WBO wants WBSS winner to fight Glowacki

The WBO World Championship Committee has issued a ruling on the complaint filed by promoter Andrew Wasilewski on behalf of former WBO cruiserweight champion Krzysztof Glowacki over his controversial World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) tournament semi-final loss to Mairis Briedis on June 15 in Latvia. The Glowacki camp sought to have Briedis disqualified or suspended and the official bout result overturned and/or reversed and declared a no-contest due to numerous errors by referee Robert Byrd.

The Championship Committee acknowledged numerous problems with the fight but stated they cannot change the result or issue a suspension as that authority and jurisdiction is held by the Latvia Boxing Federation in accordance with the World Boxing Super Series Tournament Rules and Regulations.

However, the committee strongly recommends that the WBSS winner defends the WBO belt against Glowacki within 120 days of the tournament final. WBSS officials have 48 hours to accept this WBO resolution. If the WBSS does not accept and/or rejects the ruling, the committee will issue a further ruling in accordance with WBO regulations.

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  • Krzysztof Glowacki hit that guy Briedis in the back of the head, and Briedis elbowed him in response and was cursing at him after he elbowed him. That elbow was a response from a rabbit punch, and the rabbit punch was intentional. Screw those guys crying about it. Byrd messed up by not hearing the bell at the end of the 2nd. Glowacki was still throwing way after the bell the same as Briedis, so it wasn’t like Glowacki was all innocent before he got elbowed, or after the bell rang at the end of round 2. And then Glowacki came out for the 3rd and got TKO’d 20 seconds into that round. And Glowacki’s downfall began at 21 seconds left in round 2 by a right hook. Let them do a rematch, I doubt Glowacki wins a rematch.

    • 100% agreed Glowacki even getting this opportunity stinks of corruption. There have been many fighters over the years that were more deserving after they’d been clearly robbed than him to get a rematch. Glowacki isn’t as good as he’s made out to be. Breidis narrowly lost to Usyk & is the pick of the cruisers even though he’s fading fast. Dorticos may catch him on the decline.

  • I agree with the rematch. Glowacki is an accomplished fighter, and there were some unfortunate circumstances. However, I lost respect for him after clearly fouling Breidis with the rabbit punch and then laying on the floor to attempt to win by DQ when Breidis responded.

    Breidis responded by showing him he would not let that fly. Glowacki responded with cowardice.

  • I think everyone is missing the most interesting part of this…the WBO “strongly recommends”, but clearly can’t order a rematch. It’ll be interesting to see where this new unifying entity falls. If they don’t take the recommendation from the WBO, then it’ll get real interesting.

    For my money, the WBSS is about the best thing happening in the Sport. Anybody interested in getting one Champion is who I’ll side with.

    It’s sad that I find myself looking for a political fight in a sport already too full of politics. However, sometimes a fight is exactly what we need.

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