Haney a 3:1 favorite over Loma

Undisputed lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) is between a 2.5 and 3:1 favorite to retain his belt against three division world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs). They meet on Saturday in a $59.99 ESPN+ PPV clash from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The three-fight PPV also features a 10-round junior lightweight rematch between former two-division world champion Oscar Valdez (30-1, 23 KOs) and Adam “BluNose” Lopez (16-4, 6 KOs) and rising lightweight Raymond “Danger” Muratalla (16-0, 13 KOs) against Jeremia Nakathila (23-2, 19 KOs) in a 10-round clash.

The PPV stream will be preceded by a two-fight ESPN telecast featuring the vacant WBO junior bantamweight world title showdown between former world champion Andrew Moloney (25-2, 16 KOs) and undefeated former WBO flyweight titlist Junto Nakatani (24-0, 18 KOs). Opening the broadcast will be undefeated middleweight Nico Ali Walsh (8-0, 5 KOs), grandson of Muhammad Ali, against Danny Rosenberger (13-9-4, 4 KOs).

The night will begin with an ESPN+-streamed undercard featuring undefeated prospects Emiliano Fernando Vargas, Abdullah Mason, Floyd “Cashflow” Diaz, and Amari Jones.

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  • Lomachenko will need to cut the ring off in order to slow down Haney’s offense so he is hittable. Haney’s hand speed coupled with the jab will give him an edge from the outside. In most cases, speed kills when it’s used effectively. I feel Haney’s youth and speed will give him the edge and carry this fight to a UD.

    • It took Loma awhile to get started against Teo & Ortiz, and I’m expecting that it will take a few rounds to figure Haney out as well. Wouldn’t surprise me if Loma is down by a wide margin entering the second half of the fight, and I don’t believe he’ll be able to close the gap if that’s the case. I’m thinking Haney by UD as well. Size, speed (arguably), and youth all on Haney’s side.

    • I am going to laugh my ass off if Loma defeats Haney. This clown is running around talking all kind of crap about being the “better at everything” than Loma can do yet is already setting up a built in excuse already crying that Loma is a dirty fighter. Gtfoh with that crap I’m hoping Loma exposes this fraud.

      • Anything is possible in boxing. However, the fun of it is about picking an opponent based off intuition and observations. I have no problem admitting if I am wrong if I pick the wrong opponent who loses. It is what it is.

      • Most fighters ride on the confidence train to pump themselves up for a fight. Indirectly, it stirs us up as fans since we respond to the fighter’s statements. Promoters encourage their fighters to talk smack to do one thing; sell tickets…..It’s money!

        • “Indirectly, it stirs us up as fans since we respond to the fighter’s statements.”

          For some, the statement that has stirred people up is this one from Haney: “I can tell you this — I will never lose to a white boy in my life. I don’t care what nobody got to say. Listen, can’t no white boy beat me, I don’t care, on any day of the week. I fight a white boy like 10 times, I’m gonna beat him 10 times.”

          Race is a sensitive subject for many, and when you throw a comment out there like the one listed above by Haney, it’s obviously going to strike a nerve with some folks. If Haney happens to lose this fight, wonder how long it will take him to live that down? Hopkins made a very similar comment, and 25 years later, it’s still common to see people gloating in the comment sections online about him losing to Calzaghe….not to mention Joe Smith & Kovalev. I’m sure people remind him of it when he’s in public as well. I think some people would like to wish the same into existence for Haney.

          • I think all the controversial comments Haney is making does in fact, want us to see this fight even more to see if Loma can pull it off! Yes, Hopkins’ bold past statements still resonates with some boxing fans to this day.

  • If Lomachenko can pull this off, he will be on the brink of greatness in my book

    • Win lose or draw Loma is first ballot to the hall of fame. I’m pulling for him to pull the upset. Nothing like letting your fists do the talking and since this fight was announced all I hear is this feather fisted champion talk shit non stop.

      Let’s go Loma all the way!

    • He’s already cemented his legacy as the top amateur boxer in history, and as one of the best of his generation , as a professional, he has little left to prove. But,SeventY-five years after SUGAR Ray Robinson retired, he’s STILL considered the best pro to have ever stepped into the ring; andSO Loma is a bizillion miles away from even approaching a status similar to Robinson’s. But, even in saying that, Lomachenko will go down in history as one of the best to have everlaced up gloves—(in my humble opinion)

    • The Ukrainian is already a great fighter. He’s already made history. Now, he’s an old fighter with a bad shoulder but still fighting a young undefeated fighter who is two weight classes bigger than him. It’s okay if he loses this fight as it will be the first time that he’s legitimately been defeated in the ring. The Salido ‘loss’ is illegitimate and Loma was injured and fighting with one hand against Lopez.

  • I need to find a way to see this one. Loma is Haney’s best opponent by some margin and if Loma brings his A-game this could be awesome.

    • 3:1 completely out of line I agree. Especially if you watch the Haney- jo jo Diaz fight. Diaz is a small southpaw with some decent skills. He’s not even in the same universe as Loma when it comes to boxing ability and he gave Devin all he could handle. Great value here on Loma.

  • Here is my vote. I am picking Lomachenko to win this match based on his experience, angles, speed, & quality of oppositions. The only way I can see Haney winning this fight if Lomachenko has some injuries or he has aged…

  • i like loma in this one i would not leave this in the hands of the judges loma should plan to put haney away in the late rounds haney may not be able to keep up with lomas footwork and quick hands if your the underdog go for the tko

  • Can Lomachenko’s face withstand the punishment from the 1st half to mount any type of 2nd half comeback?

    • Absolutely. Nose Face punches like a 4 year old girl. He couldn’t bruise an apple!

  • Typical Haney will add nothing new. Jab, jab, right hand clinch. Unfortunately, Loma will be on his game like the matrix and will be side stepping Haney and cranking out multiple punch combos. Haney will not be able to catch up. That’s if Haney even makes weight too. Loma by unanimous or majority decision.

  • If Loma pulls it off he will suddenly be in the p4p running or Haney was overrated. If he loses he was old and small. Keep in mind Haney was Loma’s mandatory back when Loma was champ. Loma gave up the title instead of fighting a 20-year-old less experienced Haney. We can’t make the excuse about size because there was no outcry about the much bigger Loma fighting Rigo. Go back and watch Roberto Duran vs Marvin Haglar. Duran more than held his own despite the great size difference.

    It’s all about clearing out 135 to see who is the best. So many options.

    • So, let me clear this up and educate you at the same time. Lomachenko already had a fight scheduled with Luke Campbell and was the full WBC champion while Haney held some interim version and was suddenly calling out the Ukrainian while he already had a fight scheduled. There was no duck, but your ilk is always going to make things up and then just parrot it over and over until enough useful idiots latch on to your sinking ship like barnacles. Let this ring like Twitters community notes. Loma never ducked haney.

  • Loma could unofficially win, but won’t get the decision. The WBC has even gone on record saying “We Protected Haney.” Loma has to KO him to win. I wonder if that scumbag Tony Weeks will be working any fights on this card? Same old crap.

    • This is true. If indeed this goes to a decision then certainly the score cards will have already been filled out right about now a few days before the fight. Like Mayweather, Haney will not lose in Vegas even if he did lose in the eyes of the viewers, the judges will be paid off and make sure the bogus decision goes to Haney and I absolutely guarantee he will not have the class to admit it!

  • Sorry, Loma fanboys, but your idol will be 16-3 after this fight, not good enough to get into the HOF in Canastota; great amateur record, though.

    • You always have a lot hate for Loma. A masterful boxer in the amateurs and pros. Loma out boxes Haney all day and twice on Sunday. He ain’t fought nobody, he is not as powerful as they make it seem. Face it, Mr. Wannabe blm is taking his first loss.

    • Not a Loma supporter but come on man! He was a 3 division champ before 12 fight. If guys like Arturo Gatti (R.I.P) get into Canastota so will Loma.

    • DMV, ok ladyboy sounds like you are a big Haney fanboy. Probably have a tattoo of his image on your tush that says “I love Devin Haney” with hearts all over lol

  • I have a feeling the main fight might be a stinker with Haney avoiding engaging and boxing his way to a decision.
    Good to see Nico is still getting fed a steady diet of tomato cans, best for his health and safety

  • Incorrect Killa King; I don’t hate Loma at all, just think he’s overatted, that’s all. I think he’s a very good fighter and have watched most of his fights.
    I’m entitled to my opinion as you are to yours. BTW: what does BLM have to do with this fight? Loma loses to Shakur and Tank IMO. And USS Haze Gray, I think we all know the reason Gatti (God Bless the Dead) got into the HOF. So, is Loma a HOF’er because he had 395 amateur wins or because he won a world title in his 3rd fight?

    • DMV, Sure have a funny way of showing it. He is not overrated. He is too small for 135, but yet he succeeds everytime. He accepts all challenges and never ducked nobody. He rarely talks shite and like a real fighter let’s his hands do the talking. Haney talks and talks. Personally, my opinion: any athlete, any politician, or any person that showed a whiff of support to blm is complete trash and has no business living in this country. Haney is one of them. Haney has not fought anyone in their prime except kamboso, who is limited. I think Loma beats tank too. Loma has skills does need to rely on power. He has crazy mobility and can punch at different angles. Haney is one dimensional and you will see it Saturday.

    • I agree, Loma is overrated and Saturday should be another loss. His work rate is too low early and his power isnt enough to get these guys out of there. Haney by decision in a fight where the commentators ask when will Loma start throwing more punches.

  • Devins only edge is his youth but if Loma catches him with a good punch it’s lights out.!

  • Length, size and youth win. Unlike ryan garcia who fought a dumb@ss fight, haney will stay long and patient behind the jab making the smaller fighter take all of the chances to get off shots.

    Loma always starts slow and then by about rd 3 or 4 he figures out his opponent and closes the distance. It’s fascinating to watch him change levels and the tiny adjustments he makes tho.

    But at 35 does he have one last great performance in him? It’s unlikely considering how he struggled against the length in his last fight.

    I see haney winning a close decision.

    • This pretty much sums up the way I see it. Loma did struggle early against Ortiz. The 115-113 sounded about right in that fight. Haney will be even more difficult, and Loma has not gotten any younger. I’m thinking Haney might be up 5-1 through 6 rounds, and maybe they go 3-3 in rounds 7-12. Works out to 116-112 for Haney. We shall see.

    • No, pre-injury Loma did not start off slow. Post injury Loma starts slow. I posted on here and other forums after the Linares fight that Lomachenko’s career at the very upper echelon of the sport was over. It is absolutely impossible for the previous form to be regained from a torn labrum. Surgical repair will only get you back to everyday movement, but not the dynamic movement that somebody of Loma’s caliber requires to be at to perform against these bigger fighters. Hearing people on here call the Ukrainian overrated and not appreciating what he did and what he still continues to do at 35 as the smaller man nursing an injury, reminds me again of why boxing is completely dead and that nobody cares about this once great sport anymore. Too many racist thugs are boxing’s fan now.

  • I have always liked both fighters so this is a dream matchup, except it can’t always happen during the ideal years for both fighters. Often one is a little too young or old. Haney is confident but generally very respectable relative to the smacktalk many other fights exhibit. Loma is in good shape but I think it was just age combined with getting a later start in the pro game. Regardless of the outcome fans owe it to themselves to see 2 top notch pros. Haney is coming into his own. Loma is something special as well. A lot of the odds just have to do with the concept of Haney getting judges decisions on rounds. There will still be a lot of good tactics and movement but the odds in favor of Haney is not a “disrespect” to Loma. For Loma to win he would possibly have to have a very aggressive relentless gameplan from the opening bell and wear down haney mentally and physically. But I don’t see him adjusting to that plan at this stage.

  • The odds makers are sleeping on this one. The only reason Loma didn’t get all the belts from Kambossus is he defended his country in an unprovoked war against Russia. He barley lost to an excellent fighter in Lopez with an injury. Loma is one of the few elite fighters in the game and if he loses a clear decision to Haney, Devin can join that group as well.

    • Oddsmakers know what they are doing-Loma would be a favorite if in his prime but probably loses to the younger man.

  • Terrible card!! Loma vs Haney isn’t a bad fight, but I think the size will be too much for Loma to overcome. No matter what, I’m not paying for this card. They need to do better and we as the consumers need to ensure they do by not purchasing a lousy card!

  • The urge to spend money on a fight that you know is going to decision with a ton of running and posturing just makes this fight an easy no buy.

    Unless you’re a KO fighter, you should not be a PPV headliner.

    Youd have to pay me to watch a Haney fight, after the first few of his I watched I added him to my shakur/female boxing list of I’ll read the results the next day.

    You want my money, take risks/go to war and be entertaining or fight on undercard’s or free tv

  • Wow, anyone who supports BLM should not live in this country? Thank goodness you aren’t President Killa King. Not going the politics route with you. The same hate you claim that I have for Loma, you show even more disdain for Haney due to your hate for BLM. Not once did I refer to Loma as a Nazi as Putin claims the Ukranians are and he allegedly served in the armed forces for Ukraine. Stick to boxing. You can’t give Haney on ounce of credit for his skill. We don’t want to hear the excuses once Haney whips Loma’s ass…he’s old, too small…etc…STFU…we’re tired of it. May the best man win.

    • Well, my dislike for blm is well documented. I don’t care either and will never apologize; however, it does not cloud my judgement for boxing. I read somewhere in these comments that Haney says he will never lose to a white man??? So, politics was brought into this fight regardless. You see I see people as humans not colors. What they bring is their character, but a organization like blm is about hate and swindlers. A group that attacked and killed the police for just doing their job. A young man pushing their agenda without even really knowing what they stood for. I never liked Haney, never will. He ain’t fought nobody of note or in their prime until this Saturday. I make no excuses unless the decision/judges rob a fighter. You can’t refer to Loma as a Nazi because he is not. I never once referenced Haney as a racist either at least till I heard his new statements. I will stick to boxing when the fighters stick to boxing too. Unfortunately, your bestie, Haney cannot. It’s been good chatting with you.

  • In this day and age, why would anyone pay to watch a boxing match on TV? Almost as soon as the fight is finished, the highlights are up on YouTube. Why pay for the “privilege” of seeing them live?
    Save your cash and wait a few days. The only potential fights worth watching live are Usyk-Fury, Bivol-Beterbiev, Canelo-Benavidez, and Crawford-Spence. Outside of those (assuming they’re ever made) there isn’t anything worth dropping a nickel on.

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