IBF orders Canelo-Scull Purse Bid

Two weeks ago, the IBF ordered undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez to defend against IBF #1 contender William Scull (22-0, 9 KOs), who has been the IBF mandatory since July 2022. Both parties were given until June 12th to reach an agreement, however according to Scull’s promoter Ingo Volckmann, the Canelo camp hasn’t responded and the IBF has granted the Scull camp an early purse bid on June 6.

“Canelo has to fight us now or he will give up the title,” said Volckmann. “Since the IBF has now officially announced the purse bid, Canelo cannot apply for a special permit, as Oleksandr Usyk has now done. The only thing they could do is agree on a ‘step aside’ fee with us in order to postpone the fight again. It’s all well and good that he’s Canelo, but he also has to play by the rules no matter how popular he is. We’ve waited long enough. There will definitely be an offer from us at the purse bid because we want the fight!”

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  • William who? Sanctioning bodies have/are destroying this sport. TIME TO PUT THEM TO PASTURE.

  • The IBF, out of all the organizations, usually sticks to their rules. They stripped Crawford last year, Opetaia this year, and they’ve already stripped Canelo once before, at 160, a few years ago.

    • the IBF was wrong for stripping Bud he had just won that title the rules dont call for an immediate madatory never did

      • Boots Ennis was the mandatory challenger for Spence’s IBF title who put that challenge on hold so Spence and Crawford could fight. The winner if Crawford was to inherit Ennis as his mandatory challenger of his newly crowned title. Crawford refused knowing well that was going to happen so he got stripped. Ennis was waiting for that opportunity for a long time. Canelo is no different really. They ordering Canelo to fight Scully a nobody and Canelo is basically saying fk you and will be relinquishing the IBF title. No one wants to see that fight.

  • Canelo has nothing to gain by fighting this guy.
    Who cares about the IBF.
    Lets take care of Crawford then Benavides.
    Nobody beats Canelo @ 168lbs. NOBODY!!!!

  • Bid deal you’re “ordering” Canelo to fight another bum of the month. I’m sure Canelo is ok with this fight and will hid behind this “order”. Should have “ordered” him to fight Benavidez. That’s when the statement ” he also has to play by the rules no matter how popular he is” would have meant something

  • the IBF is about to get replaced with the IBO with all their BS lol the organizations must realize the fighters make them not the other way around

    • Wonderful news for boxing: IBF to be replaced by the IBO!!! YEAH RIGHT.

  • You know, these ‘mandatory’ fights the belts keep ordering wouldn’t be half as bad if they just ACKNOWLEDGED OTHER CHAMPS IN THE DIVISION. Ie if the IBF champ would just rank the WBC/WBA/WBO champ as #1/2/3, then we would actually have quality mandatory challengers like in the far past.

    Instead they live in this weird delusion where you can be the #1 challenger in the division for months, but as soon as you win a rival belt you’ve been stricken from existence. It’s such a joke, on top of all these alphabet belts being a joke in the first place.

    • If anything, a champion recognized from some other sanctioning body should be deemed a ‘mandatory challenger.” Then, once the however many organizations have an undisputed champion? They can issue their ratings – and use the average of the respective rankings to be the next “mandatory” for ALL the belts.

  • Oh yes, Canelo is very respectful following rules when he is ordered to fight a spongy mandatory. How we can forget Yildirim?

    • Probably wouldn’t bother him to give up this meaningless belt.

    • Shows how much you know, racist. This brother is from Cuba based out of Berlin. Typical response from a race baiter. When are you going to learn? You just got fact checked.

  • It has been said Canelo is dropping the IBF title. The man refuses to fight this nobody. There are better fights to be had.

  • It ain’t happening! Canelo is not in the business now a days to make pennies with such a fight! In that case, he can just choose a no risk, high gain, and a more than an easy fighter in boricua berlanga, and make at least $35 mil for a hitting a punching bag like boxing fight! So, drop a belt that can later be regain!

  • Shame on all the boxing organizations. Canelo now sets the rules. What a joke, the boxing organizations are now going with what Canelo wants. Canelo is not a king. Canelo is no longer the people’s champion. He avoids and fights who he wants. He has become the Diva of boxing. He will be remembered for the fighters he dodged in his career.

  • Never heard of this clown and he wants to fight canelo, dream on buddy. Just goes to show, anyone can make mandatory

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