Tyson Fury planning for epic fight

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (27-0-1, 19 KOs) told reporters Monday that he’s going to put some serious hurt on Tom Schwarz (24-0, 16 KOs) on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

“The only thing I know [about Schwarz] is I’m going to break his jaw and smack his ribs in. I’m gonna give him a black eye, a thick lip, and maybe he might lose a few teeth, who knows? …I’ll figure him out within the first five seconds of the fight, because that’s what I do.”

He added, “This is a massive attraction of a fight, the UK, Europe, America. This is going to be epic. This is going to be a boxing behemoth.” The bout can be seen on ESPN+.

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  • Or, in other words this fight is going to be a cruel joke foisted on some unsuspecting fans.

      • Almost no chance. This opponent is there to make Fury look good, something that Joahua’s clan may have thought about Ruiz, but believe me, for those like me who follow boxing, Schwarz and Ruiz are not AT ALL at the same level. 😉

  • I realize there’s more to Boxing than knockouts and can’t help being impressed with Fury’s agility considering his size, but after a round or two he’s pretty boring. He clearly defeated Wlad, but he did it in the worst title fight in History. He landed roughly 80 punches during 12 rounds. He’s a good story, great mouth outside the ring, but it’s hard to watch a man of his size move away all night. Even tougher to give rounds to someone in full retreat.

    • It’s Wlad’s fault as well. Wlad did not want to engage that much. 😉

      • Absolutely true Joss, Wlad either wouldn’t or couldn’t pull the trigger. I lean toward couldn’t. No matter who you blame it was terrible to watch.

  • The only epic could be that Schwarz up set him with a single punch, I know hard to happen, but could be epic to see Fury flattened in the middle of the ring. Other than that, this is a meaningless boring fight.

    • Meaningless is the right word. Nothing to gain in beating a no named fighter who fought no one and only looks good because of a ballooned undefeated record. 😉

      • I don’t think that Schwarz’s record is ballooned – he fought some decent but internationally hardly known European fighters. I think its more accurate to say that its too early for Schwarz to fight an elite fighter.

  • After he beats this bum, he can take out the trash Wilder!! All the belts belong in Euro, not Mexico or USA yuk!

  • I really really hope this is going to be some Kind of ruiz / aj fight, realy hope schwarz will Do the unexpected. Doubt it thought.
    I dont See fury to be a World class heavyweight boxer. He only knows How to lean back and avoid punches.

  • Tom who? I’d like to see Ruiz bust Fury up the same way he did Joshua

  • Nothing epic in here. A 6’9″ flabby pole dancing around of a limited foe, throwing one or two punches every minute. That is what we should expect of someone that is the antithesis of excitement as Futy is. One thing we can not denied about him is that he is perhaps the smartest active boxer, followed closely by Oleksandr Uzyk

  • Schwarz has indeed an uninteresting record, and one can only assume that the fight is supposed to be a confidence booster for Fury. It will also allow Fury to be more aggressive than usual.

    I understand why fans are not excited about the fight. At the same time, I think that Fury is not only underrated in terms of skills but also in terms of his intelligence. Although many boxing fans think that he is crazy, he is probably one of the most intelligent people in the boxing world. I base this statement on having analyzed many of his interviews. People confuse having personal problems with lack of intelligence or character. Fury has a brilliant intelligence, good technical boxing skills and he knows how to sell himself well.

    Although this fight will rightfully not draw much attention, Fury still has to win in a convincing fashion. If he can’t KO Schwarz, it will give the mental edge to any and all top ranked opponents he will face next.

    As far as Schwarz goes, he has nothing to lose. At the same time, a win would also not make him an elite fighter – simply because that’s just not what he is. All in all, a strange match up.

  • Schwarz is no pushover and would beat several of the top ten heavies right now, he is young, talented and hungry with size…

    • Really?? He hasn’t beaten a top 50 HW yet. Why do you think he can beat “several top 10 heavies right now”?

      He didn’t look good in his last fight against an internationally unknown opponent, not listed in the top 100.

      Schwarz may be a decent fighter but I don’t think its appropriate yet for him to challenge a top 20 heavyweight, what to speak of a top 10 or elite fighter like Fury who dominated even Wilder until the knock down, and who frustrated Klitschko more than any other fighter before.

      • Simple, I think he could beat Povetkin, Parker and Pulev, all rated in the top 10 on Boxrec…He has not beaten a top 50 heavy, so what? There is always a time when young fighters have NOT fought a top 50 fighter yet, then go on to win world titles after losing to a guy like Fury…I agree Fury is too much, but see Schwarz doing well in the future…

      • Schwarz didn’t look great last time out because his opponent was there only to survive and still got KOed in less than 2 rounds and Schwarz picked up a World Title…

  • Joshua thought he was going to impress on his American debut and look what happened there. Fury is boring to watch even though he did beat Wilder lets see how he performs against Swarz

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