Kingry-Duarte Final Press Conference

Kingry Duarte Presser
Photo: Golden Boy Promotions

Super lightweights Ryan Garcia (23-1, 19 KOs) and Oscar “La Migraña” Duarte (26-1-1, 21 KOs) hosted a press conference ahead of their fight that will now be for the WBA Gold title on Saturday night at Toyota Center in Houston, Texas and will be broadcast worldwide on DAZN. The atmosphere was rather tense as Garcia was openly hostile toward Golden Boy execs Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins saying B-Hop doesn’t decide his future and claiming Oscar has been trying to get him beat since the Duno fight.

Ryan Garcia: “I put everything into this fight. You know, for the first time, I’m extremely committed in a long time. You know 2021 was one of the years that kind of broke me. 2022, you know a big change in me, and 2023 opened my eyes. I’m about to come back for everything, I’m just laser-focused and that’s where my confidence comes from.”

Oscar Duarte: “I’m very happy, very content, to be here. I’m enjoying every moment. This was a dream and it is now a reality. And this Saturday, you’ll see my best version. I have a great team, and this Saturday, I’ll be winning.”

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  • I’m interested in my fellow boxing aficionados opinion? Can Duarte win this fight?

  • It’s Gona be a great fight
    I’m cheering for Duarte
    I don’t know why Ryan picked a 135 lbs opponent???

    But even so I’m with Duarte

    This fight has a potential for to be fight of the year

    • Do you watch boxing? You act as Ryan fighting “a 135lbs opponent” is new. Literally his last fight happened as a result of calling out a 135lbs opponent.

    • I know the reason your picking Duarte . Your comments are exageratigly bias. If Ryan were fighting Haney, Shakur or Lomachenko you would root for Ryan. You do not pick your fighters because of their skills but by what they represent.

  • I pick Rysn to win.
    A bit of bizarre and out place comments from Ryan, he must be unhappy with Oscar and Bernard.

    • I wouldn’t say out of place, Oscar and Bernard started it. Must be difficult for Ryan to have his promotional company hating on him. Bernard was trying stare him down. 2 men in their 50s trying to hate on a 25 year old.

  • Not likely to be much of a problem for Ryan. The opponent was picked for a reason. Duarte has a glossy record and there is always a possibility of something going wrong. Garcia leaves the chin open, pulls back with his head high but I’m not sure Duarte will be able to take advantage. I’m guessing if you look at Duarte’s record and opponents there are not many recognizable names. I know a lot of people don’t like Garcia and I don’t blame them. But he’s been in with good opposition, has fast hands, and very good power. I’m picking Garcia via KO inside 6.

  • I’d like Duarte to win but I’m sure Ryan is gonna just try to outbox him. But if Duarte gets inside and lands a good shot he may stop Ryan. Duarte needs to go to the body immediately.

  • Honestly, I hope duarte wins. Garcia has not taken his career that serious and more apt to make YouTube videos about how fast he is. He quit probably worse than anyone against Davis. He lashes out at Hopkins, who I really think was basically calling him out because of his lack of discipline.Not a fan of Hopkins, but he is a legend. Ask his former trainer reynoso. I don’t know anything about duarte to say he has a chance, but I cannot stand a fighter with as much upside as Garcia who quit, trains sporadically, and shows no heart. There are plenty of fighters in this world who put their heart and soul in this sport with talent that will never get the opportunities Garcia will continue to get. Go Duarte!

  • Ryan will KO him and then everyone will say Duarte was overrated and overmatched. Which will essentially be true, but we’ll still have to see just how long Ryan can stay “laser focused.” I’d like to see the kid do well, but he’s still got some things to prove in a division stacked and surrounded with talent. Like him or not, Ryan is an exciting fighter, I’m looking forward to watching.

  • I hope Ryan does well. As you would any up and coming young arhlete at the pinnacle of their sport. He says all the right things before the fight, as he did with Tank. Listening on his interviews now of overcoming the loss. And I’m apt to believe him. He speaks well. But just as I start hoping the kid will start a great run, I think of him on one knee, taking the count on a body shot. While wiping his glove to his nose to see if his nose was bleeding. You can teach and fine tune a great deal in a man, fighting heart is just not one of them.

  • Yes Duarte can possibly win this fight, he would have to do it by way of KO
    Ryan was dropped by a less stronger fighter in Campbell and smaller guy in Tank
    Ryan fights with his chin out and unless he either makes that adjustment he will get touched
    Other scenario would be Ryan feels Duartes power and feels the smart thing would be to just box him
    I’m also interested in watching how Duarte feels Ryan’s power will he be affected by it or not

  • Nothing is unique about Ryan’s situation with Bernard and Oscar. The turbulent boxer promoter relationship. Ryan is more emotional than a lot of fighters experience this. Bob Arum literally told Terrence Crawford to his face in front of the world that he was worthless so imagine what they’re relationship was like behind the scenes? After Crawford finished his last fight, he told Arum off in front of the world and left him. Hopkins lied to his mother on her death bed telling her he wouldn’t fight after 40. As soon as she died he got back in the ring. Oscar, we already know he’s vindictive. As soon as he and Ryan’s relationship took a turn for the worst he no longer protect him and fed him to Tank. Point is Ryan is getting a wakeup call. They’re promoters not your friends. Durate is fully focused on him and making an impression while Ryan is too distracted and emotional for such a dangerous fight. That may be his downfall.

  • Ryan and Oscar are a mess. The junior high skool stuff between these two makes me laugh.

  • Bernard looking like as soon as I get you alone, I’m going to straight up show you I’m from Philly without the lawsuit!

  • >