Moloney retains WBO bantam title

Jason Moloney Vs Saul Sanchez Action20
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

WBO bantamweight champion Jason “Mayhem” Moloney (27-2, 19 KOs) scored a hotly contested twelve round majority decision over Saul Sanchez (20-3, 12 KOs) on Saturday night at the Videotron Center in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Close rounds with both fighters having their moments. Brutal toe-to-toe exchanges down the stretch. Scores were 114-114, 116-112, 116-112. Great fight!

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  • What a fight
    When ring announcer asked for an applause for both fighters it says everything
    I think moloney won but 116-112 don’t deflect what really happened in the ring
    Sanchez did a good fight but when he moved to the ropes gave advantage to moloney

    Moloney did a great fight too he showed heart and he was lightly faster

    I’m happy with the fight I got chills

  • In the compubox numbers sanchez was better than moloney but these numbers not always applied to the case
    This time I agree Sanchez Sanchez lost by slice of sausage

    I calming down because my adrenaline was running so fast

  • This was a good fight both guys had the moments.
    This is the type of fight I hate to see someone get a L.
    The difference was Moloney adjusting to fight in close

  • I scored it 114-114

    But 115-113 either way is fine

    116-112 to Moloney is a bit wide but can understand as well

  • Congratulations to both fighters putting on a magic display!
    Both have huge hearts!

  • The experience of Moloney fighting at this level and his ability to adjust to neutralize Samchez, where the factors why he won.
    I hope Saul S. get a chance of dancing once more with Moloney. I was rooting for Sanchez and his Cinderella story

  • I saw Maloney lose the fight, but I guess it could have gone either way. I don’t think Maloney is elite he has just been given the right opportunities.

    • Maloney has dedicated his life to boxing,fought the best ,ranked for ages! He has worked for his opportunities,not gifted them. He has earned his ranking and respect!

      • I’m an Australian the fighters like Moloneys brothers Goodman Hardman etc need more news exposures in Australia

    • He’s a club fighter at best . That was supposed to be an easy defence from top rank , yet Maloney made a meal of it . He’s at the level of a top 15 contender but has a belt

  • An early contender for fight of the year!Good to see contributors’ appreciation of truly great boxing.

  • I had it 116 112 Sanchez…but this is no robbery. Lots of close rounds with little separation.

      • 116-112 isn’t robbery. So many close rounds judges obviously gave those to the champ. I expected a draw myself

  • I had the fight a draw, but either one deserved to win, but not the 116-112. Hopefully they will have a rematch. Sanchez deserves that.

  • every now and then you get a match-up were both fighters are made for each other, this has to be run back.

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