Interview: Jimmy Chaichotchuang

By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing

Fightnews contributor Jimmy Chaichotchuang was awarded Thailand’s Best Promoter in 2018 and promotes nationally televised shows every month on Thairath Television Network.

Photo: Johnny Chaichotchuang

Jimmy began promoting in 1996 at the age of 24 years with the highlight being manager and promoter of IBF flyweight champion Amnat Ruenroeng when he defeated Chinese superstar Zou Shiming.

You were named Thailand’s Promoter of the Year in 2018. Can you tell me about this award? Congratulations for this achievement.

I am very proud to receive Thailand’s Boxing Promoter of the year in 2018 from the Sports Authority of Thailand, which hosted the announcement of the 6th National Honorary Boxing Awards on February 6th at the Indoor Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

What year did you start your career as a promoter in Thailand? Who did you promote in the main event? What was your age?

I always remember the main event. Fahlan Sakkreerin former IBF mini-flyweight champion fought Javier Juarez on September 13, 1996. The venue was open air and raining too. The fight was exciting. I was 24 years old.

Your father was also a Boxing manager and published a Boxing publication in Thailand. Could you give details?

Before I born, my father was a newspaper man and boxing manager. He had many good Muay Thai boxers. Then he was editor of Muay Thai weekly magazine. I enjoyed to read the news of muay-thai and boxing news and saw a movement of boxing society in Thailand. After that, my father and my uncle, Police Luitenant Colonel Kreerin Inkaew, started the boxing promotions in 1992. Our first boxer was Fahlan Sakkreerin, the former IBF champion.

You were manager and promoter of world champion IBF flyweight champion Amnat Ruenroeng. He was sentenced to prison serving a fifteen year sentence in 2007. In 2008, he was given day release and captured the national amateur title and represented Thailand at the 2008 Olympics. You helped him to begin his professional career. He defended the title successfully against Chinaese superstar and former Olympic Gold Medalist Zou Shiming. Could you tell me about Ruenroeng and his fight with Zou Shiming?

I was the promoter of IBF #1 super bantamweight Thangthong Klongjan in 2012, who was former IBF Pan Pacific junior featherweight champion. Thangthong introduced Amnat Ruenroeng who was released from the prison and fought for Thai amateur team. Thanthong asked me in 2012 to help Ruenroeng start a professional career and be his promoter. Thangthong was tragically killed with his wife and two nephews in a car accident in 2012, eight days after the first fight of Ruenroeng. Ruenroeng became IBF flyweight champion by defeating Rocky Fuentes for the vacant title. Ruenroeng defended by defeating Kazuto Ioka and Mcwilliam Arroyo. His third defense was his best winning over China’s super star Zou Shiming. He won very impressively over Shiming in Macao, China.

You also guided Fahlan Sakkreerin Sr to the IBF mini flyweight title. Fahlan boxed in the USA. His son, Fahlan Jr, is a world rated junior flyweight. Tell me about father and son.

I was excited when Fahlan Sakkreerin Sr ask me to be the promoter of his son. Sakkreerin Sr was my first boxer. I was very proud to be the promoter of his son. Sakkreerin Jr has a great opportunity to challenge for the world title against Kazunari Takayama, the IBF mini flyweight champion and Milan Milendo, the IBF jr flyweight champion.

You have had many world rated boxers including Fahprakorb Rakkiatgym and Fahsung 3K Battery who boxed Manny Pacquiao also boxed in the USA. Tell me about your boxers who you promoted that were world ranked.

When I promoted Fahlan Sakkreerin as a main event and I also promoted and developed the young boxers Fahprakorb Rakkiatgym and Fashung 3K battery. Both made a great fight with Manny Pacquiao in his prime time. They had the opportunity to fight for the world title fight as Rakkiatgym lost Vladimir Pierrera in Foxwoods Casino for IBF featherweight title that was televised on ESPN. Fahshung 3 K Batterly lost Stelve Molitor IBF jr featherweight champion in Canada.

You promote monthly shows in Thailand that are televised nationally. Could you tell me about your current world rated boxers you promote? What is the television net work in Thailand?

Presently I promote boxing monthly shows live on THAIRATH TELEVISION NETWORK throughout Thailand.

My rated boxers are Eaktawan BTU Ruavking, IBF #6 and IBF Pan Pacific flyweight champion. Eaktawan fought Donny Nietes for the IBF flyweight title and Juan Carlos Reveco in an IBF eliminator.

Mike Tawatchai IBF #14 and IBF Pan Pacific jr featherweight champion, who lost to TJ Doheny and Shingo Wake in IBF eliminators.

Downua Ruaviking IBF #13 and IBF Pan Pacific jr welterweight champion, Fahlan Sakkreerin Jr IBF #13 jr flyweight and Sukkasem Kietyongyuth IBF #15 bantamweight.

You have been the most active IBF promoter for several years. Could you tell me what years?

I worked with the IBF since 1999. My first IBF fight was when Fahprakorb Rakkiagtm fought Andrian Kaspari for IBF Intercontinental title on December 24, 1999. I was proud to receive the honor of most active IBF promoter from 2008 to 2017.

IBF President Daryl Peoples was in Thailand in 2017 for Muay Thai being introduced into IBF championships. Tell me about Daryl’s visit.

IBF President Daryl Peoples is the first IBF President to visit Thailand and introduced IBF Muay Thai. I am very thankful for the IBF to establish IBF Muay Thai in Thailand to develop and assist professional Muay Thai under the IBF Family. I am honored to be appointed the secretary of IBF Muay Thai. I will do my best effort for IBF Muay Thai to be successful in Thailand.

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