Navarrete defeats Valdez, retains WBO 130lb belt

Emanuel Navarrete Vs Oscar Valdez Action21
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

In a highly anticipated clash, WBO junior lightweight world champion Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete (38-1, 31 KOs) successfully defended his title in a war with former two-weight champion Oscar Valdez (31-2, 23 KOs) on Saturday night at Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona. Navarrete’s six-inch reach advantage, awkward combinations, and high punch volume gave Valdez all kinds of problems. Valdez was more economical but landed hard shots. Navarrete suffered an injury to his right hand in round nine. Valdez tried to put on more pressure in round ten but Navarrete continued to fight hard with both hands and targeted Valdez’ rapidly closing right eye. Navarrete closed strong to win a unanimous decision 116-112, 118-110, 119-109. Rematch anyone?

Navarrete-Valdez Scorecard
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      • Can you really tell me Taylor v Serrano and Shields v Marshall weren’t entertaining fights? I don’t care what gender I’m watching, if you’re prepared to mix it up… I’m in.

          • A man of principle… fair enough. I got my stuff, too. I’ll be straight and say a lot of women’s fights are garbage… no chance of KO in many. But there are some very watchable fighters just the same.

  • Absolute war, certainly lived up to expectations. There is no way these 2 fight each other without it being an instant classic. Rematch please

  • Valdez has heart but that was a one sided fight. Navaratte was unbelievable. Funny how the announcers have to make it like they don’t know who won because with Top Rank you really don’t know. Navaratte looks like he just woke up and Valdez looks like he got hit by a truck.

  • Put 2 skilled light or welterweight mexicans together and you will always have a great fight!
    i’ll take a rematch! or even a trilogy!

  • The ESPN announcers made the fight closer than it was!!! Navarrete was in control the whole fight! Valdez missing punches all night! I totally agree with the judges!

  • That was absolutely fantastic. I thought Valdez would take it but full credit to Navarrete, he took over that fight in the second half. I’m looking at them now and Valdez looks like he’s been in a literal war and Navarrete looks like he just come from a run.

  • As I said in an earlier post we will see just how good navarrete is with this fight,now we know,great fight!

    • I agree with the no rematch. It was proven that Oscar can’t hurt him and things will only get worse the next time. I would rather see another Mexican warrior with unbelievable heart and a gas tank as full as Navaratte’s get the next crack at him. The Heartbreak Kid vs Vaquero in another can’t miss showdown. Same situation, 2 division champ vs 3 division champ. Fun fight.

  • in lieu of all the youtube warriors on now, thank you for delivering on a throwback fight.

  • Great fight that scream for a rematch, but Valdez should wait at least one year to fight again, because the damage on his eye needs a thoroughly medical evaluation and a long period of healing. Israel Vazquez lost his eye and is almost blind under similar circunstances.

  • As I expected it
    As far I understood Navarrete had right hand injury otherwise he could finished valdez in late Rounds

    Great fight

    Congratulations for both

    I knew Navarrete endurance was going to make the diference

    They made my night

  • Was great to see all the Mexican fighters i grew up watching like Barrera/Morales, mike Carbajal who I met once , sat next to him at pazienza-duran. I miss not having a VCR, taped all those barrera /Morales fights

  • I don’t think there should be a rematch. I do not think Valdez can come back with anything different to change the outcome. The first score was right 8-4. Valdez is tough, but unless he lands that hook right on the button, he loses again. Very good fight.

  • Excellent fight, both guys have hearts.
    Valdez right eye closed, and Navarrete right hand hurt.
    Emanuel kept the distance, threw hard combos, jab, uppercut, and volume punches were the recipe to his victory.

  • Some of us want a rematch because the exciting fight it could be but as far as the result Navarrete has nothing to prove just too much for valdez

    • I would say that the result of a rematch will be the same, I dont think Oscar has the ability to make changes to defeat Emanuel

  • War what war?? All I saw was one guy getting beat up the whole fight who couldn’t reach the other guy with swinging punches, Valdez was too short to reach Navarrete, he didn’t use his jab, he did go to the body, he just kept swinging for a home run and Navarrete got out of the way every single time, I don’t want to see a rematch because it would be more of the same. Valdez needs to work on those boxing skills, he showed heart but he was one dimensional.

    • BigO…somewhat agree..crazy thing is
      when Valdez hit Navarrette to the body…Navarrette was hurt…Valdez repeatedly hit Valdez with a tight to the body.. throughout the fight…slowed that attack down but didn’t stop it…check right hook to the body was deadly…don’t know why Valdez corner did not capitalize on that.showed Narrette was clearly exhausted between rounds.. Navarrette needs to tighten that it moving forward…

  • Navarrate, wouldn’t of been there if it wasn’t for the debacle that took place against Wilson.
    A cheat in my book

    • Ah, no. He bought time to recuperate. That’s experience. He did what he was allowed to do by the ref. It worked in his favor. Technically, you are correct, Wilson should have been there.

  • Nothing screams rematch! It was hyped up as a potential war between Mexicans but it turned out to be a one sided beatdown. Navarrete’s post interview clearly shuts the door in the most cordial and polite manner. I think Valdez is too small for the division and should consider dropping down a weight class.

  • Wasn’t impressed with either fighter, Valdez had the worse footwork I have ever seen as he looked stiff, frozen, and uncertain and Navarrete looked like a sloppy amateur, both better be glad that Shakir Stevenson and Tank Davis moved up to 135.

    • Not sure what fight you were watching, but Valdez had good footwork last night. There were many instances where Valdez made navarette miss with footwork alone. Navarette, well that’s how he fights. I don’t know, I think navarette could give Shakur problems, but Shakur will box his pants off as the fight goes on. Don’t think Shakur could knock him out either.

      • Understand but disagree Killa King …Navarrete…is one of those fighters that do a lot of things incorrect concerning boxing technique…but his awkwardness and relentless punching style makes it work…that is…until it doesn’t….Shakur is on another level …What makes Navarrete special may not work against an elite fighter….

        • Did like the fact that Navarrete…showed some boxing ability though…fun to watch how he kept Valdez at the end of this punches
          ..shows that Navarrete has upside…learning…from each fight

  • Navarrete is the poster boy for the The Best Defense is a Good Offense Club. It’s very hard to punch and hit someone who has long arms and throws punches all the time and from awkward places.

  • Valdez is becoming dangerously close to becoming a gatekeeper if he’s not already one after this loss. He took a major L to Shakur Stevenson and now Navarrete. For the sake of action, a rematch could be in order but it doesn’t seem as if it’s needed. Navarrete was clearly the better fighter.

  • Why a rematch on such a one-sided fight. I love Valdez, he is a blood and guts warrior, and I don’t want to see him end up like JuanMa did after rematching Salido, i.e. have his future taken by one fighter.

  • he might beat Shakur. For some reason he lands in high percentages regardless of how he seems to telegraph his shit. Pernell would make him laughable but could Shakur get out of the way? He beat Valdez ass all night. Way better than Stevenson did..

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