Kovalev-Alvarez face off

By Przemek Garczarczyk

Sergey Kovalev: (commenting on his “two crazy losses”) “It was a kick from life to awaken me and put my mind on the right trail. I lost my mind when I started to get famous. And I also didn’t have a coach in my training camp. I now have coaches in my training camps. (Before) all of my training camps were done myself and, of course, some training camps were good, and some were not. There were some mistakes, of course, there are always mistakes, and of course, my performances were some a little good, and some not. Right now, with my coach working with me for the fight, Abror Tursunpulatov, I feel much more professional, because we’ve delivered and went through mistakes. I hope this Saturday, I will show my best skills and what I came to do.”

Eleider Alvarez: “With my trainer, I had one of the best, hardest trainings in the world. It’s made me in the best shape I’ve ever been right now. Having this opportunity to go up against a fighter with one of the greatest reputations of any contender I could think of, Sergey Kovalev, it’s an incredible opportunity. I’m very full of pride and joy to let the world know who Eleider Alvarez is. It’s time.”

Dmitry Bivol: “When I got my belt, I make one small step to my dream. To be a big name, to make a big name in boxing. Of course, I’m not going to give my belt to someone. I’m not giving my belt to Chilemba. I’m going to keep it a long time.”

Isaac Chilemba: “This time, I am not going to let this opportunity slip through my hands. I am going to win it. I am going to walk out of the ring on the 4th of August as a winner, as a world champion.”

Promoter Kathy Duva: “Oh, if these walls could talk! There are so many stories. If I got started, we’d never hear from anyone today. Main Events could not be happier to be bringing world championship boxing back to Atlantic City. We hope it’s a long, enjoyable stay. We are back with a bang!”

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