is a Champion and accepted the challenge to move up and attempt to make history. Just like Canelo when he was at that weight. Caliber fighters is the key, you guys mention names at the top who so called deserve a shot, but do they? Caliber of opponents is important. I think this is a good fight, PPV probably not. But HBO classic? yes, back in the day anyway.

  • I expect Canelo to win this fight pretty easily either by decision or late KO but if Charlo does find a way to win, it is going to be huge for him. Probably gets a rematch and a whole crap load of money for it. Charlo isnt fighting for legacy, he knows it is about the money at this point so why not.

    • You expect the canelo who struggled with caleb and john ryder and couldn’t even hurt an old ggg, to beat charlo “easy”? wishful thinking, buddy… this aint avni yildrim.

      • Canelo didn’t struggle with Caleb Plant wtf you smoking? Canelo was up 4 or 5 rounds prior to the knockout. He beat him more convincingly than Benavidez did, he couldn’t stop him and took a lot of shots from Plant. Canelo didn’t struggle with Ryder either he dominated John Ryder, broke his nose and destroyed his face for a unanimous decision. The score cards were 120-107, 118-109 and 118-109. He didn’t KO him but he did drop him twice in that fight as well. People keeps saying Canelo is on a decline but that’s not true and ya’ll going to find that out Saturday when Canelo gets the win.

  • I’m not sure why everyone thinks Canelo is the “much bigger” guy. Charlo walks around as a super middleweight and has height & reach on Canelo.

    • True, Nordic, but he has never fought at that weight. By now, charlo would be already draining weight for his fight to get to 154. I don’t think this charlo has fought anything higher. He may have height and reach that’s not unusual. He has never been hit by someone at 168 except maybe sparring. Not the same. I think charlo loses quickly.b

      • Hi Killa,how identical are the Charlo twins….. tattoos included? Ya never know in the crazy world of boxing

        • True that, Gary. I couldn’t tell you about tats, but I’m thinking those two wouldn’t go that far for this fight. An intriguing aspect though. I wonder if canelo is thinking that?

    • I’m far from being a Canelo fan but it looks like the Charlo fans are already searching excuses for him if he loses the fight.

  • 85 dollars to much should be free tv charlo loses this fight canelo wins decision

  • For all of those ….endejos who don’t do research and keep saying Benavides is Ecuadorian.

    David was born to a Mexican father and an Ecuadorian-Dominican mother.

  • This is not a fair fight, Canelo as the side has the advantages in weight and calling the shots.

    No one forced Charlo to take this fight, but the Benjamins.

    Even though Charlo chances are very minimal. I just wish that Charlo can pull it off, so Canelo wont take advantages of this side A and the ignorance of the fans that idolize/hate him

    • This is not a fair fight, Canelo as the A side has the advantages in weight and calling the shots.

      No one forced Charlo to take this fight, but the Benjamins.

      Even though Charlo chances are very minimal. I just wish that Charlo can pull it off, so Canelo wont take advantages of this side A and the ignorance of the fans that idolize/hate him.

  • This is an interesting fight.
    I think Charlo CAN KO Canelo
    He has real quickness & power in both hands, and has a number of one
    punch KO’s on his resume.
    Canelo struggled against Plant.
    Charlo is MUCH, MUCH Better than Plant.
    He is also bigger than Saul, but not by the margins that Canelo is used to.
    He is USED to fighting guys much bigger than him
    that are SLOWER than him.
    Charlo is quicker and boxes very well at distance
    Charlo has a legit chance at the upset IMHO,
    by KO or by points.
    The only problem for him is that
    he gets hit CLEAN in all his fights
    and Saul hits much harder than any of the opponents he’s faced so far.
    I liked both of them, and I don’t like most boxers.
    They both have interesting styles and mental toughness & both are serious professional athletes

  • Looking forward to Saturday night (Sunday morning my time) and there are at least 3 decent matchups on the undercard.

  • I have a difference of opinion on “worst abuse of his career”comment. Canelo has lost when he was outboxed. I see Charlo as a respectable boxer/puncher but not a master boxer. I don’t see Charlo as a supreme KO guy that can do more to Canelo than anyone else. Saul has been beaten by decision 2 X on his record, and at least 4X in reality scoring. However other than being buzzed he hasn’t been KO’d. I don’t rank Charlo highly especially after another layoff to be effective in hurting Saul. It’s just a tossup at this point for me if Cinnamon can hurt Charlo early or if he will go deep rounds and just put on a show. We will see. I think the line on this fight is fair, not too crazy lopsided, but we should have Canelo as favorite.

  • Charlo ducked Tszyu for this ridiculous payday. PPV at how much? Amazon fire stick. Horrible for boxing that people think this is a competitive fight.

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