Real Big Baby Anderson arrested

Heavyweight contender Jared “Real Big Baby” Anderson was reportedly arrested in Oregon, Ohio, and charged with driving under the influence and improper handling of a firearm. He was pulled over at about 1AM after police clocked him driving 55 mph in a 40 mph zone. Police say Anderson was impaired and admitted to smoking marijuana and consuming alcoholic beverages earlier in the evening. Officers searched the vehicle and found a pistol in the glove box. Anderson was booked and later released on bond. He has a court date on Tuesday.

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  • Oregon is very close to Toledo, Ohio. I recall the town when I attended BGSU. Not the safest area to hang out. Unfortunately, we can all hope Anderson gets his life on track and to keep focused on boxing. However, he may get smacked on the wrist with these charges if he does not have any past felonies on his record. Why? In Ohio, having a firearm under a disability (felony) can result in some jail time. The possession of a firearm under the influence of any substance can elevate a charge as well.

  • Jared was just driving, his car went over the speed limit, the alcohol jump led from a party to his throat and forced itself, the weed just went to his nostrils without his consent, and the gun teleported itself to his car.

    What a calamity

  • My dad said it best. Candy Ass Anderson is not going anywhere. I knew he was overrated, but I did not know he would crash this bad. Someone is going to beat him in the ring, if he can avoid a state prison sentence.

    • You are the smartest ever.. you really think he could lose in the ring? You just mean, you want him to lose badly, and soon.. a typical modern fan.. personality/celebrity based loyalty.

    • You and your Dad are IDIOTS! Bet Candy Ass would smoke both you and your primitive pops in under 10 seconds!! BTW, don’t bother responding as I don’t see the need!

      • I do not smoke, drink, do drugs, or enter a foreign country without legal documentation.

        I hope Anderson goes to state prison for what he did, and loses his right to vote.

        If not, some REAL heavyweight is going to deal with him PROPERLY. Either the state punishes Anderson, or a real Heavyweight will.

  • Just great news with the HW division having so few contenders from the USA….

    Big baby starting to look like a James Kirkland redux. So he got a high ranking and I guess he does not want to fight as often – better for him to have a busy schedule to avoid the pull of the street life.

  • Bakhodir Jalolov will knock out Jared Anderson. He will beat Anderson up. Bob signed Jalolov to beat Anderson up.

  • Not going to name anyone but Jarred’s hangout crew is all wrong.for him. Get right my man! Right the ship…All ahead flank and steady on course 000′

  • It’s unfortunate, but not the end of the world. He’s still undefeated at 16-0 (15 kos) & only 23 years old. Seems the gun was in a locked case indicating that it wasn’t loaded. His mishandling was being under the influence. Maybe he should move out of Toledo or hire security & a driver. I wish him the best.

  • Wait until Anderson get’s his ass kicked in the ring! EVERYTHING will fall apart!

  • Everybody her bashing like head a world class screwup. In reading, it looks like he was cooperative. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he will learn from this and not do it again.

  • No matter how much fame and fortune they get a hold of, they just can’t seem to help themselves

  • I have just read “Damage : The Untold Story Of Brain Damage In Boxing”

    By Tris Dixon

    A sobering, must read imho

    It all starts with liss poor decision making

    Nuff said

    • Brain damage? I bet 99 percent of top guys fought triple digit amateur fights, sparred many a round, and never had these issues. This spawns from something different. Too bad.

  • Why is he messing about in his hometown? Do these guys have anyone who give a shit around them? Come on big man. This guy had a golden ticket and he’s running around like a clown. He may have blown his chance, like so many before him. Frickin sad how these guys just throw away their talent.

  • Learning from the wonderful example set by Floyd, Adrien, Gervonta, and others. What is it with these people?

  • Not a good time for Top Rank heavyweights. First Tyson Fury embarrasses the sport by allowing a novice to drop him & go the distance; and now the supposed “heir to the throne,” Anderson, foolishly gets arrested. I wonder what’s going through their promoter Bob Arum’s head right now?

  • The worst part of all of this for Jared is when he asked the cops if they knew who he was and they said no.

  • It appears he learned nothing from Errol Spence. Hopefully, this is a one-off situation.

  • at least he had a pistol in a glove box which shows me he didn’t have any bad intentions… anybody can do 55 in a 40mph zone… as far as the d.u.i. hopefully it was a 1 time deal.

  • Big deal, I’ve done worse at 23. Everyone deserves a second chance.

    Thats when you either learn from your mistakes or you spiral downward.

    I guarantee that Anderson learns from his mistake.

    As long as he continues winning it will continue to irk the haters. Use the haterade as fuel Anderson. The bulk of them are miserable human beings that need to put someone down to make their lives seem better.

    • Thank you for bringing things to light, and I’ll add many so called fans here seem racist as fukkkkk with their wording too. Bastards know who they are too!

  • wonder why, lets stay notable fighters, we have to like guide them with our advice because this what we would do if we were in your shoes, just people with anything different i would say more down time then the everyday working man.

  • We all make mistakes. If its his first offence then he should be able to pay a hefty fine and move on.

  • All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of G_D. None of us should boast. & Judgement is the Lords.
    He is an amazing fighter whom made a mistake. It is good this happened now, early in his career. Nothing more to see here.

  • Lack of discipline. He knows and everyone around him knows that regardless of what I think of him he has a shot. Personally I think he will get exposed, but let’s forget about the gun. Smoking weed and drinking? Counterintuitive to the sport of boxing. Driving? Another no excuse given today’s access to Uber and others. You mean to tell me that no one he was with was like dude, we will drive you home? Foolishness.

  • It’s obvious some have stereotyped & even racist opinions. Comments like “What’s wrong with these people?” & “They can’t seem to help themselves.”
    We’re all human capable of mistakes.

    • Keep it real, I smell cheese like you are laying the bait for something. Are there any takers? I guess I will. There is nothing wrong with saying what’s wrong with these people. It implies nothing and only those looking for an excuse would even suggest that. Now, the word “they” given what I read above, again that’s your interpretation which to me is quite flawed. It’s like you are looking for it. The bottom line Anderson screwed up and has got to be an idiot to drive drunk and stoned whether he is black, white, brown, or fkin purple. Even more an idiot knowing that he has an opportunity to set him self up financially for life. My opinion I don’t think so, but we all know on here he will get at least a chance to do it, so why risk it? I never smoked weed and when I trained I never ever drank even a beer, so let’s focus on the issue at hand, he drove drunk and high, he is using marijuana, he had a gun. Now, when someone is high and drunk do you think their inhibitions are down to possibly use a gun. Yes. Don’t get it twisted. He, they, or whoever screwed up regardless if they are a ranked boxer or work in a bank.

      • What you smell is TRUTH!!! “They” & “These people ” go beyond Mr. Anderson when fame, fortune, & specifically naming only black fighters who have had legal troubles.
        A 23-year-old’s mistake or bad judgment doesn’t make him an idiot. Judging him makes you one.

        • No, providing every excuse in the world makes you a fool. The truth is that Anderson has a potential shot at one of the heavyweight titles is out drinking and smoking weed when he should be in bed getting ready for training. Then the little race baiter that you are trying to drum up something to make it so. Listen little victim, if you had a shot at something great whether you deserve it or not would you be smoking weed? Carrying a gun? Drinking and driving? How old is he? 23? Not a baby. Especially in the business he is in, boxing where you need your wind and mental acuity. By the way, this story is about Anderson, I don’t see any other person’s name on here and he does have legal trouble, so why are you referencing fighters in plural? I’m talking about him and yes it does make him an idiot in everybody’s book except you and the rest of you victims out there. Bad judgement is picking the wrong friends or in his case taking an opponent lightly. A mistake is stepping on someone’s foot or getting something wrong on a test. Think about it: he smoked weed, he drank, he had a gun, he drove intoxicated, he could have blown it all away. For what? That’s why he will never be a champion. An idiot, yes.

          • No victim, no excuse, and it’s not personal. I saw Sugar Ray Leonard
            3 days ago conducting his weekly AA meeting. Amazingly, he has the
            courage to face his darker side and help others. Jared Anderson has won every fight with a 95% KO rate. All the negative comments goes to prove how some people can’t feel good about themselves unless they’re criticizing others.

          • Nice segway to Leonard in attempt to change the subject. A for effort. Also nice try on trying to make it about me. I must be writing this stuff because I’m not feeling good about myself. Please, I’m not generation z or whatever it’s called that constantly need to be patted on the back with everything they do or they don’t feel good. And if they don’t, they need some psych meds, shut up. You want to write nonsense then be ready to be criticized. Anderson will not go on to win a title this right here proves it. That’s not hating on him, that’s just my opinion. If I’m wrong I will say it.

          • Nice segway to Leonard in attempt to change the subject. A for effort. Also nice try on trying to make it about me. I must be writing this stuff because I’m not feeling good about myself. Please, I’m not generation z or whatever it’s called that constantly need to be patted on the back with everything they do or they don’t feel good. And if they don’t, they need some psych meds. You want to write nonsense then be ready to be criticized. Anderson will not go on to win a title this right here proves it. That’s not hating on him, that’s just my opinion. If I’m wrong I will say it.

          • Tyson Fury called him the heir to the throne. I hope he does win all the titles so can go hang yourself. Troll!!! Lol

          • Yeah, Tyson fury can really can talk right now. He just let a guy that has never boxed at least professionally almost beat him. Real good comeback loser. I’ll leave the hanging for you only weak minded people do that and you seem like a weak minded individual. You were probably in tears when the big maybe was arrested.

          • Stop snitching MF’er, Ray didn’t ask for you to talk about his business on the low, dammmmmmmmm

          • How do you know what another man will be, do to a mistake perfect M.F.! Go to hell how about that

    • Very racist multiple times but have nerve to tune in when he’s fighting. Fake ass priviledged MF’ers1

  • Who is the dumbass of the week?
    Jared Anderson or Rashida Tlaib.
    Tough call. What are your thoughts?

  • A complete lack of self control fueled by an inability to delay instant gratification.

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