The 12th Round: Happy 55th Anniversary WBC!

By Mauricio Sulaiman
WBC President – Jose Sulaiman’s son

The WBC is celebrating its 55 anniversary this coming Tuesday February 14. It has been a great journey from that founding moment back in 1963, when the then President of Mexico, Adolfo Lopez Mateos organized a world boxing summit with the most influential governing authorities of the sport from around the world. New York, California, Nevada, BBBC from UK, European Boxing Union, Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation and a few others met in Mexico City and the World Boxing Council was born.

We can take pride that boxing today is much different from those days and it’s in great part due to the relentless work performed by many members of the WBC by leading research programs, implementing new rules and procedures and always remaining active for the betterment of the sport, but most importantly for the safety of the fighters.

Boxing was brutal, regulations were minimal and boxers were simply seen as merchandise. The reduction of championship rounds from 15 to 12, the implementation of mandatory medical examinations (yearly standard studies), pre and after fight examinations, implementation of the day before the fight weigh in, creation of intermediate weight categories, thumb-attached glove, banning of the six-ounce glove, the fourth rope in the ring and many many more changes which were implemented under the leadership of the WBC and my dear father Jose Sulaiman.

The WBC is the dream of every boxer, the Green and Gold , the belt once held by Ali, Foreman, Tyson, Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran, Chavez, Arguello, Monzon, Mayweather, Pacquiao and so many great legendary champions. But the WBC is and will always be for the boxers before, during and after their days of glory in the ring.

At the same time the WBC is approaching yet another milestone as the 2000th world title fight sanctioned by the WBC is fast approaching and will take place in March or April.

Today I celebrate my fourth anniversary as President of the WBC. I say so with mixed feelings as I can’t help but to immediately relate this anniversary to the one of the passing away of my dear father. Continuing in the WBC has been a blessing for me as it has kept me close to him every single day, every single hour, every single moment. Being the son of Jose Sulaiman is my greatest pride and it motivates me to understand that I must honor his name and legacy with my actions day after day. I will continue to follow his path with the same principles and values which have ruled the WBC and which make our organization different from any other governing organization form any sport.

Clean Boxing Program Update

The WBC Clean Boxing program administered by VADA continues to lead our sport in every aspect concerning performance enhancing drugs and procedures.

The CBP is moving forward, will put emphasis in teaching fighters and trainers with all aspects of PEDs, nutrition and health matters, will continue to randomly test fighters around the world, will continue top contract specific fights for testing and will continue to learn and research on how to make boxing safer for all.

Luis Ortiz and Luis Nery both have been following the WBC’s ruling with absolute compliance of the required tests ordered by the WBC CBP. Both fighters have been tested during this process and results are in the process of being reported by VADA.

The WBC CBP team will meet next Thursday in Las Vegas to review the results of 2017 as well as confirm 2018 action plan.


The news came from IOC and has hit the boxing community around the world. There is a worldwide movement to express absolute support to the sport and its continuation in the Olympic Games competition. Boxing was one of the six sports which founded the original Olympics in Athens and has been an Olympic Sport since 1904. Amateur boxing is the basis of the sport and the Olympic glory was the platform to create legendary careers of many great world champions including Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard and Oscar de la Hoya just to name a few.

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