Navarrete open to Valdez rematch

WBO junior lightweight Emanuel Navarrete spoke about his win over Oscar Valdez Saturday evening in front of 10,246 fans at Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

On the fight…

“I feel happy to have been part of this card and of this next great chapter of Mexican boxing history. I am happy and appreciate Oscar for the great fight that we delivered.”

On the hand injury…

“There was some inflammation in my right hand. And the more I used it, the more it hurt. But I had to overcome it.”

On a rematch…

“I think the people can best talk about what they saw. They saw the fight tonight. I was here fighting with Valdez. And I feel good. Thank God, I won. I appreciate what he did in the ring. He is a Mexican warrior. If the people want a rematch, they will demand it.”

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  • There’s really no need for a rematch though being so far one sided, but it be fun I guess.

  • No rematch needed, for me this one fight was enough, although exciting as both were willing to engage in a slug out, I feel as though Valdez will not have a better outcome in a second attempt
    Vaquero might hurt Valdez worse a second time aroind

  • I’d watch it again, surely, but I don’t think you run this one back unless Valdez ends up with a title at 130. Actually, if he can still make it (and I doubt he can), I wouldn’t mind seeing Valdez back at 126.

  • If they fight again, it will turn out to be just like the dogboe rematch. Navarette knows he cannot be hurt and imposes his will on him. Navarette may need to look to go up in weight. I think he has the chin to withstand all of those guys. Remember, Valdez has a lot of skills too. I really think navarette can present a lot of problems at 135.

    • Navarrete vs Stevenson at 135 is the fight to see for me. Devin Haney can take the winner.

  • No gracias – too easy for Navarrete.

    Let’s get to the boogie with one of the following:

    1) Navarrete vs. Garcia.
    2) Navarrete vs. Foster.
    3) Navarrete vs. Bell.

    Navarrete vs. Garcia seems like a solid fight. If Garcia is not quite ready yet, I have no problems with Navarrete vs. Foster for more belts.

    I suspect Navarrete is or will become hungry for the WBC belt (the crown jewel of Mexico).

  • .This fight should have been stopped around the 10th round to avoid further punishment on Valdez’s right eye because he was way behind on points. Most of the time, a swollen eye is worse than a cut.

  • No rematch required. Valdez’s attack plan is comparable to a bull charging a matador’s cape . Never takes a step to his right to deliver a punch, straight on or to his left. Easy , predictable tactic for The Champion to capitalize on all night long.

  • It was hard seeing Valdez crying after the fight.
    Rematch will go the same way unless Oscar can make some tangible changes

  • Personally, I think he should move up to 135. Now that would be cajones. At 135, if that coward (Haney )ever came back, I think navarette takes him apart. I still say he presents problems to Shakur, but would ultimately lose to him. Tank? I don’t know. Cruz, another all Mexico fight that navarette would win. Endless possibilities at that weight, but too many promoters.

    • This was just his second fight at 130 and you already think he should head to 135?

      • Lucie, why not? Listen to his pre-fight interview how he wants to be known like his idols, Morales and Barrera. Even Chavez. Who’s at 130 for him, really? Garcia, ok Anyone else jumping out at you? 135 is where it’s at with exception of 140 to 154 and probably 168. I think he is in the stage of his career where he wants marquee match ups, no one at 130 gives him that. He just beat the most known guy at 130 and he didn’t even have a belt. It’s not like he will have a hard time making the weight or even losing power. I say go for it.

        • You just said why not: There’re bigger fights at 135 than 130, sure, but he’s really only going to have access to one of them and it’s probably the one he has the least chance at winning, against Stevenson. Tank & Pitbull are PBC guys, they aren’t fighting Navarrete unless there’s huge money involved and there won’t be. Haney’s most likely gone and even if he isn’t, most likely he isn’t fighting Navarrete anytime soon either.

          Stay at 130, at least for a little while. He’s 28 years old, right in his prime (probably at the start of it), there’s no rush. Fight Oscar again if they want to pay you great money for it. Pursue unification for the first time in your career; three champions in that division and maybe only one of them, Garcia, is off-limits promoter wise. And last I checked, there was a guy he knows well who sorta/kinda got evicted from 126 at around the same time when Nava left: How about Navarrete – Mauricio Lara??

          • Lucie, That’s the problem. No one dares to be great. Go with a bang or go out with a whimper. You said it, in his prime. Fighters can demand who they fight especially a guy like navarette. He has got the credentials. Again, he can dare to be great going up. At 130, there is really nothing to fight. All this I’m going to take the lay up is what diminishes boxing. Sometimes you just gotta say, Fk, it!

          • Dare to be great against who though? You REALLY think Tank or Pitbull is going to fight Navarrete anytime soon? People whose names carry a lot more weight than Nava’s demand fights all the time that don’t get made, you know that. I mean it sounds nice, but how realistic is it actually? I just read an interview with Navarrete where he said he would “entertain” fighting Stevenson “down the road” and how it was a fight he never really thought of. I don’t think moving up to do that is on his mind anytime soon and if it isn’t Shakur, REALISTICALLY, who is it?

          • Well, remember his in ring interview. If the fans demand a rematch he would be open? Sounds like he listens to what his fans want? Most fans are not going to want to see a Valdez rematch just look at the responses on here. Most of them don’t want it. 130 has NOBODY. Make the move. He is the WBO champ. He may get a crack when Haney the coward finally vacates. I believe that as a champ going up in weight, you can get a shot at the belt you hold in the lower weight. Maybe he gets that chance. He is chasing legacy. You are probably right Davis or Cruz won’t fight based on their promoters. A fight gets ordered and let the chips fall. He is bigger than most if not all at 135. He has exceptional reach for the weight. He has a chin. He is so awkward no one can predict what he will do with exception of throwing an uppercut from the ground up. He is high volume puncher. I think he gives anyone and everyone problems. I actually think a few of them duck him. Whether you agree or not, he could keep fighting second tier fighters, but that’s not what he said in the ring and it definitely is not what he wants. Valdez was the first high notoriety fight for him. 135 is his future.

          • We’re just going to agree to disagree here, because even if he does what you want him to, I think we end up in the same situation.

            Let’s say, hypothetically, Haney beats Prograis in October and frees up all the belts at 135. You’re right, if he wanted, Navarrete could move up and fight for the vacant title immediately as reigning lower weight champ, it’s how he got his belts at 126 and 130 after Stevenson left both weight classes. He doesn’t fight a big name for the title and he ends up defending against…. Maxi Hughes, Jamaine Ortiz types; definitely talented guys, but no one with a big name. It would be like the end of next year, he’d be 29 years old and I think you’d come in here and say…. ‘I think Navarrete should move up to 140’.

            If he’s going up for a big fight, fine. If he’s going up to do exactly what he’s doing now, I say wait a minute, let everything play out at 135 — who knows maybe Stevenson ends up with two of those belts THEN you can move up and fight him — and enjoy being a champion at 130. He’s the best fighter and the biggest name in that division, maybe one of the other champions will be interested and there’s Lara, potentially. That’s available to him now. He goes up right now there isn’t a compelling reason AT ALL to believe any of those guys will fight him anytime soon.

          • Agree to disagree that’s for sure. I guess we will watch it play out. Don’t think he sticks at 130 for long. I give him one fight there, maybe. That might even be the Valdez rematch, if that happens, hope not.

  • Does Top Rank think that all boxing fans are dumb and blind? We don’t want to see that again. That was a beat down. And Navaratte had one hand for a third of the fight. Valdez loaded up with everything he had and landed some bombs, but they had no effect at all. Valdez is a warrior and can definitely take a beating. He proved that for sure but this was not a competitive fight and will only get worse next time.

    • I agree. Valdez is a one-dimensional swinger and has always been overrated by Top Rank because he puts Hispanic butts in the seats. He’s very brave but he got dominated and beat up. I had Navarette 119 to 109. Easy fight to score if you didn’t get influenced by the crowd cheers for Valdez’s whiffs.

  • Valdez will get ko next time
    Last night he was lucky that Navarrete hand was injured

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