Barry: Parker-Usyk won’t happen for WBO title

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBO#2 Joseph Parker and WBO#1 Oleksandr Usyk will not fight for the vacant WBO heavyweight title according to Parker’s trainer Kevin Barry.

“I honestly believe what we’re going to see is Usyk [choosing to wait] and he will fight Joshua in the summer, providing Joshua blows out Pulev, which he should look spectacular doing. I would love nothing more than the opportunity for us to fight Usyk, but the reality of it is, I don’t think it’s going to happen,” Barry told Sky Sports.

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  • Parker makes no sense for Usyk unless there is an incentive (paper title or big money). Without that, the risk definitely doesn’t justify the reward.

    If he beats Parker, then he receive a little credit and further his case as contender. However, as the Undisputed Cruiserweight Champ, he is already very worthy of a shot. If Parker beats him, then he’s out a very nice payday. If I was his manager I’d be looking for AJ ASAP.

  • So then Usyk is just gonna sit and wait for AJ instead of fighting Parker? He’s only had ONE fight at heavyweight which he didn’t look great in, automatically gets a shot at AJ after ONE heavyweight fight?

    • Automatically gets a shot without any Heavyweight fights would have been fine with me. He is not just a paper Champ moving up, he is/was the undefeated, Undisputed Champion of the Division directly below. If that’s not worthy of a shot, then I don’t think anyone is worthy.

  • Scott, one thing is for sure, Usyk will not be fighting Cruiserweights in this division. There will be bigger bangers he will face as a heavyweight. Usyk has a habit of pushing his punches in the later rounds when he faces a long distance opponent. Yes, he’s busy as a puncher and wins, but I am not sure he will get away pushing his punches with a big heavyweight like Wilder, Fury, etc. Usyk will be a smaller heavyweight as well and that can be a factor fighting other powerful heavyweights as well. Wild crazy powerful right hands can be a game changer in some heavyweight fighters. Usyk will be in a new world in this division. I am excited to see how it unfolds.

    • Scooby, I’m not saying he can beat any of the top 3. I just think he deserves front of the line privileges if he so desires.

      Honestly, I think he might lose to all 3, but AJ seems the most beatable of the top 3. It’s strange to say that, because he’s probably the most complete of the top 3. Fury can’t punch and all Wilder seems good at is punching and yet, those two are so good at what they do AJ (despite being a better puncher than Fury and better boxer than Wilder) seems the most vulnerable. No matter who Usyk fights it’s must see TV for me. He is compelling and might be the best in the Division once the dust settles.

      Hopefully, we get to find out this year.

  • Usyk, as brilliant a boxer he is, to win against decent heavyweights, will probably be the most boring fights ever. He will have to avoid at all cost being caught by a proper hw puncher and will have to box and jab all night long.

    • Very true. However, only takes one good punch to switch it up in the heavyweight division. Will be interesting to see if Usyk can handle a heavy puncher with a large bodily frame. Usyk could outbox Wilder in which I have no doubt. Not sure that Usyk’s chin could handle that big right hand from the Bronze Bomber. Is any of this possible to even happen? Sure, Usyk is in the heavyweight division now. It’s all fair game…….

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