WBC suspends support of BoxRec

By Gabriel F. Cordero

In an unexpected development, the WBC announced at its annual convention in Uzbekistan that it will suspend cooperation with Boxrec.com, the official boxing recordkeeper, which the WBC has supported for more than a decade. At issue is Boxrec’s handling of the bridgerweight division (200-224 lbs.), which simply hasn’t been acknowledged by Boxrec since it was created by the WBC three years ago. Current WBC world champion Lukasz Rozanski (15-0, 14 KOs) does not have any title listed. His fights are written up as heavyweight without a title and he does not appear in any rankings.

The WBC made an official request for Boxrec to support the bridgerweight classification and the decision to suspend cooperation for the time being until the update is implemented was immediately and firmly supported by the WBC Board of Governors on Tuesday afternoon during the presentation of the Boxrec representatives.

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  • 99.99% think that bridgerweight idea and name as well is a bad joke for boxing, BoxRec is in that percentage

    • Bridgerweight and cruiserweight are both really heavyweights no matter what you call them.

  • I’ll support BoxRec over the WBC any day! Mauricio Sulaiman, the wealthy Lebanese businessman who runs the WBC out of Mexico (where the fighters are), whom along with his late father, Jose, have made untold $millions through ridiculous sanctioning fees.

    • You have one dislike on your comment when it was the solid truth. I bet you it was Mauricio who was offended.

    • He is a 3rd generation Mexican. it’s like saying Italian Americans, Afican Americans, Irish Americans are not American cus their great, great, great grand parents were from Europe and Africa.

  • Oh, I had forgotten this: What about BoxRec returning the favor to WBC by suspending any support to boxers linked to this organization?

  • To be suspended by the WBC or any of the other sanctioning body buffoons is the highest compliment that anyone with an ounce of integrity can obtain.

  • My esteem for Boxrec has increased ten-fold (not that I had a problem with it before).

  • There are multiple problems with the Bridgerweight division. The biggest being no buy-in with other sanctioning bodies promoters or fighters. This has been tried before with no success by other minor sanctioning bodies. Also the WBC doesn’t even follow the Bridgerweight guidelines by ranking fighters, like Deontay Wilder, as a heavyweight despite being in their Bridgerweight division

  • (1) Start fixing this problem not by administering what you perceive as punishments, but rather admitting that you made a mistake from the jump, and need to brand this division and its championship as “Super Cruiserweight.”

    (2) BoxRec is more trustworthy in the minds of most boxing fans than the WBC. Unless BoxRec was financially reliant on revenue from the WBC to a point where its existence is in jeopardy? BoxRec’s attitude should be “Who gives a shit?”

  • Maybe they’ll deal with bridgerweight when the WBC, itself, deals with it. Three years now and not a single title defense between two champions and they’re about to crown an INTERIM BRIDGERWEIGHT champion…. Why should Boxrec treat your stuff better than you do??

  • At this point Boxing needs to stop giving support to the WBC.
    The fighters held the green belt in high regards for many years because of the great history. Now they are showing their arrogance more and more.

  • People griped about the WBO, 12 round title fights and supermiddlweight division too, just growing pains, the second one other org adapts this division under another name, the other 2 will also to get more fees and in 20 years people will argue about who was the Supercruiserweight GOAT.

  • So the WBC is the baby of the sport. Do things our way that differs from the other three major groups or we will cry and leave.

  • Boxing is more crooked than when I started watching and keeping up with it, back in 1949-50. They need to get back to about 8-12 weight classes. Shit, I can’t even name but a few of the “champs” around these days, though admittedly, I’ve not followed it near as close in the last few years as I used to back in the day. BoxRec is my go-to place to find out most any fighter’s record over his career, where he fought and who, scoring, judges and refs names, too, if I’m not mistaken. I could do without some sanctioning bodies easier than I could BoxRec.

    • i don’t go back that far, starting out around 1972, wbc, wba, and nabf which was a important belt if you held that you earned a title shot. now days there so many belts its hard to follow, i think boxing matches to me was at its best from like 72- 85, good fights and fighters after that but the sport became a mess.

  • Well it’s going to be awkward for the WBC to ask for their Boxing Database Commemorative Belt back.

  • Hmmm. The WBC makes up a useless division within a division and is now upset that Boxrec won’t play pretend with them? Silly rabbits.

    It would have been more acceptable to create a super-heavyweight division (250+).

    Besides, no one goes to the WBC for the latest updates or fight records.

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