Joe Louis record in jeopardy?

Heavyweight great Joe Louis’ record of 25 consecutive world title defenses has lasted for 72 years. Of course, when the “Brown Bomber” was fighting there was no female boxing. On August 15, undisputed women’s welterweight champion Cecilia Brækhus, who also has 25 defenses, will be looking to shatter Louis’ mark when she faces Jessica McCaskill (8-2 3 KOs) on DAZN.

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  • It is also who you fight that matters. If it is a bunch of tomato cans, then anyone can have a great record. But if you fought the guys Louis did in his day, many boxers would not even come close to Louis’s record.

  • Hey, 25 defenses in any type of boxing is nothing to sneeze at. I know people on here will be quick to hate on Braekhus, and quality of opposition is nowhere near the same. Let’s not forget though, Joe Louis did go through the whole bum of the month club. That’s by no means meant to denigrate anyone, but everyone with a long line of defenses has had more than a handful of not-so-stellar opponents.

    So, congrats Ms. Braekhus! Still a great accomplishment regardless of how anyone puts it down.

    • Colby, I agree. Props to Braekhus for the effort and courage to even fight and provide entertainment.

    • Most sports fans knew most of the champions since there were only eight weight classes. Now even hard core boxing fans could not name all the “champions.”

  • glad she is still around and winning. I saw her once and she struggled mightily and took some heavy shots. But hey, that’s boxing.

  • Joe Louis would probably beat Cecilia Brækhus.

    Hats off for great accomplishments by both! I have seen some of Cecilia Brækhus fights and she looked unbeatable when younger.

    Today it is different. She could proudly lay off today and call it a career. One of the best female boxers ever pound for pound.

  • If she really wanted to, Im sure Cecilia could Brækhus. Dont worry about my dog Jessica, McCaskill when triggered.

  • What a tragedy that would be being that the talent for the most part is questionable at best in most of women’s boxing.

  • Seriously!! Give me a break. Very poor thinking for even making this news!! For the fool that wrote this I think that he or she should go and learn some history about the fight game. My God.

    • Everyone knows women’s boxing is garbage. But there are recent court decisions that say men’s and women’s sports are equal.

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