Morales: Munguia reminds me of when I was younger

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WBO junior middleweight champion Jaime Munguia (33-0, 26 KOs) of Tijuana, Mexico, and his new trainer Erik Morales hosted a press conference today at the Golden Boy Headquarters in Los Angeles, Calif. ahead of Munguia’s title defense against Patrick Allotey (40-3, 30 KOs). The event will take place on Saturday at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, Calif. and will be streamed live on DAZN.
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Erik Morales: “I’m very grateful to be working with Munguia. He’s a great fighter and a young fighter with a lot of desire to show. It reminds me of when I was younger. He has been improving over our last two months of working together. I assure you that the Munguia you know will be different, but will also deliver the same explosive style he has. We are showing him and guiding him.”

Jaime Munguia: “I feel very happy to be the main event for this Mexican Independence Day fight. It’s going to be a great day for boxing and a great day for Mexico. My desire on September 14th is to demonstrate everything I’ve been learning with my new trainer Erik Morales. I have a great fighter in front of me and we are going to show it in the ring.”

“We know that Allotey is strong, fast and has a lot of knockouts. We will have to be very careful about that. But, I’ll be looking to give a great show, and I’ll look for the knockout on September 14.”

Munguia’s promoter Fernando Beltran, President of Zanfer Promotions: “I have lots memories on this podium by being here with Erik Morales. Munguia is a special fighter and he will prove that he belongs on the top and fighting the best fighters out there, such as Canelo and Golovkin. I know everyone will enjoy this fight on Mexican Independence Day.”

Munguia was joined by co-main event fighters lightweight Ryan “Kingry” Garcia (18-0, 15 KOs) and Avery “A-Plus” Sparrow (10-1, 3 KOs), plus Garcia’s promoter Oscar de la Hoya.

Ryan Garcia: “Out of the three fights I was offered I knew Avery was the hardest. He’s a fast and undefeated counter puncher. He’s smart. I wanted to take the hardest fight I got offered. I’m going to bring my all and train like it’s my last, upping my speed and power. I’m going to bring my experience. I’ve seen a lot of fighters out there, and I’m going to bring those wins into the ring as well. Let’s all get ready! Avery is very fast and that’s what I’m going to have to train for. I know that my experience and my training will help me win this fight. I wanted to take on the hardest fight. I’m not trying to prove anything to myself, but to the people who doubt me and the people who don’t think I can handle this fight.”

Avery Sparrow: “Ryan knows I’m a good fighter and this is a big fight, I have a lot of support and people backing me. I’m on a different level than Ryan Garcia, and he hasn’t been to this level yet. I’ve fought fighters with similar experience before, but we will see what happens on September 14th. I hope to see everyone there.”

Oscar de la Hoya: “As always we will have a very stacked undercard for this fight. We are excited to host this fight at one of the most exciting venues in California. Dignity Health Sports Park brings out the best in every fighter, so we can’t wait for the fans to experience this fight. This fight will also include a Mexican fiesta featuring bands and activations from Tecate and Orange Crush. The event will be streamed live on DAZN, where we are committed to making the best fights and giving fans and affordable price to watch. Our partners at DAZN have been instrumental in bringing affordable boxing to the masses and on a global scale.”

“We want to make sure that you’re watching the very best. We strongly feel that the fights we have scheduled for this event are even and will give fans their money’s worth. Avery knows what’s at stake and what can transpire by winning this fight.

“We are truly excited to be showcasing Munguia on an important day for boxing, especially now that he has a new trainer. We strongly feel this new trainer will bring out the best in Munguia. Munguia is willing to jump around into different divisions and every punch he throws is with bad intentions. He’s a hard worker and he’s disciplined and dedicated. He’s also a real pleasure outside of the ring.”

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  • All this praise, all this gushing over an average fighter. Jaime has a world title but he keeps fighting heavy bags. Sorry Eric we know your getting a check so you have to praise him, I’ve seen ten year olds with better technical skills!!

    • Munguia is not half as good as Morales nor is in the level of Fernando Vargas. The only thing he had going for him is that he’s a light heavyweight able to cut weight to make jr. middleweight and can eat punches like a punching bag and walk through small opponents.

      • I agree, Im not sure where the Fernando Vargas comparison came from. Vargas was ripping through the competition at a young age and went toe to toe with the absolute best! True, I think his confidence was destroyed after the DeLaHoya fight and then tried to focus more on the art of boxing. That style really didn’t suit him though because El Feroz was all about an agressive attack!

  • Let’s hope what happened to Fernando Vargas wont happened to Munguia! Meaning they’re rushing him into the boxing ring with Elite boxers! Don’t get me wrong Munguia has skills he’s a diamond in the rough he just needs to be polished little by little with lower level fighters. Once Munguia reaches full potential he may become a true elite fighter!

    • What elite fighters has he fought? You do realize he’s a world champion right? Even at that, his title defenses have come against pretty marginal opposition, with the excpetion of Liam Smith. Munguia is still very young and a legitimate champion, but I don’t think he has it in him to become an elite fighter…but hey, I’m just a plumber from San Francisco!

  • Bullshit ryan Garcia! Your scared of Romeo dunno your overrated and Golden Gay is picking the easiest fights for you.

  • >