Teofimo Lopez Tests Positive For Covid-19

Entire Triller Fight Club Event Rescheduled For August 14

Undisputed Lightweight World Champion, Teofimo Lopez has tested positive for symptomatic COVID-19 and his highly anticipated defense against Mandatory Challenger George Kambosos has been rescheduled for August 14, 2021 at a location to be determined. Presented by Triller Fight Club, the boxing and music pay-per-view extravaganza was set to emanate this Saturday, June 19 from loanDepot park, home of the Miami Marlins.

Lopez’s diagnosis was confirmed this morning.

“We send our best to Teofimo and his family and hope they get well soon, and look forward to seeing this epic battle on August 14, 2021,” said Triller Fight Club co-founder Ryan Kavanaugh. Additional information on the rescheduled date including all musical acts and ticketing will be announced shortly.

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  • This is so bad. I tested positive for Covid-19 the week before Christmas. Thought I was gonna die, couldn’t breath and needed oxygen. 2 weeks later I felt better but for months I was still fatigued and sluggish. Some people get it worse than others. I hope TEO is 100m percent ready by August 14th, But I would have preferred for Two to stay rested and fight in the fall. We saw how sluggish and slow Povetkin after testing positive also. This Covid-19 is NO joke! Prayers for too on a quick recovery…

    • I can’t understand why a professional athlete who can theoretically fight all over the world wouldn’t get vaccinated. I mean, it’s possible he did and still contracted it, but that’s a rare case. I’m hoping it was that because it says something about someone’s intelligence if they’re that reckless with their body.

    • Arturo, glad to hear you got thru the havoc of the COVID-19. I lost a few friends in 2020 from the virus. I managed to be a frontline worker all thru the pandemic so far and dodged many bullets from the virus. Yes, I was vaccinated in January of 2020 long before the public was. Yep, doing fine.

      • You mean 2021 right? Because covid didn’t really hit USA until after January 2020, and the vaccine wasn’t created until late 2020. Or are you some sort of mad scientist?

        • No, I meant 2020 on the deaths. The virus peaked in hospitalizations during late 2020 in my living area. In correction regarding the vaccine, it was January 2021 not 2020. Sorry, my mistake on the vaccine. The recipe for the mRNA vaccine was designed in 2008 during the Zika outbreak in certain parts of the world. Biontech was the first company to design the matrix components of the vaccine. Thank you for pointing out my mistake so I could correct it. Have a great evening.

    • I am inclined to do so as well! There’s a lot of other fights this weekend and this fight is essentially flying under the radar. Sounds like they’re using Covid to their advantage

      • You may right. This date was all wrong. Three free cards or on regular cable and one pay per view. It would have been a complete financial failure fpr triller to go ahead with fight.

    • I’d be surprised.

      In training Lopez has looked very impressive, Kambosos looked very unspectacular.

      If I was Lopez I’d be chomping at the bit to get in the ring with him while I was on fire, not take myself off the boil and have to reheat again, that makes no sense.

      • There’s no doubt Lopez looked spectacular and was going to crush Kambosos; it’s the PPV sales that weren’t looking spectacular. I highly doubt Lopez fears Kambosos in any way. BTW, I am not a Covid non believer and anti-vaxxer. I just have my suspisions that Teofimo has it…but my opinions and $3 will buy me a cup of coffee.

      • shitty marketing because giving paying fans what we want is not what these millionaires want. nuff said

  • Hahahahaha, so looks like the PPV numbers were tanking, too many other free (and better) fights that night, so someone gets Covid. Of course.

  • You have to be especially stupid if you’re a professional athlete who doesn’t get vaccinated and risks tons of money from getting sick. It’s possible that he was vaccinated and still contracted covid, and I’m hoping that’s what happened because otherwise, that’s just stupid.

    • Wrong moron. You gotta be dumb as rocks to get an experimental death jab for no reason other than the media told you so. This fake pandemic is over already and soon Fauci and the rest will face trials Nuremberg 2.0

      • My aunt tested positive and died a few days later, my neighbor died about 10 days after testing positive and he was an avid cyclist and only 49 years old, my high school buddy tested positive and his faced aged 10-15 years in 2-3 weeks, he looks like an old man now… take your nutcase garbage to a forum designed specifically for self involved delusional losers.

      • This goes to you and the plethora of anti-vaxxers. I don’t engage in debates with you for the same reason I don’t engage in debates with animals… in both cases it’s just noise with no meaning or significance in any human language.

      • This entire Plandemic was based on fraudulent modeling and PCR tests. News flash, there was NO pandemic. Search excess deaths the past decade No rise in last year. this is not about a virus its about controlling you, wake up people.

      • Take your dumb ass comment somewhere else. Can’t believe these kind of idiots still exists. Fake pandemic? GTFOH!

  • Why r they still testing? Didn’t they read the fauci emails? It’s a total fraud. Go ask the inventor of the pcr test what he thought about Fauci and the coming new world order…oh wait he’s dead…

    • The word “fraud” has been defined by so many topics in social media over the years. Hmm, let’s see… Some hot topics included Elvis’ death, Tupac Shakur’s death, and Bin Laden’s assassination. Odd, I am still waiting on Elvis, Bin laden, and Tupac to make their appearances and prove us all wrong.

      • Scooby, don’t even bother with these people. Although, I think you said you were a frontline worker. Some of these people are especially putting people like you in danger through ignorance. So, I can’t even say how’d angry I’d be at some if I were in that position.

        • Colby, thank you for your advice and recognition of my posting. Have a wonderful evening.

      • Apparently a lot of boxing/mma fans are in the conspiratorial/anti-vax lot (you can even tell by the comment likes). It makes me question how I can share the same interest with people so stupid.

    • The most dangerous people right now are those who mindlessly believe everything the Government tells them.

  • Wow!! Lopez is still a young cat who will recover from it for a solid scrap in August/2021. Best wishes to Lopez and his family.

  • Now the other events will get more shine this weekend. I did not want to choose between watching Inoue and Teo if they were going on around the same time.
    Terrible to get COVID (I’m taking the word that the news is true) right near the end as it’s winding down in terms of # of cases daily.

  • Some athletes do stupid shit to show how macho they are. Like smoke cigarettes, vapes, drink alcohol and get COVID.

    Getting COVID is no different than lighting a cigarette. It’s Dumb. It’s Stupid.

    I hope Teofimo learned his lesson.

    • Not sure people actually go to a store, buy a pack of covid, light one up and think, yeah, that’d tastes good and makes me look cool.

      • I’m not gonna lie. Every time I see a Jennifer Diamond comment I read the whole thing .. that person be writing some psychotic things that for some reason makes me laugh.. lol. It’s entertaining to me. The way she’s so dramatic and aggressive. She’s like a nut.. I like it lol. I can’t be the only one. I don’t mind a little bit of everything on here.. the politic comments are annoying though .. I avoid those.

  • So……he has Covid, but they already announced the new date of Aug. 14th? Huh. He must have that special no-danger, guaranteed-no-symptoms Covid.

  • Bummer. I’m pretty shocked he wasn’t forced to get a vaccine (btw maybe he got it and still sick).

  • Bloke caught Covid – kambosis should be favourite for the rescheduled fight. The vaccine is making a lot of people sick (in the news every day) while it’s still in its experimental phase. Remember when doctor bill gates told us last year it would take 5 yrs to develop, fast forward a year now it’s safe.
    The virus escaped from the lab last year – they only started to work on the vaccine 12 months ago. He probably wanted to avoid blood clots. Haglar was lost to the vaccine – Teo didn’t want to be another statistic. Lots of people waiting it out and letting others be the guinea pigs. I wouldn’t call someone stupid for taking it or for not taking it – it’s a personal preference. We should stay respectful to our fellow boxing fans. I wish Teo all the best / I think George’s chances have increased big time.

    • Hagler did not pass from Covid fool. Get your facts straight bro. The medical examiner ruled the cause of his death to be of natural causes.

      Lopez was too busy spending Trillers money and wasn’t training for his sparring session and couldn’t make weight. The Covid excuse is BS and planned because Triller is taking a blood bath due to some idiot bidding 2-3x what others bid.

      • Hmmm medical examiner’s ruling people killed in motorcycle crashes – sky diving accidents and gunshot wounds as Covid related deaths. Do some research …. As for calling this a sparring session you could end up with egg on your faces. George is a fit as they come unbeaten and hungry. Teo will be fatigued like Povetkin carrying remnants of the killer flu/killer vaccine.

  • Can you imagine how the Triller folks feel after grossly over paying (6M+)for a sparring session that nobody gives a shit about?

    Add to that the expenses for flying, hotel, and meals for all the fighters and their camps?

    If Lopez really tested positive, he’s a idiot for constantly going to many fight to make himself relevant. Didn’t anyone tell him COVID vaccine is free? Protect yourself at all times is also a part of living safe fool.

    After robbing Triller for this sparring session, Lopez re-ups with Arum who will never pay him what Triller paid. Smart move bro! Triller pays you crazy money and then you sign with Arum and tell Triller to “just beat it.” Sounds like you can use a capable management team.

    Whoever decided to grossly over paid for this sparring session obviously knows shit about boxing and should get fired immediately.

    I think the Covid excuse is BS. Pre-PPV buys were less than 10,000 at the ridiculous price of $69. This event will be a bloodbath for Triller. Arum didn’t even bid half of what Triller bid because he knows the fight is a glorified sparring session for Lopez.

  • No reason for not having a quick recovery. Maybe not as fast as Ryan Garcia’s miraculous comeback, but speedy nonetheless.

  • To add insult to injury, it was reported that on the same Lopez card, Triller paid 600k+ for another sparring session between Michael Hunter and an unknown Cruiserweight.

    Hunter turned down a chance to fight for the IBF heavyweight mandatory where the winner would be AJ’s mandatory and instead took Trillers money to fight an unknown Cruiserweight in a sparring session. Yet another embarrassing move by some fool at Triller. But, when you’re playing with investor money, who gives a shit?

  • if teo has COVID, I wish him a healthy and complete recovery. Please don’t let this be another one of his lies because we all know what happened to the boy who cried wolf .

  • I wish Teofimo a full and speedy recovery. However, I wonder if he ever received the Covid vaccine and if so, which vaccine did he receive (e.g., Johnson & Johnson, Pzifer, or Moderna, etc.). Also, I’m disappointed that, apparently, his team did not take every precaution to limit his exposure during his training camp.

  • very irresponsible – plenty of time & opportunity to get vaccinated. kambosos has every right to be upset & should be well compensated for this last minute back out. its a difficult life for a boxer & this was costly in many ways.

  • The fight probably didn’t sell well so they’re using COVID 19 as a way out.

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