#1 Mbilli stops Murdock in six

Christian Mbilli Vs Rohan Murdock Action3
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Unbeaten WBC #1, WBA #1, IBF #3, WBO #5 super middleweight Christian Mbilli (26-0, 22 KOs) impressively scored a sixth round TKO over tough as nails Rohan Murdock (27-3, 19 KOs) on Saturday night at the Videotron Center in Quebec City, Quebec Canada. It was a firefight from the opening bell with Mbilli steadily breaking down the rugged Murdock. By round five it was target practice for Mbilli. Murdock gamely came out and finished round six before his corner pulled him out of the fight. Another impressive performance for Mbilli, who is knocking on Canelo’s door.

Unbeaten light heavyweight Imam Khataev (6-0, 6 KOs) stopped Michal Ludwiczak (17-13-1, 9 KOs) in round two. Khataev dropped Ludwiczak in the second stanza and got a referee’s stoppage with his follow-up barrage. Time was 2:17. Khataev claimed the NABF title with the win.

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  • Moloney and Sánchez are killing each other

    It’s cool to see the crowd clapping before the fight ended

    What a fighttttttt

    • Crazy fight. Murdoch was no joke- he was putting in work- and Mbili just ran through him. If Canelo and Benavides don’t sign to fight, sub in Mbili. He’d make an all-action fight with anybody.

      • salut/hi……you dreaming in favorite-plestano-illedic colors. Canelo is pretty good …..so is Mbili. I know both of them and if you put some money on what you wrote, well, Keep some….we never know. Have a good evening…..from Montréal

  • They said that Mbilli is number one in both the WBC and WBA. But isn’t really Benavidez and Morrel number one in the WBC and WBA respectively? I cannot see him beating Benavidez or Alvareaz at least at this time. Murdoch was a good defensive fighter with his head absorbing the punches. I can’t see him doing this to Benavidez. Maybe he can fight Caleb Plant, and we will see what happens.

    • Yep. That’s a good point. TECHNICALLY Mbilli is #1 to Morrell and Benavidez and they’re top contenders to Canelo.

  • I think Mbilli is going to have a really difficult time with a good counterpuncher. He throws pretty wide and does it consistently….. but damn is that man fun to watch. I will literally watch him fight absolutely anyone.

    • Exactly my thoughts. He was one gear… forward. He has one speed… pedal to the floor. He may eventually lose, but he’ll look damn good doing it. He’s the definition of a “marketable fighter.”

  • Murdock is another tough Australian fighter.

    Mbilli is very good at using his short arms for inside fighting, but the other top 168 pounders have solid jabs and accurate, solid punches from range. Therefore, I do not believe Mbilli can defeat Canelo, Benavides, Morrell and Plant.

    I want to first see how Mbilli looks against Munguia or Plant. Munguia or Plant can provide solid punching styles (at range) to see how Mbilli adjusts to such styles – Mbilli’s chin will also get tested. Mbilli’s inside fighting excites the crowd, though.

    I remain unsure about Mbilli.

    • Hi!!/ salut……so, Mbilli can’t beat those fighters, it’s strange……I’m sure that Mbilli can beat those guys….just a matter the way that we see it. Have a good evening….From Montréal

  • Questionable strategy by Murdock laying on the ropes as often as he was. Great effort though by him though. Don’t see Mbilli beating Canelo if he gets a shot. Would be fun to watch though.

    • I think Canelo might run him over, USF. The winner of Munguia – Ryder would be perfect though…. especially if it’s Munguia. Can you imagine?!

      • Lucie, totally agree on the Canelo-Mbilli outcome. Don’t see Mbilli making it to the finish line in that one. Munguia-Mbilli would be outstanding, but I think I’d go with Munguia in that one in a war. Something is missing in Mbilli.

        Kris, Plant may very well outpoint Mbilli. No way Plant lays on the ropes and lets him get shots off the way Murdock did. Even Murdock did ok the few times he decided to box a little against Mbilli, and should have stuck with the strategy IMO. Plant might have problems in the late rounds with Mbilli, as he does tend to fade in fights, and Mbilli appears to have pretty good stamina. Interesting fight.

      • Ryder went the distamce with Canelo, i can`t see him doing that with Mbilli. Anyway Canrlo would never take that match.

    • Mbilli has dominated everybody he’s fought so far in the same fashion. He’s beaten a string of pretty good fighters-all fringe contender types. I think there’s a huge discrepancy in talent from Rohan Murdoch to Morrell, Benavidez and Canelo. I think the best test for him now would be Caleb Plant. As impressive as Mbilli is, I think Plant beats him.

      • Mbili’s workrate would be tough for anyone, though. Not saying he’d beat the bigger names, but the way he just attacks with impunity is gonna give him a shot.

    • hi!!!/salut!!! so………….you don’t see Mbilli beating Canelo????? This is weird cause I don’t see Canelo beating Mbilli. If they ever fight,The two of them will have a good leather diner. you’re right about the fun to watch. Have a good evening…….from Montréal

  • Mbilli, all action, but against a fighter with skills, he will lose. He is another lemieux. Gotta a lot of pop, heart, but is just not a complete boxer. Again, no disrespect, he will be limited.

    • Mbilli is a whole lot like Lemieux, actually, and I would expect his career to unfold much the same. He will shine enough against the fringe contenders to maintain some level of hype, but will fall short against the very best. Both always fun to watch.

      • Yes, USF, as I was watching it is exactly who I was thinking about. If you fight with fire with him, you are more likely going to lose. Lemieux was a warrior and fought a lot of names, but having one speed doesn’t work with a boxer. Crowd pleasing, fun to watch, go to see are all words that will be attached to mbilli. I definitely would not be turning the channel.

    • Yep. That’s a great comparison, Killa. Lemieux did manage to pick up a title, I don’t think Mbilli does, but we’ll see.

      • Salut/hi!! to be honest, one of the big problem lemieux had it’s : the arms wasen’t longs enough,serious, but if lemieux reach your chin with his left; that it: TILT!!! And don’t worry for Mbilli……He will get a belt(a real one) pretty soon. Have a good evening from Montréal

    • He definitely was, as most Australian fighters. I believe though like others here, he had much more success using his range against mbilli. Maybe the KO was still inevitable, but he might have lasted longer.

  • Been following Mbilli .watch Mbilli on several undercards ..not ready for big time boxing….great upside though…Mbilli hits fighters with clean shots…but like Murdock…they don’t go…Mbilli’s style needs fights to get better…He has to fight frequently….too many technical flaws…now…fun fight to watch

  • Mbilli rated as high as he is, I find that amazing. First time he ever steps in the ring with a skilled 168 lber he’s going to get totally destroyed. Murdock only skills were no defense, taking punches, throwing arm punches, and being very slow slow and yet he managed to tag Mbilli several times.

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