Fury-Usyk Announcement tomorrow

Queensberry, Top Rank & Riyadh Season will hold a press conference tomorrow in London to announce a new date for the Fury vs. Usyk undisputed heavyweight world championship contest, taking place in early 2024 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The rumored date is February 17.

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  • Let’s not get too excited about this date. There has been a positive history of delays in Fury’s camp in the past with other fights. One reason being if Fury is not totally ready and has been “off” on his training, excuses are expressed by injuries in training.

  • Since it’s Saturday afternoon in US, I’m assuming it’ll be broadcast tv..nobody orders ppv for Saturday afternoon..people have lives

  • Hopefully Usyk learned something from the Ngannou fight. Fury gets dirty when he’s losing/frustrated (via elbows) and he had better go for the KO if he wants those belts. Somehow I don’t believe it will take place in February but we’ll see.

    • Good point. Not to mention Fury uses the old tactics of holding and laying on opponents as well. Yet, ref never pulls any points or warns him over the holding.

      • Yes, but being that the fight is in Saudi Arabia and not the UK hopefully the ref will enforce the Marquis of Queensbury rules. They seem to be doing everything right over there right now, and the only thing left is to come up with the BRICS currency to finally put us Americans out of our misery:-)

  • I don’t know if Usyk is big enough for his higher boxing talents to offset Fury for a win, but there’s no way I’d put any money on Fury in this fight. If Fury was to come in highly motivated and well trained, it’s a fight he can win. Either guy can take this. I have more faith in Usyk being readied for it.

  • i think its late, and not exciting
    fury may need a year to have a chance
    to getting into boxing shape. otherwise……

  • Fury vs. Usyk is a hell of intriguing fight, despite to have written all over the word “snoozefest”. I am really amazed how boxing has changed and wondering, how much Ali vs Frazier I or Ali vs Foreman purses could have been if those fight would haven done this time?

  • It will not happen. Warren won’t allow the ‘Gypsy Queen’ to fight another living person after her most recent battering.

  • Usyk has the momentum in defeating the same size Joshua two times. That is a lot more than Tyson can claim. In addition, Sugar Hill is incompetent at preparation, gladiatorial psychology and utterly limited in his approach. He does not comprehend nor can teach Boxiana Science. We saw most of these in the Ngannou debacle. These are all on film. Fury embarrassed himself further. Good for Ngannou. Francis still needs lesser caliber men to harness further, lest he will be embarrassed with experienced fighters.

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