Junior, Cazares make weight

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. 174.3 vs. Mario Cazares 171.9
Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. vs. Jorge “Travieso” Arce | EXHIBITION
Yamileth Mercado 124.7 vs. Irasema Rayas 124.5
José Luis Castillo Jr. 126.5 vs. Misael Ponce ??
Karim Arce 118.6 vs. David Martino 120.8
Misael Garcia 116.5 vs. Jose Burgos 114
Ernesto Bernal 260.5 vs. Edgar Yair Gamal 263.4
Abimael Cruz 141.3 vs. Raul Guerrero 139.1
Bryan Flores 156.3 vs. Carlos Encinas 154.7

Venue: Grand Hotel, Tijuana, BC, MX
Promoter: 2M Promotions, Fundación Julio César Chávez
TV: PPV superboletos.com (MX), DAZN (USA, Can), ESPN (Latin America)

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  • Junior looks like an MK Ultra victim with that hair. Kudos for Junior finally making the weight. Arce straight up looks like a senior you see mid-day, you help him cross the street. This is what you dont wanna see. Both had too many fights already

    • Seriously, he’s starting to look like the junkies you see sleeping on the street. You’ve got money; clean yourself up, man!

  • Cazares will knock Junior out.

    Junior is a fucking disgrace. Just like Mike Bloomberg & LeBron James.

  • At one time in a long past, Chavez Jr. was up and coming. He took boxing serious and tried to excel in the sport. It is such a shame/disappointment how he has evolved to this point. I recall many moons ago, he was busted for taking Lasix (diuretic) trying to lose weight instead of working it off like most professionals do. Chavez Jr. developed that spoiled brat syndrome and once he tasted a nasty defeat on his record, his drive/hunger for the sport has been on the back burner. Sorry, but I am not impressed with the antics now and it’s time to move on watching other fighters take the game a lot more serious.

    • question for you, why is everybody is negative about junior? he does not have the same work ethic and love that his dad had but he is overall a very good fighter that gets bashed for quitting.

      what about Tyson, he quit on several occasions and everybody puts him on a pedestal

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