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UPSET: Pascal dethrones Browne by tech decision

By Przemek Garczarczyk at ringside
Photos: Emily Harney

23:1 underdog Jean Pascal (34-6-1, 20 KOs) dethroned previously unbeaten WBA interim light heavyweight champion “Sir” Marcus Browne (23-1, 16 KOs) via eight-round technical decision on Saturday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.
Pascal Brown005
36-year-old former WBC world champion Pascal dropped Browne in round four. Browne was down two more times in round seven. Browne was cut over the left eye by an accidental headbutt in round eight. The bout was stopped and sent to the scorecards where all three judges had it 75-74 for Pascal.

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  • Way to go Jean! Been a long time fan. Win or lose he’s always worth watching. Fun press conferences too. Hope he retires with his finances and faculties intact.

  • Marcus gets a gold medal from the Bernard Hopkins school of punch and hold but without the defense.

  • …What??? Score is 75-74 on all score card for Pascal, But Brown is knockdown in round 4 and 2 more knockdown in round 7. Meaning Brown is winning all the way?

    • Jinorris, this is the way I understand these scores: In order to reach 74, of 8 rounds Browne won only 5 (5×10=50) lost one 10-9, one 10-8 (one knockdown) and one 10-7 (two knockdowns) right? Adding them 50+9+8+7=74, so, this means Pascal should have 5×9=45 (he lost 5 of eight) and won three, two of them big, (3×10=30) so, 45+30=75

      • Thanks that put it into perspective. I was wondering how the hell the score cards were so close with three knockdowns. It seems that JP’s power saved the day, but Brown won most of the rounds he didn’t get knocked down in.

  • I was suspicious about Brownes quality since his fight against Kalajdzic.It looks like he is not a top dog.

  • I don’t know what is going on with these fringe belts. Pascal who has always been a good fighter , won this fight because he was a better puncher than Browne. After the fight you would think he won the undisputed lgt hwt championship? Has anyone told him a WBA interim title is a sad joke? Why celebrate a title that is meaningless? And the WBA has how many phony title per divisions ? It does not end with the WWE nonsense . HELL even the WWE does not have 40 titles per division.

    • Boxing will have no credibility with the average sports fan until all these organizations with their meaningless belts are put out of business. Could be done if fighters refused to pay sanctioning fees to these criminals.

  • Interim, regular, super, emeritus and now franchise champion WTF? Titles mean absolutely nothing today!

  • After hearing Pascal had never lost to a southpaw, and knowing he went the distance with Bivol, I wish I took the 23:1 odds.

  • Lol it all the casuals saying that browne was the heir apparent at 175, and that the nail was ducking him. Browne is lucky that wasn’t Gvozdyk in there with him tonight or his career would have been ended.

  • You cant undervalue Pascal, he is one of the hardest punchers in the sport and Browne got a taste of his power last night. Way to go Pascal!! Champion again!!

  • Canelo was talking about an eventual encounter with Kovalev, so, what about this man? Pascal deserve a good pay day break, as a reward for his honesty and dedication to the sport of boxing. Could be a terrific fight. For sure it wouldn’t be a 23 to 1, despite Pascal being a well pass his primes 36 years old man

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