Chavez Jr. looks sharp in workout

Hundreds of boxing fans crammed the main square in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico, to see former WBC middleweight world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., who returns to the ring Saturday.
“I’m ready,” said Junior, who looked very quick and powerful on the pads. “I putting in 100-percent to my training, focused on boxing. I’m aiming to become world champion again and I still have a lot of history to write!”





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  • Never expected Chaves Jr. to ever really get in good shape ever again. Good on him.

  • Will have a boring fight and go back to having threesomes.
    He doesn’t have the motivation of someone like Canelo.

  • Dayummm! Jr has a MASSIVE SKULL! He has the skull of a giant 700 lb man! Like how does he hold it up and balance it, his skull alone must weigh about 120 lbs, just bazaar lol.

    • Maybe what you are saying Matt, is the reason why he is not allowed to look on the edge of a bridge because of the weight of his head could make him fall.

  • I predicted this when Junior first started Boxing. He would slack off, get by on just his talents. Dont train hard for the tough fights, so that he has an excuse for why he didnt win. I figured when he got older he would swear he is 100% committed, and the only reason he lost in the past is because he wasnt 100%. He obviously was (unconsciously)fearful of the super success of his father. Of course, now he just wants to mature and collect a few more checks.

  • Chavez has wasted more talent than many will ever have. Hope he really gives this chance 100%

  • I can’t call Chavez jr. a wasted talent, because he was never a talented boxer. He was just the product of a well elaborated plan of some smart people (no Chavez sr. he is not smart at all) to milk the Chavez name. Top rank did it’s part well, but jr. didn’t. Now, he wants to come back in hopes of a good pay, being Canelo his target. The way he is taking care of his boxing career today, is the one he should’ve been 10 to 11 years ago. DLH as corrupt as the Mexican authorities are, will make this true. Expect two more wins of the jr. and the rematch of the farce they staged not long ago, but this time in Mexico, most likely in the Estadio Azteca

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