Adamek-Abell: Adamek’s last hurrah?

By Przemek Garczarczyk

“It’s not only about winning the fight. It’s always about winning and giving fans a boxing show. I’m 41 now, you don’t have to remind me, but nothing has changed. If Abell beats me on Saturday in Częstochowa, a very special place for me, for all the Catholics all over the world, it’s over. If I’m victorious, it’s still one more bout and… then it’s over, anyway. I know I said that before, but 2018 is my last hurrah,” said former light heavyweight/cruiserweight champion and heavyweight contender Tomasz Adamek (52-5, 30 KO), who on Saturday faces hard-hitting Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell (34-9, 32 KO), who is riding on a three fight KO streak.

Adamek-Abell headlines Polsat Boxing Night 8, presented by MB Promotions in Częstochowa, Poland.

Adamek won his last two fights (vs. Salomon Haumono and Fred Kassi, respectively) but neither of them was a match for Adamek, one of the best fighters in history of Polish boxing. Abell’s power and, maybe more importantly, his southpaw stance are problematic for Adamek.

“Tomek could not have better camp he has for the last eight weeks. Everything was on the world class level: from facilities – Osada Śnieżka w Łomnicy and Blue Mountain Resort in Szklarska Poręba – to very dedicated trainer, Florida’s own Gus Curren, one of the best strength and conditioning coach in Poland, Kuba Chycki, sparring partners. You name it, there are no excuses. It was the easy part – now Adamek has to prove that he still has it in the ring. We know that Joey can end the fight in any round, at any moment,” said event promoter, Adamek advisor, Mateusz Borek.

“I always devote all my time to help my fighters. There’s no downtime – if we are not doing something face to face with them, I’m in my room studying my guys, their opponents. 24/7. Training Adamek (Curren started before Haumono bout) is my biggest accomplishment… but this is not the end. Adamek arrived for the Abell training camp in even better condition than before, everything went well.

“Joey is an experienced, strong, very explosive fighter who knocked out a lot of guys. Not many weaknesses especially that I’m hearing he’s been training for a long time and will be in great shape. You have to be ready, not get relaxed even for one second because Abell is a fighter with this kind of power.

“But…it’s OK – we wanted a real challenge and we will have one on Saturday. Don’t look at Tomek age – what counts are his skills, technique, speed, ring generalship. Everything is still there,” said Curren, who learned his craft from legendary Lou Duva, and is now head trainer at Gus Curren’s House of Champions in Vero Beach, Florida.

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