Golovkin: I’ve always wanted this third fight

GGG: “I’m relieved Canelo didn’t wait until I was 50 to agree to a third fight!”

The super middleweight edition of Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin’s Big Drama Show debuts Saturday night against undisputed super middleweight champion and archrival Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez on DAZN PPV from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

“This fight is important for the sport. It rewards fans and creates new fans. It is the biggest fight in boxing and certainly the biggest fight of our trilogy.” said Golovkin. “This is the type of fight that makes boxing grow. Trilogies are historic and I’m excited to be part of one. It’s amazing. It means that the first two fights were so good that we were in demand and the fans wanted to see us fight each other again.

“I made a lot of concessions to Canelo to keep this fight intact because I’ve always wanted this third fight. I would never give up a championship belt or move to a different weight class to avoid an opponent. And while four years is too long between the last fight and this one, I’m relieved Canelo didn’t wait until I was 50 to agree to a third fight. Because for awhile it seemed that was a strong possibility.”

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  • That is an old tactic Oscar would use as a promoter was waiting till opponents were older and less of threat. However, this is not the case and the truth in this case remains solid about GGG. GGG is older now and is NOT the same fighter he was years ago. I admire GGG’s confidence leading into this fight. I really do feel Alvarez will come into this fight with maximum horsepower since he is gaining confidence from his loss to Bivol. Alvarez can take a punch and keep coming. Alvarez’s youth will give him an edge in this fight. Alvarez UD.

    • Not many fighters gain confidence after a loss. Especially the way he was beaten by Bivol.
      But, He might “gain” confidence coming in against a smaller and older opponent past his prime years.
      Usually a fighter will take an easier matchup after a loss to regain confidence back. That is the case here.

    • Then why didn’t Golovkin move up in weight right after Canelo did ? If he would have he could have fought for a title at 175lbs and he wouldn’t have had to wait this long?? Excuses!! While Canelo was moving up in weight classes Golovkin was waiting for the big payday!!!.

      • Golovkin was trying to stay a career middleweight. First Canelo wanted Golovkin to make some Canelo weight, 155 or 156. The first fight only 2 judges scorecards mattered, the 3rd card was a throwaway card. I could say that for Golovkin, why didn’t he fight a Charlo twin or Andrade? Canelo was skating around a 3rd Golovkin fight. BUT Canelo has fought some okay fighters over the years besides Golovkin twice.

        • He cant really call himself a “Career Middleweight” when a good portion of his known opponents were Super Welter going up in weight to fight him. lets face it, he even called out FML when FML is clearly a regular Welterweight.

      • That is the damn truth. Im surprised you only got 17 dislikes. This site is full of GGG nut huggers and feels he can do no wrong. We all know the truth. He was scared to fight Charlo and Andrade even though they both called him out multiple times. He chose lesser opponents like Steve Rolls. Pssh, even i think i can beat steve rolls lmao

    • That’s exactly what Canelo did.

      He threw a belt away so he didn’t have to face GGG in his prime because GGG whooped a young canelo in sparring.

      Canelo got a BS draw in the first fight. Then he squeaked out the rematch. At that point he never wanted to fight GGG again.

      So he followed Delahoya’s and Mayweather’s gameplan of delaying a fight until the opponent gets old or exposed.

      Canelo should easily beat 40 ur old GGG.

      • You forget that when they both sparred, Canelo was not a Middle weight.. of course the bigger guy with jus as much skill was gonna have the advantage in a sparring session. GGG alwas boasts about sparring LHW’s, why the hell was he sparring a super welter at that time?

        • Smart fighters spar with fighters in multiple divisions. Number one is to get the timing down of the speed of lighter guys who are naturally faster.

          Plus when Canelo won the mw title and then gave it up as opposed to fighting GGG in his prime, canelo fought the very next fight at 168, proving he was a true middleweight and already the naturally bigger guy than GGG. PLUS Canelo was already like 26 or so at the time. He ducked and dodged that fight. There’s no defending him.

  • He’s not 50, but I think Canelo has successfully waited GGG out. He’s 40, he hasn’t been active. He’s only had 4 fights since the last time they fought and he hasn’t looked the greatest. Canelo’s had 8 and he’s 32 – in his prime. It’ll be an awesome victory for GGG if he can get it.

    • GGG hasn’t been active because he is afraid to lose and then not get a Canelo fight. That’s why he has also fought nobodies. GGG has been begging for this money fight for years even though he really doesn’t deserve it.

      • Maybe he deserved it because of how close the two fights were, but being impartially and honest the downside of Golovkin is that, despite being an excellent and talented boxer with great punching power, he always avoided the risky fights and had a tendency for easy fights. I remember how desperately he was to get a very green Canelo, the undersized Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather and how he had the nerve to ignore Demetrius Andrade calls and fight a shot and retired Vanes Martirosyan instead, this type of matchmaking mentality took him away to be compared with the great middleweights.

        • Thats right. GGG was all about becoming undisputed and making history when he was facing B-class fighters and getting built up on HBO is the best middleweight of all time. When good fighters became available (Andrade, Charlo, etc.) he could care less about legacy. Just cash-out fights with Canelo.
          And the fans go along with it. He didnt need to fight anybody to get the Canelo fight that you’ll demanded the other fighters do. No accountability when it comes to these two fighters.

          • GGG was chasing belts that’s why he wanted Canelo in the first place. And Canelo chicken @$$ just gave up the belt instead of facing him in the ring.

        • For me it’s Andrade. The fact that it never even seemed like that fight got CLOSE to happening is bad for GGG, when you consider that they both fought for the same network and the entire time, the last four years, Andrade had a belt at middleweight. That looks like he’s avoiding this skilled, awkward fighter because he’s holding out hope that Canelo will fight him again.
          But for some reason you hardly ever see GGG get criticized. He’s just this sympathetic figure who everyone thinks got robbed against Canelo.

          • Hahaha wow, There is nothing Andrade does that would trouble GGG ever. Talk about fighting nobodies, BooBoo has made a career of it. You talk about GGG fighting Martyrosian, well he destroyed him and BooBoo got dropped by him and won via SD. Jog on.

        • Burucho, ur comments are right on point. I agree. GGG is very skilled but lazy and doesnt like taking a risk. He proved it with the butt woopin D’chenko gave him and yet did not clamor about a rematch as he did with Canelo.

      • Exactly what I have thought. It has not been Canelo waiting for g to get old, it has been g waiting on Canelo to give him a PAYDAY.
        First fight was 2017, 2nd fight 2018, 2019 pandemic hit, no boxing at all for at least a year or more.. 2021 Canelo goes for undisputed, something NEVER done in the history of boxing, now here we are 2022 and we have Canelo vs ggg 3.
        I wish someone would explain to me how Canelo waited him out?

    • yes, he waited him out. GGG’s not 50. but almost 41 is old enough at this level to not be alot of things that he once was

      • bruh, look who GGG has fought since since his first fight with Canelo. Martirosyan, Rolls, D’chenko, Szeremta and Murata. Vanes was shot and too small, Rolls (seriously…Rolls lol) D’Chenko got robbed, Szeremta lost to Mungia of all people. Only true fight was Murata. I think its safe to say GGG has waited himself out fighting these guys when he could have been fighting better opposition.

  • GGG is a young 40 never taken a beating, I hope the boxing gods balance the scale Saturday. He deserves it.

  • It probably won’t happen, but I hope GGG knocks Canelos head off somewhere in the middle rounds. Canelo is going to come in juiced to the max just like he did against Bivol. He deserves to get knocked out cold.


    • While you are correct in saying that neither fighter has been knocked down, I remember seeing Canelo hurt with Jose Cotto. Ultimately Canelo won

  • If it’s a close fight and goes to the scorecards. Do you think the judges will allow Canelo to lose 2 fights in a row?

    • sounds like GGG better step it up then. If he leaves it to the judges, thats on him and shldnt cry about it later. either make a bold move and go for the KO or get KO’d himself. He knows what he is going up against.

  • GGG fought at 165 lbs in the amateur’s, which is Super Middle Weight in the pros. I wish these writers would stop indicating that he is the smaller fighter, he’s actually the bigger fighter. Canelo will look better in this fight due to less weight on his 5’7 frame. He should win a decision, IMO. Whether unanimous or not. Two granite chin fighters, no KO here.

    • giving you the thumbs up DMV, too many GGG nut huggers here and ur comment was right on point. GGG is a big Middleweight. these GGG fanboys are what gives GGG a bad name. Great fighter but his ridiculous band of groupies almost make me wanna hate the dude.

  • I’m leaning towards a UD win for Canelo because judges “tend to” give him the close rds. Based on 1st 2 fights. I don’t think he gets the KO. If GGG does good maybe he can manage a Draw again-best result unless he steps it up and tries for a KO. But since it’s unprecedented I don’t expend GGG to get a knockout either.

    Cinnamon gets his fair share of KO’s but not consecutively in title fights. And after Mayweather he didn’t too too well in the next year following. Lara made him look bad, although he got the win.

    I get the whole thing about a guy coming off a loss. But I think that’s most applicable to a undefeated fighter in his next fight after his 1ST loss. Not a guy who has 2 losses on his record, 2 draws, and 1 or 2 other questionable wins that most all objective viewers thought were a loss or draw.

    I don’t see any rational for Saul to have some huge uptick in power and skill over one of his best opponents despite the age gap, merely because his most recent fight was (another) loss.

    He will do his best, yes, but he also continues to rack up rounds and fights at his young age. GGG is well rested and has learned plenty over the first 24 rds. It’s fair to say this will go the distance.

  • GGG’s knockout blows are delivered to the spot just above the ear. Saul has perfected a defense that negates punches to this area. GGG does not have a body punch in his arsenal. Possible but remotely that GGG has worked on body punching in training camp. GGG’s legs will determine the number of rounds this fight lasts. Robinson landed the “ perfect left hook” that took out Fullmer in their second fight. GGG needs a history making punch to win this one.

  • Golovkin should be doing ok for money. This is a risky fight and I think he believes he can still compete at this level. That he can put together one more championship effort. I’m concerned he could be over matched this time but believe he still has the punch and the heart to make it competitive.

  • OMG GGG so now u’ve Always wanted it? Make up ur mind my guy. One minute uve always wanted it and thr next, u didnt. Well, we all knew u did since you basically put ur whole career on hold to chase Canelo (or should I say the money). GGG could have cleared out the entire MW division and become undisputed but chose to avoid Charlo and Andrade to wait for Canelo. Pathetic.

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