Paul, Bomba victorious, Serrano fight cancelled

Note: The main event clash between WBA/IBF/WBO female featherweight champion Amanda Serrano (46-2-1, 30 KOs) and Nina Meinke (18-3, 4 KOs) was abruptly CANCELLED just before the opening bell. Doctors wouldn’t clear Serrano to fight due to a failed eye test. The 18,000+ in attendance were promised a refund.

YouTuber-turned-cruiserweight boxer Jake “The Problem Child” Paul (9-1, 6 KOs) outclassed and destroyed the more experienced Ryan Bourland (17-3, 6 KOs) in the first round on Saturday night at the Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was target practice for Paul, who battered Bourland to the canvas just as the bout was waved off. Time was 2:37. This is Paul’s second straight first round KO against a pro boxer. After the fight Paul declared himself the face of boxing and called out Canelo Alvarez.

WBO light flyweight champion Jonathan “Bomba” Gonzalez (28-3-1, 14 KOs) retained his title with a twelve round unanimous decision over Rene Santiago (12-4, 9 KOs) Close, tactical fight that never really heated up. In the end, judges had it 116-112, 115-113, 117-111 for Bomba.

Former world title challenger Christopher “Pitufo” Diaz (28-4, 18 KOs) scored a second round knockout over Headley Scott (18-2, 12 KOs) in a super featherweight clash. Coming off a 22-month layoff, Diaz dropped Scott twice with left hooks in round two to end it. Time was 1:48.

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  • Headley Scott is one of the worst boxers I have ever seen and they found eighteen guys that he could beat.

    • Lucie,
      I don’t know about even trying to believe that record. Hard to conceive that not being a complete fabrication. I don’t know but come on… Headley warranted pity.

      • First thing I did was to look him up and it does seem very odd that I cannot find a single video of any other fight he had.

        “Hard to believe that not being a complete fabrication”, INDEED.

        • I was thinking the same thing Lucie. He looked like he was in one of those tough man contests where they have no experience. I have sparred less then 10 times in my life and other then the fact that I would gas in like 10 seconds LOL!. I do not think I would look much more out of place then Scott did.

    • Perhaps they counted Scott beating up his little cousins at the family BBQ for a few years.

      • According to box rec, which is usually balls-on accurate, he’s got 10 of his 18 wins against guys who were winless at the time of their fight. All of his wins were against guys sub-.500, most by a large margin, except one. He beat a guy named Jesus Laguna in Jamaica who was 22-15.

  • Los que vimos la pelea de Jonathan y sabemos de boxeo sabemos que fue tremenda pelea…

  • An absolute disgrace that serrano cancelled-mickey mouse nonsense -she got old feet obviously -disgusting-MEINKE was too much for her!!-and JAKE PAUL WAS A BEGINNER AMATEUR STANDARD-WHAT A CON

    • How on Earth does that fight get scheduled only to be canceled right before? Someone will be sued, that’s for sure. In decades of following boxing, I’ve never seen a fight canceled when one fighter is already in the ring. I’ve seen a guy walk out of the ring and refuse to fight on a couple of occassions, I’ve seen a guy take a knee at the opening bell… but never this.

      • Wow.. just like saying I’ve never seen such a thing happen like this before, this is the first lisinopril joke I’ve ever heard on a boxing website. New things happening daily! Only on

  • Can’t understand why if Serrano had exposure cornea the doctors failed her eye test 36 hours before the fight should be cancelled then not the last minute need Felix Tito Trindad to speak to the disappointed crowd no way Serrano got cold feet hopefully fixed her cornea if not enjoyed retirement you been a ambassador to women boxing

  • Jake Paul needs to step up and fight a world rated top 30 active cruiserweight or maybe a rematch against tommy fury before calling out big names.

  • How is Jake gonna call out a guy @68???!!! That’s just stupid. As for Serrano, WTH happened??? Aren’t there any medical testing before the fight? Remember when Spence was declared ineligible to fight PAC and luckily they were able to salvage the event. This is very unprofessional

    • It sounds a little sus. I haven’t read the full details, but something is definitely way off. It could have been legitimate vision issues which could be sudden from a medical condition or overlooked by the previous examination to keep the fight going(wouldn’t be the first time this happens). It could have been a panic attack. I’m today’s world, it could have even been a slipped Micky(GOD forbid).

      • Thank you Peter. I’ve never heard that phrase before. Had to google it.

      • ok so let me educate you……… if a fight is scheduled and you make weight and everything goes on as planned but for some reason you dont fight then its usually a DQ loss now these are rare and i mean rare but thats the rules im thinking they didnt reveal the fight would be canceled so their would still be a crowd for the other fights especially seeing that it was televised……. still waiting on details

        • Fighters have to enter the rind and the match has to officially start. Boxers have had to deal with fights stopping at the last min for a number of issues and there is never a loss on their record.

      • study the rules kid although this is a rare occasion like Haleys Comet lol


    The face of boxing?!?!?!?!?!

    I seriously can’t stop laughing!!!!!
    The biggest JOKE in boxing is more like it!!!

  • MEINKE was there ready to fight-WALKOVER WIN for MEINKE -That is the tradition-

    • this is what i was thinking but not considered a “walkover” like the amatuers but a DQ loss

      • I’ve never seen this situation before. I’d suspect it would be a DQ if she refused to enter the ring. The fact that she wasn’t medically cleared may change that up. However, I have no idea why she’d have been cleared leading up to the fight (usually the commission medical test is 3-4 days beforehand) only to have her medical declined at the actual venue awaiting the fight. I am surprised she even had a pre-fight medical exam in the moments leading up to the fight, as that would typically be a few days prior. Something seems amiss in the reporting, because everything said seems highly unusual.

  • good for Paul. it may be time for him to step it up a little. yes, just a little..

    • He is making good progress. Maybe 4 or 5 more of these guys before he steps it up. He is at least as good as Tommy Fury but gotta be better than that before fighting world class guys.

    • He’s obviously a good athlete and is taking his boxing seriously. If he truly wants this for himself, he needs to take on an active professional instead of some guy half-assing through long lay-offs. He should jump in with some good regional guy with a little amateur experience. Maybe someone with a 6-3 record or something similar but that’s fought some decent, hungry fighters. If he’s just looking for a cash-grab, keep fighting these same nobodies for good money. I kinda feel like Jake Paul wants to ascend to a level of actual boxing respectability.

  • I sure hope Meinke beats Serrano if/when they ever do fight. Nina is cool asf! I can’t believe Serrano was that dumb to injure herself with a hair care product right before the fight.

  • You know what. I hated Jake. And at this point I don’t care who he’s fighting. He’s had less than 10 fights, with no amateur background. The guy works hard, and honestly, he’s looking to be in better shape and the guy had legitimate skills. Let’s be honest here. Give the guy some credit. Rather watch him than some boxing lifer who runs around the ring avoiding a fight. And he’s making millions every fight. We should all take a page out of his book as to work ethic and brains. I’m now a fan.

    • well said, when this youtube boxing started and then took off with sold out arena’s most promoter’s i feel had to get things moving, and with the u-tubers and saudi arabia involved boxing is on t.v. 3 and sometimes 4 times a week, yea not the greatest fights by far but its boxing and better then watching victory garden, the haters seem to have watched by reading the comment’s.

  • Face of boxing hahahh then step it up you mug. Feed him to Opetai and be done with this fraud……..

    • No way in Hell Paul ever fights Opetai. Paul is quite stupid, but not that stupid.

  • I guess Jake Paul refunded everybody’s money that went to watch the fights there, not a good card but the way boxing has come back with good fights almost every week and the wed. night fights also, almost feels like the early 80’s again, true that person being talked wasn’t any good but but he can say he was on t.v., and any fights on t.v. is better then no fights on t.v.

  • The Serrano vs. Meinke fight should be rescheduled to take place in Germany, with Jake Paul facing the 53-yr-old active Turkish boxer Firat Arslan in the co-feature.

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