The Bridgerweight Era Has Arrived

On October 22 for the first time in history, the WBC bridgerweight title (under 224 pounds) will be on the line. WBC #1 Oscar “Kaboom” Rivas (27-1, 19 KOs) will face #3 rated Bryant Jennings (24-4, 14 KOs) for the green and gold belt of the new division at the renovated Olympia Theater in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

This will be the second clash between Jennings and Rivas, who fought an extremely contested affair in January 2019 in Verona, New York. Rivas won by TKO12.

Rivas-Jennings marks the return of American television to Canada for the first time since December 2018, as ESPN+ retained the broadcast rights to the fight in the USA. The card will also be broadcast live in nearly 50 countries.

A total of six boxing matches are planned.

The return of welterweight Sébastien Bouchard (19-2, 8KO) is confirmed, He will be back in the ring for the second time in 2021, after suffering a major injury against Ayaz Hussain in Quebec in 2019.

Alexandre Roberge (1-1) and Francis Charbonneau (3-1, 1KO) caused a stir March 16th in their 6-round confrontation, which was won by Charbonneau via split decision. The two young boxers will pick up where they left off with another 6-round fight.

The other fights will be announced later this week.

The event will mark the 49th world championship fight promoted by GYM since its founding in 2004. Tickets will go on sale this Saturday.

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    • I agree. How is it fair for a professional boxer to weight 215lbs and face another professional boxer who weights 260lbs or so? This are professional trained athletes that’s why there are weight classes. Good for the sport maybe more boxers will get a opportunity to showcase their skills against fighters of their weight in the heavyweight division.

      • I also agree. It’s time for a division below heavyweight. If people want fewer weight classes, there’s 8 at 126 or below to choose from.

  • Say it with me. “Super Cruiserweight.”
    Sounds better. Makes more sense. Is more descriptive and less confusing.


    • Truth, no it doesn’t. You want to know why? Because Sulaiman didn’t think of it. It wasn’t his idea. Only the crap he farts out is a good idea. He is the god of boxing. Without him we all (fighter and fans) would be lost.

  • So Wilder will now be fighting as a “bridgerweight”?? Is that what’s going to happen? How could anyone be fine with this weight class? This is what the cruiserweight division is for. This is just another way for the scum of boxing to make more money and have more worthless belts.

  • This has been the worst year for boxing in my lifetime. It is so sad to see the sport we all love become reduced to greed-driven sideshow acts.

  • The WBC & the Sulaiman family has made a Brinks Truck procession of money with their outrageous “sanctioning fees” over the decades. The late boxing writer Malcom “Flash” Gordon used to blast Jose Sulaiman for claiming he was Mexican, when he was really Lebanese/Syrian!

  • Looking back, Heavyweight boxing was good when the top HW’s weighed about 224. These oversized HW’s (and I don’t mean fat) do just not deliver the pace and excitement.

  • >