Another new opponent for Broner

BLK Prime announced today that former four-division world champion Adrien Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) will now battle Michael Williams Jr. (20-1, 13 KOs) in a welterweight ten-rounder due to previous opponent Hank Lundy being suspended by the California Athletic Commission. Lundy had replaced Broner’s original foe Ivan Redkach, who couldn’t fight due to a promotional dispute. Tickets will go on sale today. The $39.99 PPV clash will take place on February 25 at the Gateway Center Arena @ College Park in Atlanta, Georgia. The event is promoted by Christy Martin Promotions.

Adrien Broner: “I’m excited to get back in the ring and show the world that I’m still one of the best fighters in the sport. Williams Jr. is a tough opponent, but I’m ready for the challenge, and I’m going to put on a show for the fans in Atlanta. It’s the AB show on BLK Prime.”

Michael Williams Jr: “I’ve been preparing for a moment like this for a long time, and I’m ready to take on Broner. I’m going to take full advantage of this opportunity, and show everyone watching on BLK Prime that they didn’t make mistake by choosing me to challenge Broner. I have nothing to lose and I’m going all out on fight night 150%.”

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  • Michael Williams Jr is 23 years old. If he’s in shape and can take 2-3 punches every five or six minutes or so… might be able to get the win by beating on Broner’s shell for 6/10 rounds.

    • He says he will show BLK never made a mistake choosing him…but what he may not realize is…if he wins…they made a mistake! LOL!

      • Everyone knows how to beat Broner. If you can take what he has to offer early before he stops his offense and throw punches, you’ll outhustle him and get a decision. I would imagine that’s even more the case with his inactivity. If I gave a damn whether or not he won, I wouldn’t put him in with a 23 year old that was even remotely decent. BLK may surely have made a mistake on Williams. Though bigger nams and far more decorated than Williams – old man Lundy and that loon Redkach were more reliable opponents imo.

        • Maybe he (Williams) is green enough to just get knocked out…who knows? You have to wonder sometimes what matchmakers are thinking. James Kirkland’s last fight comes to mind. They put him in with a puncher…I mean why? Kirkland might be the worst 1st round fighter in history. He had talent and heart but his chin for the first 3 minuets was an insult to glass!

          • Maybe he will get caught and stopped. His one loss was to John Bauza who knocked him out and Bauza’s pretty good, but he isn’t a puncher. So maybe Broner will stop him as well. But as was the case with Kirkland, and I agree, you don’t want to put James Kirkland in with someone who is going to throw everything at him immediately, you don’t want to put Broner in with someone who’s active and is going to throw a lot of punches. An older fighter is a much safer choice.

          • I meant “more reliable” in the sense that they would be more likely to show up and lose the fight Ernie. As far as just showing up – it’s an Adrien Broner fight – even Adrien Broner isn’t reliable to show up to an Adrien Broner fight.

    • I agree Lucie, I think this is a huge opportunity for this young man. It sounds like his quality of opposition is not great but he is young, just coming into his prime years, and even if his opposition is bad…he has 21 fights so he must know a thing or two. I know one cannot believe everything one reads but it does not appear Broner stays in shape or takes care of himself. That can age a fighter. I would have preferred the Lundy match but this guy may have a better chance….maybe? Still I would not pay $40 for an opponent I know nothing of.

      • I saw footage of him training with Stacy King and he had a gut and was carrying quite a bit up top as well. To his credit, I saw later footage and it appeared that he dropped some of it, was still heavy, so I don’t think there’s any question that Broner doesn’t stay in very good shape between fights (at least not at the moment) and sometimes he goes years without fighting anyway. He’s had one fight in the last 4 years and he’s won one in the last 6.

        • I wish he was fighting Victor Ortiz! If they are going to give us a circus…do it right! LOL!

          • Bronner vs Ortiz now that’s worthy. One of the two would find a way to “f_ck it up” the betting line should be on who does it first .

  • According to BoxRrc, only one of this guy’s wins was against a fighter with a winning record. But sure, pay 40 bucks for this mismatch.

    • Was going to say the same thing. This guy only fought 1 guy with a pulse and he was knocked out in that fight. Broner looking for a payday.

  • This site never mentioned the issue Redkach had with his promotional company and what he said about Joe DeGuardia and why he couldnt take the Broner fight in the first place.
    Convenient to save the bad publicity for certain people.

  • $39.99 PPV SMH. This should be free on ESPN. Like everyone else, I will see the fight how I will see the fight lol.

    • Why would espn give up college basketball time in irder to broadcast this? They could probably get better ratings with reruns of last years axe throwing championships.

  • Of the few winning record opponents on William’s sheet only Bauza was respectable. BLacK Prime is doing everything possible for a Broner victory.

  • Bronner is so much set in his ways that it’s impossible for him to go back to what made him good. He’ll probably throw 2 or 3 punch combos and cover up or pose for most of the round , he will do this all night. Williams Jr can definitely win.

  • Perfect Broner opponent. Every fighter on Williams’ record is sub 500 except for one .. the guy who gave him his only loss via TKO. I saw recent pics of Broner and he looked in shape though.

  • Bronner the pimp fights for money only now. He can beat alot of guys still but he fights meh..

  • Didn’t many of us say over a month ago that one of the 2 would most definitely pull out since it was a close matchup?

  • If Broner loses to William he should retire. Nice kid, but he can’t fight. I’ve seen him get dropped several times by opponents with upside down records. Roy Jones use to to train him. That says enough

  • BLacK Prime??? And they say they don’t want segregation???? This is part of the problem. Imagine a WHitE Prime channel???

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