IOC rejects Pacquiao 2024 Olympic bid

The International Olympic Committee has rejected a request from ring legend Manny Pacquiao to allow him to compete for a medal in the coming 2024 Paris Olympics. The IOC refused to waive the 40-year-old age limit for boxing atheletes for Pacman, who was hoping to be allowed to fight at the age of 45.

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  • I think this was a good choice because by and large, I believe the Olympics should have stayed with amateur sports especially boxing. Pac-Man has been to the top echelons of the boxing mountain. It’s time to let someone from your country to achieve greatness just as you did.

  • C’mon pac! He needs to let the younger generation have an opportunity at the olympics! He has nothing left to prove, shame on pac going after the olympics!

  • Good decision. Manny has had his time in the spotlight and its time to step away. He’s had his moment, let other up and coming fighters have their moment. If he’s bored why not try a new challenge like MMA? I’m sure Dana White would be happy to have him.

  • Look at the nice championship belts he has stored up over his career, come on Pack!!!

  • A fighter loves to fight. A fighter hate to stop fighting. That’s why they come back, or try to.
    Nothing strange about that.

  • 2024 will be the last year amateur boxing is in the Olympics. If it’s ever brought back it will only be with professional boxers. Now you know.

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