Helenius lands big US fight

Former heavyweight title challenger Gerald Washington is the next opponent for Robert Helenius. The fight will take place in the state of Minnesota on Saturday, 13 July. The fight will probably be hosted at the classic Minneapolis Armory Arena.

“I have been ready for a fight ever since April. I signed a contract to fight Adam Kownacki but I don’t know why that didn’t happen. Now Washington wants a fight against me and when I have beaten him I will beat Kownacki too,” Helenius says.

Helenius is not keeping his future plans secret.

“Sure, the plan is that we fight Kownacki later, we already have a contract for it. But I have to win this fight first and Washington is a very strong enough opponent – so I have to concentrate fully on this fight right now,” says Helenius.

This will be the first time Helenius has ever boxed in the US.

“I’m really looking forward to the fight and it is good that it will happen in the US so that I can get good fights there in the future. Washington is a big name in the States and that is especially good” says Helenius.

The fight will be broadcast across the United States.

“It’s a very big deal that we get a fight in a country that has gone boxing crazy right now, especially after Anthony Joshua’s loss to American Andy Ruiz in New York,” says Helenius’s manager Markus Sundman.

Gerald Washington has had 23 fights with 19 wins.

“He has met several seriously tough opponents including a world title fight against Deontay Wilder in 2017, where he had fought very well before being knocked out,” says Helenius.

The Helenius team is also hoping for some Nordic support in Minnesota, which is known for its large number of Nordic immigrants.

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  • Hardly a “Big” fight. Helnius amounts to a fringe contender and Washington is a “B” fighter.

    • I agree – its not a big fight but still two recognizable names, and therefore a good fight / match up. Not every fight can be ‘big’ but good B fighters can still deliver interesting fights.

  • The backpacker Helenius always fails at the final hurdle, lets see where with fight takes him.

  • They are both on the fringe right now. I like the matchup, because it’s a classic must win type fight. The winner can move up to fight a contender and the other can go away.

    Of course, neither will go away and is there really ever a must win scenario in the Heavyweight Division?

  • >