Keith Thurman aims to answer some questions

Coming off an injury-hampered 22-month ring absence, WBA welterweight super champion Keith “One Time” Thurman wasn’t at his best against Josesito Lopez in January. “I was really nervous about making weight after walking around at 182 for the past two years,” said Thurman. “But even though I got hit and hurt in the seventh round, I knew my boxing ability would get me through. It was a relief to make it through that fight feeling strong and healthy and I’ve taken those feelings right into this training camp.”

Keith Thurman
Photo: Andy Samuelson/Premier Boxing Champions

Once considered to be one of the hardest punchers in the welterweight division, Thurman has just one KO in his last six fights. Against Manny Pacquiao on July 20 in Las Vegas, Thurman plans to answer some questions.

“Does Manny belong in the ring with a fighter in his prime? Is Keith Thurman still Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman after some vulnerability against Josesito Lopez?” asked Thurman, rhetorically speaking. “Of course, I’d like to get the knockout or TKO, but either way, you’re going to see a world class performance that has me standing alone on top of a division that has so many great fighters. I’m trying to be that great, devastating champion once again, and come July 20, I will prove that I am!”

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  • easiest way to prove you’re the “great, devastating champion” is to beat Spence…”sometimes” Thurman.

  • Thurman is a chump, guy has no respect for a legend. The way he speaks to people makes me feel he is from the gutter, hope is ass gets smashed for all the disrespect

    • Thurman will be the one smashing ass.
      He may even make some sweet prison love to Manny afterwards in the middle of the ring.

  • Keith 1time Thurman never said nothing disrespectful for real.. I know this isn’t about Tyson fury.. but that’s the disrespectful mfr.. anytime you put a man on your private part.. put y’all going to ignore that.. Pacquiao as a great fighter he did with a sport of Boxing… He should I just let the new era take over.. don’t want to see the man hurt.. anyway I’m going with Keith one time Thurman American and black.

  • Thurman is a bonafide goof ball-doofus! He tries soo damn hard to come off as articulate and intelligent but just sounds totally fake! Guy needs to keep it real! Manny is humble and himself.

    • i think he is pretty intelligent but i know what you mean. he structures his sentences like written prose in order to sound smart but it comes across and boring and robotic. i have never heard him say the word ‘boxing’ with expanding it to ‘the sport of boxing’ i also think he is due a loss. Most of his defences have been very close and i think Manny has the experience to edge a close brawl

  • this fight will show what Manny has left, and what Keith really has. One of the questions that will be answered is, how will keith deal with Mannys angles and speed? Truth is, keith is kinda known for his movement, but manny has fought someone with better movement and ability than Keith…and that’s Floyd. Will keith be able to time him? that may be his only saving grace, but he’ll have to be right there. Manny runs thru everyone NOT named Floyd whos right there.. well, in his prime Manny does. We shall see!

  • THURMAN Manny will beat your ugly face/ass you ignorant ,stupid moronic fool.just you wait and see .schmuck,putz

  • Keith should respect the publicity of the game. Manny is the one humble fighter, Keith is great for what he did in a sport of boxing but needs a good training for his attitude trash talking. It is not about on how you commercialized your fight. People would like to see this fight anyways to see who is the best PRESENT or LEGEND

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