Lubin upsets Ramos in WBA eliminator

0026 Canelo Vs Charlo
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By Jeff Zimmerman at ringside

In a WBA super welterweight title eliminator, former world title challenger Erickson “The Hammer” Lubin (26-2, 18 KOs) beat the young, rising star Jesus “El Mono” Ramos (20-1, 16 KOs) over twelve lackluster rounds via unanimous decision in the co-main event for Canelo-Charlo at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

In a slow first round for both fighters, Lubin worked the jab as Ramos came forward and pawed a few jabs of his own. Ramos picked up the pace in the second as he walked Lubin to the ropes and threw combos to the body, before Lubin wisely moved off the ropes. In round three, Ramos pressed the action early, but Lubin found some success off his backfoot and then began to come forward against Ramos. Ramos closed the round with a nice flurry with Lubin on the ropes.

In rounds four through six, Lubin used his legs and boxed as Ramos continued to pressure him. Ramos had his moments when he forced Lubin to the ropes and threw his combinations. Ramos had his best round, in round seven, as he landed a big uppercut with both hands and sold shots to the body with Lubin, again, up against the ropes. Round eight was very similar to several other rounds, as Lubin boxed well in spurts, but once Ramos put on the pressure and unloaded combinations, Lubin didn’t fire back.

In round nine through eleven, Lubin boxed and stayed off the ropes, which was where he was getting hit throughout. Ramos picked up the pace in the final round as it went to the final bell. The packed house displayed their displeasure in round eleven with a chorus of boos due to the lack of action from these hard-hitting southpaws.

The judges scored a unanimous decision for Lubin, to the dismay of the crowd, who drowned out Jim Gray’s interview with Lubin in the ring with boos. Scores read 115-113, 116-112 and 117-111 for the victorious Lubin.

The battle-tested Lubin was hailed as a future star when he bypassed the Olympics, turned pro at 18 in 2013 and signed with Mike Tyson. But after daring to be great in his first crack at a world title against Jermell Charlo where he got stopped by first round knockout in 2017, Lubin worked his way back up the ladder before he was stopped by the “Towering Enferno” Sebastian Fundora in back-and-forth war in April 2022. Lubin, though, is still only 27, which is usually the start of a fighter’s prime years.

Lubin told Jim Gray in the ring post-fight that he was no gatekeeper. This win should line him up for a title shot soon in the now stacked 154 division.

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  • This fight was won and lost by the trainers Lubin was told to stick,deliver combinations and move lateral . Ramo’s trainer told him he was ahead and to fight him in the middle of the ring and deliver big shots but they both forgot what was working for them and that was to pressure him against the ropes.

    • What?

      Finally! A Mexican know what it feels like to be robbed!

      Payback is a “B I itch”!

    • Don’t even bother, don’t worry Lubin will never be champ. Too tentative, limited, and too fragile. I dislike the decision. It was not logical at all.

      • Valdez, I watched the entire fight…9-3 for Ramos. Only thing I saw that he shouldn’t have done is pull back after the 8th round.

  • For the moment, forget the score cards, especially the horrendous 117–111. An upcoming talented young fighter like Jesus Ramos Jr. in a fight of this magnitude and facing an obviously faded fighter like Erikson Lubin should have fought with more determination, but he was content to cover his face the last four rounds with sporadic attacks, letting his opponent steal the rounds by throwing miau punches. Even though they were not even close to hurting him, that was enough to convince the judges to give the fight to Lubin. Also, his corner was totally relaxed and never told him to fight with more urgency. Hopefully he will learn the lesson because he is still very young and can come back to revive his boxing career.

    • Both Ramos and his corner forgot what was working for him in the first 8 rounds. He used his jab to move, often backed up Lubin to the ropes, and hit him freely with body and head punches. Lubin just wasn’t responding to those attacks.

      Ramos inexplicably stopped doing that and started posing instead of punching. I was really puzzled by that approach. His corner should have been urging him to pour it on not knowing how the judges were scoring the fight. They apparently told him to box cautiously the rest of the fight. If that is the kind of direction that the corner is providing, he should probably look for better trainers and cornermen.

      That was a big moment in Ramos’ career considering it’s a PPV fight and maybe it was too big for him and his cornermen. He flubbed it. I had Ramos winning 8-4 at least but he was less than impressive in his effort during the final four rounds. An opportunity to shine was lost is what it was.

      The two who were really impressive were Mario Barrios and Elijah Garcia. Those two gave superb performances and I look forward to seeing them again.

  • Bad scoring. I had Ramos winning the fight.
    Even though Ramos was robbed, he was gracious with this decision, stating as a learned lesson, he won’t live it to the judges hands

    • I agree he was gracious in defeat. Maybe next time he’ll fight all 10/12 rounds instead of throwing a few punches then relax and watch the other guy fight!

      • You and I watched a very diff fight, he took few rounds off (3-4), not enough to lose the fight, considering he dominated the rest.

  • Ramos, Jr. (Ramos) won that fight. Unfortunately, Ramos will wake up in the morning and say to himself:


        • I thought you Mexicans are exceptionally PROUD of being Mexican?

          Yet you get upset when someone mentions or suggests what many do often, occasionally return to Mexico.

          You can’t be both proud of being Mexican bit anger at the suggestion you live/return to the country you claim to love and exclaim you’re “pride”.

      • Lol you are just a hater you did not even see the fight

        You must sudaca that cross the border in Mexico in order to get USA

      • Stupid ass, he was born in Arizona. Reading all your comments, im going to guess that your boricua

    • In one of the late rounds, Ramos asked his corner, should I apply pressure, I could not hear what the corner said, but Showtime analysts said something like, apply pressure but be smart. Somehow, I think the corner could have been partially responsible for Ramos lack of attack.
      I had seen three of Ramos last fights, he looked strong and engaging. I dont know why he took off 3-4 rounds, was it because of an injury or his corner…
      No matter the reason, to me, he won that fight.

  • I don’t know what fight the heavily partisan, prejudiced Mexican cartel fans were watching, I had Lubin winning 115-113.

    Barrios is good but failed to adequately press the action, he was content to fight sporadicly while Lubin countered and boxed nicely.

    • Then obviously you don’t know how to score a fight and never been in the ring.

  • good for Lubin. I hate when a fighter is totally written off for just a couple of defeats.

  • Regardless of the decision Ramos have himself to blame lost a winnable fight learn from the loss and come back stronger and more aggressive maybe change trainers

  • I was shocked by the decision. I thought Ramos won 8-4 in rounds at least. Ramos took his foot off the gas in the second half of the fight but Lubin didn’t do much himself except move and try to connect with his jab.

    Ramos doubled Lubin’s connect percentage and almost tripled his body punches landed. A lot of Ramos’ punches were heavy shots, especially the body punches. I just don’t see how Lubin was awarded the decision and I’ve watched and occasionally scored thousands of fight over the years. Ramos won that fight and pretty handily in my opinion.

    I suppose the lesson to be learned is that Ramos needs to fight every round and not leave it in the hands of the judges. He’s still very young but he is now exposed to the dark side of boxing. That even if he does everything right, the judges can still take it away from you. I’m sure he’ll come back strong in his next fight.

  • Can’t comprehend how world class boxers don’t throw certain punches. Lubin threw 3 right hooks the entire night, and was effective when he threw them. He should have went to Ramos body as he keeps a high guard with short arms. Lubin gun shy from that Fundora beating. Ramos, obviously took his foot off the gas…ala…De La Hoya-Trinidad the last few rounds. Nonetheless, I thought Ramos won 7-5, landed more jabs and power shots.

  • Ramos is not impressive to me at this point in his career still needs development, nonetheless he clearly without s doubt won that fight, Judges need s new training program and get educated and taught how to score a fight
    All Ramos can do is learn and continue to grow and stay positive, Lubina just be grateful as this victory will give him another shot at a good pay day

  • This wasn’t some horrible robbery at all. Ramos didn’t look like he was dominating and Lubin kept sneaking in solid jabs. Neither guy did anything special or that impressive so they get a decision based on what the particular judges favour. Both were tentative and didn’t try to take over from the other guy. Either one could’ve got the decision and I wouldn’t be bothered by it. Your on a major PPV , fight like you want to be the main event next time

  • I didn’t see all of the fight, but from what I saw, Lubin landed pity pat shots, and all Ramos did was follow him around. I saw him landing harder blows, but he was t that active. Surprised by the decision, but
    When you don’t make a statement sometimes you get burned. Lubin stuck to his gameplan and didn’t turn it into a slugfest. So maybe that swayed the minds of the judges.

  • One of the most disgraceful judging decisions I have ever seen. Definitely something fishy here and should be investigated. Ramos clearly had all 12 rounds. His punch count and hit count was more than double that of Lubin in all 12 rounds. Not even split decision but unanimous? WTF? None of these judges should ever judge again.

    • I’ve just watched the entire fight again objectively and critically. Lubin MAYBE drew 3 rounds at most. Ramos also had triple the amount of landed body shots. Millions of people around the world tuned into this fight night. This decision brings boxing into disrepute and makes one question the ethics behind every decision which is not a clear KO or TKO. Too much money and betting involved to keep it entirely clean IMO.

  • Ramos got screwed but I don’t feel sorry for him at all. Never take your foot off the gas in a boxing match when you know for a fact there are corrupt or inept people judging these fights.

    • Everyone complaining about the decision, but from what I saw both guys were mediocre. So from that standpoint it was a missed opportunity. Especially for Ramos.Lubin has been in wars in his some of his fights. He was advised to fight a causious fight. Ramos needed to make a statement to get to the next level. Looked limited. I think these guys forget that it’s the hurt business. A form of entertainment. If you chose this profession and want to be a star you got to do a lot more than that effort. Missed opportunity

  • It was not an upset. It was Just Texas judges doing their thing. Nothing to see here, just move right along……Keep moving, please, thank you.

  • As a Black man myself, I am highly offended by the racist inuendo that is being targeted against Mr. Lubin. Mr. Lubin worked hard to pull of the upset, and I think it is disgusting how people treat this good hard working man.

    In any event, congratulations to Mr. Ramos for putting up a great fight. I still feel he has a bright future in this sport. His dad and uncle have worked hard with him. He will be going places.

  • It was a fair decision. All these people grumbling are just influenced by the commentators scorecard. lubin controlled the action with his jab, made the other dude miss most of his punches and even when ramos got in close most of his punches were blocked.

  • This was a horrific decision. Lubin clearly LOST. All I saw from him was a jab. Guess the judges were too busy picking their noses to see it.

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