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  • Personally I’ll be cheering for Usyk, but I think Joshua is just to big and strong, unfortunately. Either way it goes, props to both guys for taking the risk.

  • some say usyk is to small for joshua well think of it this way……mike tyson was way way to small for his opponents at least 90% of his battles was with dudes at least a foot taller than mike and you all know how they all turned out this is anybodys fight in my mind i give this one to usyk hes way to switched on in the fight game

    • There’s a difference between too short and too small. Get the fuck outta here with the bullshit ass casual comment. Tyson was only shorter than his opponent but looked stronger than most of them

      • Usyk doesn’t need to to win this fight. I believe you’ll see Joshua missing more than ever due to Usyk’s buoyancy. And he’ll be paying for those misses.

  • Still haven’t been very impressed with Usyk as a heavyweight and I was hoping that he’d get another fight at the weight prior to this. As it is, I just think Joshua will be too big and strong for him. Joshua via wide decision.

  • Honestly think Usyk beats him 116-112 but gets robbed on a crappy SD. Usyk too slick for AJ. Doesn’t matter about his other heavyweight bouts.

  • It’s difficult to see how Usyk wins as a casual viewer. People in the know understand how difficult this fight is going to be for AJ. That’s because casuals don’t know what to look for in Usyk. He’s smaller than AJ but he’s also much better on his feet. Footwork is more than half of what you’re doing in boxing. From knowing when to slip a punch to knowing when to lead. It’s all in the footwork.

    Of course AJ might just walk out there and catch Usyk cold but I’m not seeing it. Biggest fight of Usyk’s life is about to happen. He will be prepared from the opening bell.

    • Exactly. Another note to mention is Joshua didn’t want this fight. Hearn didn’t want this fight. I’m sure they pondered dumping the belt. That being said I think he knows how dangerous it is and will come in his greatest shape possible. Which could throw my prediction and others out the window. But if he tries losing weight and being fast it’ll be a huge mistake as well.

  • I’m pulling for Oleksander Usyk with a stoppage. I don’t like Joshua. I don’t think he’s all that.

  • usyk can beat joshua he has got faster hands and moves well just like lomanchecko must have the same trainers usyk will be the smaller guy deciision for usyk 115-112

  • Because of these cancellations and inactivity has anybody got a clue what inactivity does to a fighter.
    There are not that many VitalivKlitcckos or Luke Furys outt thete or were there out there. Not to mention Jean Pascal for that matter.

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