Benavidez-Andrade Final Press Conference

Sho Benavidez V Andrade La Pc Westcott 44
Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Undefeated super middleweight superstar David “El Monstruo” Benavídez and unbeaten two-division world champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade went face-to-face Tuesday in Los Angeles at the final press conference before they headline this Saturday on PPV from Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

David Benavidez: “It’s all fun and games but when I get in the ring, it’s not funny. I send all my opponents to the hospital. Look up my track record…I’m going to try to strike as soon as I get the opportunity to strike. I’m going to try to end it as soon as I can because I want to show the people that I am the best fighter and I will find a knockout against anybody. This is what the fans want to see. They want to see knockouts and they want to see people go to war.”

Demetrius Andrade: “We’re going to beat up Lord Farquaad over there. If you know what that is, you know and if you don’t, you don’t. Look it up. It’s going to be a great night. And the new! And still!”

Sho Benavidez V Andrade La Pc Westcott 40
Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

The press conference also featured WBC middleweight world champion Jermall Charlo and José Benavídez Jr., who will meet in a 10-round non-title WBC special event in the co-main event.

Jermall Charlo: ]“He’s shook now that we’re in person. Look how immature he is. He’s not going to do anything on Saturday. I’m not fazed by anything he’s doing…I’m going to fight at the top of my level no matter if my opponent is talking trash or not. There’s something wrong with this dude obviously. He’s got a few screws missing. He must not know what he’s getting himself into. 32 have tried and they’ve all failed. He’s just a stepping stone. I’m going to step on him super hard. I’m going to crush him…I’m coming to knock him out. And when I say I’m going to do it, I do it.”

José Benavidez Jr: “I told him if he tries to get in my face or act tough, I’m going to whoop his ass. That’s exactly what I’m going to do on Saturday night. I’m just waiting until fight night…if I was just a stepping stone, why didn’t he put the belt on the line? He should be ready to fight for the belt. He’s the champion, right? He looks like a bum…I’m going to stop him. Charlo thinks I’m small for some reason. He thinks this is going to be a walk in the park. We’ll see. I’m going to beat him. He’s going to see what he’s really up against.”

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  • I like the way Andrade got up and out the way when Benavidez Jr. was going after Charlo. He’s like go right ahead I ain’t stopping you. 🙂

  • I still pick Benavidez to win because his pressure, body punching and left hooks will create mid-late discomfort to Andrade.

    Andrade has to stay busy by displaying combinations, providing angles, staying off the ropes; throwing hard jabs to Benavidez’s stomach and keeping Benavidez out of rhythm. Andrade has too many tasks to perfect for 12 rounds. Benavidez by late TKO.

    I expect a good fight.

    • Benavidez will pressure Andrade like no other fighter he has faced. Andrade will be working OT to keep Benavidez off him. Benavidez TKO.

    • Yall talking like Benevidez is a monster puncher. This is 50/50. I smell an upset tho. Boo boo

  • The same goes for Benavidez. No one has a style like Andrade. Benavidez’s porous defense may get exposed in this one.

    • I don’t think Benavides can get exposed in this point of his career he already fought all styles including Caleb plant

      But maybe he has not fought another boxer with higher caliber than Andrade which diferent

    • Totally agree… something about being undefeated and avoided….by many good fighters…for many years,. applauding both for making the fight…skills pay the bills… Andrade style is a badd match up for Benavidez…interested in what Tim Bradley and Atlas thinks…before laying coin on this one

  • Just hoping to see a good fight since both guys seem confident & focused. More curious to see how the Charlo- Benavidez undercard goes with all the trash talk & disrespect.

    • Finally, a decent comment. Most want to give pointers and a fight strategy as if they are Boxing coaches.
      Or write what they seen in their magic crystal ball predicting how the fights gonna go. We want a good fight with a clear winner. Congrats to these two men willing to step in the ring against a dangerous opponent.
      Canelo fans bad-mouthed Andrade for years to justify him ducking his mandatory opponent.
      We see Andrade is willing to fight Benevidez and you’ll still give him no credit.
      I understand Benevidez didnt want this fight, it was between Andrade and Morrel jr. and this how it played out.

  • This is do or die for Andrade, the one career defining fight he’s been waiting for his whole life, and he knows it. I believe Andrade is going to fight the fight of his life and box the hell out of Benavidez. I’ll defy conventional wisdom and go with Andrade by mid to late-round stoppage.

  • Andrade has more power than a lot of people realize. Benavidez coming forward and stalking may work in Andradez’s favor. I still lean toward Benavidez but this is gonna be a good fight. I will not be shocked if Andrade pulls off the upset.

    • Benavidez is the clear favorite, but he has bad habits that will get him clocked against Andrade. You see in his training he’s still dropping his hands to go to the body. It’s worked so far but he hasn’t fought anybody nearly as polished as Boo Boo. I’m pulling for Andrade, him and Rigondeaux are some of the worst treated fighters in recent history.

      • There you go, giving pointers and analysis? According to your previous comment you were against that? Hmmm.

        • Funny Killa King…”kind of the pot calling the kettle black” I do welcome all perspectives…this is a site about boxing…and this is America…people have a “right” to be wrong….

          • You must have a complex or something because I damn sure wasn’t talking about you! You way up on this page usually, I put the name, but I thought it was so obvious that I didn’t need to. I have zero problems with anyone telling their side, but when you criticize someone for giving pointers or analysis then turnaround and do the same thing that you were just complaining about, well then I gots to call you out. Your name on here is Sean not NJ boxing, right? Didn’t think so. Move along peasant.

  • Great fight
    52 % Benavides
    48% Andrade
    They both young , skillful and motivated

    I will pick Benavides for very very close decicion

    I don’t see ko from any of them

    Benavides pressure will be the key to win the fight

    Benavides decicion….27%
    Andrade decicion ……. 23%
    Benavides ko/tko……. 18%
    Andrade ko/tko ………8%

  • This was about as awkward as any press conference I’ve seen in years!! Jose Benavidez and his tough guy act is immature and ignorant and Boo Boo Andrade is weird as shit!! Looking forward to the fights though……

    • I think Andrade is corny but it makes him diffrent I kind of like that. Plus he dosn’t have any knuckleheads on his team and can’t talk trash but that can be fixed easily, this might make him more exciting I however do appreciate all styles in boxing he does what works for him.

  • Jamall looks sloppy and could be a homeless vet! He should go fix himself up…………….

    • Something is not right with the Charlo’s. Their look reminds me of Jermaine Taylor. They seem to be getting cashed out at this point. The belt is not on the line because they want Canelo to get it.

      • NJ I agree they don’t look right. I just can’t put my finger on it. It seams like someone turn off their switch or maybe they just need to be around each other instead of separated.

        • Just believe that fighters today lose that urge cause the money “is” there…..can say that the money has made fighters soft…back in the day…a fighter had to put together a string of good fights ….meaningful…tough fights…to make life sustaining money…hwlpbfighyers keep that fighters spirit….today…so many streams …of income from a fight….look at Charlo v Canelo…a money grab . Just my perspective

    • … and the belt is the WBC middleweight, Canelo has the supermiddleweight belt for the same organisation

      • USS, it’s called punch drunk or they got something on board and it ain’t protein drinks.

  • May the best man win. I’m just hoping Canelo finally fights the winner of Benavidez vs Andrade.

  • I would love to see a good fight but I know that speed usually beats power.we all know that boxing fans are sick and tired of boxers running just to get a decision and want more competitive fights.Not long ago we got to see a flurry of very good Cuban boxers that became champions here in the US but we’re shunned and denied big contracts by their promoters simply because fans didn’t want to ingest the so called art of boxing .The fans have spoken after watching the shakur fight and want changes, if they listen maybe boxing can get some of the fans who migrated to follow MMA back home to this wonderful sport of boxing.

  • Should be good.
    I think the way the promoters probably see it is
    Charlo will be fighting Benvenides next year,
    with the winner getting Canelo.
    I’ll be pulling for Andrade to get the upset.
    Charlo KO’s the younger benvenides
    10 times out of 10 IMHO.

  • Andrade will need a near-perfect fight but given his boxing IQ and Southpaw stance, it’s possible given the reckless style of Benavidez if he can make him pay for the real estate. Whoever can control the distance wins this one.

  • Bobo still don’t know what he got himself into by taking the benavidez fight!!!! Benavidez will tear him apart in 7 rounds! Onced benavidez puts intense pressure, let go his combos and heavy headshots, its nite nite bobo! Benavidez is way too big and too strong, he puts up like 25 pounds on fight night and that’s a huge dissadvantage for any fighter facing him! Can’t believe some have high hopes on bobo winning the fight! On the positive side, bobo is going to make his biggest payday yet.

  • Bobo still don’t know what he got himself into by taking the benavidez fight!!!! Benavidez will tear him apart in 7 rounds! Onced benavidez puts intense pressure, let go his combos and heavy headshots, its nite nite bobo! Benavidez is way too big and too strong, he puts up like 25 pounds on fight night and that’s a huge dissadvantage for any fighter facing him! Can’t believe some have high hopes on bobo winning the fight! The reason no one wanted to fight and avoided bobo when he was champion, was because the man never attracted ppv sales/fans, didn’t have ko power to attract and struggled beating low opposition! On the positive side, bobo is going to make his biggest payday yet.

  • >