Murata, Golovkin Make Weight

Ggg Murata Weigh In

By Joe Koizumi
Photos by Naoki Fukuda

The weigh-in ceremony is over on Friday in Tokyo, Japan. The results are as follows:

WBA/IBF middleweight unification bout
Ryota Murata 160
Gennadiy Golovkin 160

WBO flyweight title bout
Junto Nakatani 111.75
Ryota Yamauchi 112

WBO Asia Pacific lightweight title bout
Shuichiro Yoshino 134.5
Masayuki Ito 135

Ggg Murata Weigh In09

Happy birthday, GGG! Gennadiy Golovkin celebrates his fortieth birthday today, and Teiken Promotions has presented a bunch of flowers on the platform.


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  • GGG like just finished morning workout & Murata like just got home from school hahaha! Maybe too much respect but can’t help it if their characters are but respect…GGG within 7rounds

  • GGG within 5 or retire bro and seal your dignity/pride. Because if you can’t beat this punching bag Murata then canelo gonna f you up bad & retire on worst humiliation of your career.

    • Murata is going to pull off the upset. GGG looks ripped but weak looking almost emaciated.

      As far as the Canelo nut huggers here that’s another story you guys would twerk for him if given the chance.

    • I’m sure that this type of confidence was not there in the first two fights. A robbery and a gift decision could be pretty unsettling.
      Ah yes. Let’s take hope for a trilogy with the old lion that was deliberately avoided during his peak.
      Also, goodrx has a pretty good discount on clenbuterol if anyone is interested. You know, with allergy season and all.

  • Golovkin looks ripped… Don’t let Muratas physique fool you. He can fight and will tough to knock out.. I wouldn’t rule out an upset based on weighin. I do expect GGG to win.. if it takes 12 that will benefit him after the layoff.

  • GGG looks like he lost a bunch of bone mass in the last 3 years. Body looks good because he lives a good life. But his head looks fragile, like it would crack with a good shot. Doubt GGG takes shots well at this point.

    • That’s what it is. I was trying to get my head around what it was I am seeing in GGG’s pics, and you nailed it, NJ. A bit of fragility despite the otherwise youthful physique. Just getting older. Good call out.

  • Murata lost by decision to N’Dam and Brant and that is the blue print GGG will follow, as he did against Lemieux, the big difference though is that Golovkin hits 2x harder than those men and is a better boxer all around. Golovking by stoppage in 10.

  • GGG looks like he may need to be tested by VADA. that is a bit extreme for a 40 year old 160 pounder

    • Man, rough crowd. Had this comment been about Canelo, i wld have had 20 likes already. GGG groupies. Cant talk bad about GGG but with Canelo, you have the green light lmao

        • He may be a fraud in every other aspect of his life (which I don’t believe for a moment), but his only legitimate loss was to Mayweather; and had very close fights with GGG. I see Canelo in the IBHOF right alongside of Golovkin. Two of the truly great fighters of their era.

        • Well, at least he fights champions. Unlike GGG avoided Charlo and Andrade despite multiple callouts and now chooses to fight the weakest champ in the division in Murata. Had he of been a true champion he wld have tried to unify with the others as well

    • Nah Tony, it’s a natural part of aging. When you have been in great shape with a low bodyfat percentage, at around 40, we begin to lose collagen at a faster rate, making the muscles look more defined, but it’s the “plumpness” that is missing.

    • Sorry Tony, but at 40 many athletes get a chiseled body, especially when naturally they look fit. Bernard Hopkins, Vladimir Klitschko and many others

  • The 40 y old today GGG looks in good shape at least. But somehow he looks smaller.

  • Happy Birthday to a classy character and one of the best of all time!

  • Golovkin is ripped, but looks drawn and not nearly as strong as his peak. Cutting weight in your 40s is a bear. Foreman and Hopkins realized that and made the right accommodations. I think Murata pulls off the upset in a close UD. At +370 it’s an attractive bet.


  • Looks like triple G is ready to rumble ! At 40 is ripped and ready like he was at 30 ! What a pro, always at the right weight always in top shape.. Love this guy and his humility so much.

  • Ggg should move up in weight- he looks drained. I can’t believe he hasn’t after all these years.

  • I kinda hope GGG loses just to blow up the canelo fight. Canelo avoided GGG in his prime, he doesn’t deserve to fight the old man now!

      • Yes it will be canelo’s loss if it don’t happen because he will knock out GGG at this point. He’s way bigger, stronger, faster and younger than GGG.

        Hell he was always bigger, but he lied and said he was not a true middleweight even though he had a title, so he gave up the middleweight belt instead of fighting GGG in his prime because GGG had already beat his ass in sparring previously!

        He knew he couldn’t win so he delayed that fight as long as possible so ggg would age and be less dangerous. Then he started testing positive for clenbuterol. By the time they fought GGG was already past his prime.

        Now canelo is fighting cruisers, but still wants to come back and fight the old man again, whichh is BS!

        GGG don’t need the money, so denying canelo that opportunity would be wise. For canelo, knocking out GGG is something no amount of money can measure. So yes definitely canelo’s loss.

  • GGG lokks the same just older and power not as greta..this fight will closer than people think….

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