JC Chavez Sr. supervises Chavez Jr. workout

Julio Cesar Chavez personally supervised Thursday’s training session for his eldest son Julio, who on August 10 returns to the ring after an absence of more than two years. He made a series of recommendations to help Junior make a triumphant return.
Sr Jc Watch Jr
The 57-year-old Chavez, also took the opportunity to hit the heavy bag for 30 minutes straight.
Chavez Sr Trainng In San Juanl
“My son has the condition to once again become world champion,” said El Gran Campeon. “It’s only a matter of staying focused on training and boxing. I’ve seen in recent months he’e delivered 100 percent.”

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  • This is why Jesus Christ is needed in all of our lives. Fatherhood’s discipline can only only be cultivated by The Christ, through the Believer acting out God’s Decrees to earn said discipline to fulfill fatherhood. You may wonder JCC brought up Junior without discipline and here Junior is having a difficult time staying disciplined. On the other hand, if it wasn’t discipline it could be another facet. In any case, no human is except from The Word. None!

  • Round 12 vs Martinez was a blast to watch live – the suspense was probably the best I’ve witnessed in the last decade

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