BBBofC to review Smith-Eubank comments

Fines or suspensions could be in store for Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr. The British Boxing Board of Control announced it will be considering the conduct of both boxers after comments made during yesterday’s press conference.

Liam Smith: “Has anybody in this room ever seen you with a girl? You got something to tell us? Because you’re 33.”

Chris Eubank Jr: “I’ve been told by multiple sources that you cheat on your wife…I’d rather be gay than a cheat. How about that?”

During Friday’s weigh-in, Eubank wore a rainbow armband.

Manc Weighin Eubankjrvsmith 23
Photo: BOXXER/Lawrence Lustig
Guidry-Stiverne Weights from Miami
Weights from Manchester, England

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  • Liam Smith pulled the gay card. Come on. Can’t you do better? Hardly anyone raises an eyebrow today if someone were to be gay. If you are going to continue with your trash talk you need solid advice on how to do it properly.

  • I wouldn’t say that, Zockerbit; to each is own, and for the record, I don’t approve of hatred towards anyone. But, say something in disagreement with anything or anybody gay or transgender, and watch what happens to you; at least in Western culture..i.e the USA and England. Unfortunately, people lose jobs, careers, marriages, etc over it for even the slightest provocation. That’s not right.

    • There are unspoken reasonable rules in our American society that come with consequences….that is a reality…if you understand that and go through with an action …then you are prepared to face the consequences…..

    • I miss the days where one could just respond with brutal verbage and not have to worry about anyone within listening distance melting away.

  • …At least the BBBC understands fighters responsibilities in conduct , words and action….now if we can get the boxing governing bodies in America to have the same amount of integrity and standards…it would certainly add legitimacy to the sport….I am specifically addressing the issue of African American fighters using the “n” word during press conferences..calling each other the “n” word is unacceptable..I am African American and I am insulted and embarrassed when this repeatedly happens …by professional boxers…during boxing press conferences…on social media by African American professional boxers…etc…no other sports allows such language to be endorsed or used on any occasion in relating to any opponent or anything in that sport….only boxing..and it appears only in America…not the NFL…NBA…MLB…NCAA….only boxing…
    .totally disrespecting the African American boxers and other African American professional sport athletes that fought during a time when such an insult was commonly used to disrespect…..

      • Put your money where your mouth is…Willing to place a monetary bet that some governing body reads these posts and watch some action shall be taken ….also…respect your opinion that nobody cares…But then again nobody cares about the blatant “ish” that goes on in this gladiator sport and that is why we see soo much corruption….cheating….all at the fighters expense…..Rohan without order chaos reigns but then again….. nobody cares

        • Briefly…and maybe Rohan you are not African American….but it is tough to complain about others… disrespecting us in this sports… especially financially…when and if you cannot respect yourself…what is the expectation?

  • Eubank Jr a “pillow biter?” Anyways this should be a good fight. Jr has 2 losses by decision and Smith has only been stopped once and that’s when he fought Canelo at 154 and Canelo came in the night of the fight at 191…
    Close fight, could go wither way.

  • Sean, that word is allowed in the music industry as well, so someone’s profiting from it. That’s all that matters in America, the bottom line $$. But you can’t oppose that power dynamic or suffer the Ye and Kyrie, nor can you say the “f” word towards gays in music. Eubank to big (no pun intended) for Beefy (no pun intended)…decision win for Eubank.

    • Tough matchup…Beefy can fight….this is a good one…last time I watch Beefy … believe it was his last fight…Beefy wore that guy down….He is tough…

  • Smith’s homophobic comment was rude & uncalled for. Is Chris Jr. actually gay? I seriously doubt it. However, he will gain a lot of fans from the LGBTQ community. Smart marketing strategy for Chris Eubank Jr. And a very dumb comment in this day in age by Smith. Though not as careless as the gentleman from Delaware who carelessly stores secured documents in his unsecured garage.

    • It’s more than disgusting. Society as a whole, especially in the US, is degenerating at a rapid pace. The absolute GARBAGE they “teach” in our schools is a good foundation for their agenda. Why does a 6 year old kid know what a tranny is?? These kids are developing mental illness as a result of their teachers putting ideas into their heads. There is no denying the fact that gender dysphoria is absolutely a mental illness. However, society doesn’t treat it as such. Instead they praise it and and attempt to make everyone believe it’s perfectly ok and normal. Sorry, but it’s not normal for a man to mutilate himself in an attempt to look like a woman. Disgusting. What type of man bangs trannys anyways?? Gay guys are attracted to men and straight guys are attracted to women. A tranny is a man made to look like a woman. So a straight guy won’t bang it and neither will a gay dude. Hilarious!! Mental illness and the cancer known as liberalism is running rampant in America.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Liberalism is a mental illness and we’re allowing it to fester. Unfortunately it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. If it ever gets better. Just have to have faith in God.

  • “BBBofC to review Smith-Eubank comments”

    I don’t know…..with all the corruption in this sport, I think the bar is simply too low for them to take action taken on something like this. That’s why people get away with things like this, or maybe Hopkins/Haney’s “white boy” comments in boxing when they might not get away with it in other sports. McGregor was throwing the word “Boy” around, with obvious racial overtones during the promotion leading up to the Mayweather fight. May have gotten him a suspension or worse in the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc, but boxing is damn near lawless. In a sport where things like buying rankings, and insanely corrupt officiating runs amok, I’d be surprised if they cracked down on Smith for saying that nobody has seen Eubank with a girl (which BTW, isn’t exactly a slur). On a list of Boxing issues that need to be fixed, fighters saying semi-mean things to each other in press conferences wouldn’t make the Top 50 IMO…

  • Some nasty things can be said in build-ups to fights but generally the fighters shake hands and make up afterwards. Liam claimed Chris made comments about his family, which then prompted the questions about Chris’s sexuality. It’s just words and much ado about nothing, certainly not meriting sanction from a governing body.

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