Fortune: Only one Pacquiao

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBA welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao coach Justin Fortune says there will never be another Pacquiao. ”We’ll never see another Pacquiao again. Period. Manny has surpassed Floyd Mayweather. If Floyd wanted to prove a point he would have fought Manny again. We all know Manny had a shoulder injury. The offers were put out there for the rematch – he wanted nothing to do with it. Instead, he chose to fight Conor McGregor and a frigging YouTuber. Boxing has done him good. Mayweather, now he’s gone and sullied its name. They are great if they’re exhibitions, people just cashing out – good luck to you. But don’t let them go on your record,” Fortune told Coffee Friend.

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  • Very true. Even with the bad shoulder, it was closer than most people think.

  • Manny had no fucking shoulder injury. He was beaten by the better man…and beaten convincingly, not even a close fight

  • Yea ur right its only one juicer in the sport that can get praised for being a cheater, lets take a pole just abt everytime he got tested he lost (per Mayweather) n if memory serves me correctly he hasnt been tested since. rick hatton , cotto, margarito with the exception of tim bradely/2nd fight and maquez he lost , in which tim didnt deserve that win , this dude pac has jump multiple weight classes, he started at 108, that dont raise any flags , whats wrong witb u peopl puncher are born not made , Paulie M was the only one calling pac out ,and look what happen to him, pacs power was manufactured in those weight classes thur perfomance inhancing drugs, one day the truth will surface just stay tune.

  • I was more for Mayweather trying to fight Golovkin. Floyd kepts saying Golovkin was a straight up and down fighter, and Golovkin may have come down to 155 or 156 to fight Floyd, even now, he probably would. Now, Floyd is a beefed up 140 pounder, but even for Marquez in 2009, Floyd came in at 146, and said he wasn’t dropping to the contract weight, and gave Marquez some extra cash. So Floyd is a fighter from 146 to 152 lbs, from 2009 to the Canelo fight. I don’t care about the Pacquiao rematch. Floyd and Pacquiao should have already fought by 2012, but they didn’t. Floyd didn’t want to fight anymore after the 2nd Maidana fight. Floyd wanted Kenny Bayless to have Floyd’s glove taken off after his fingers were bit, and wanted to show Kenny the bit marks and have Maidana DQ’d. At 31 seconds left of round 8 and Mayweather let out that bitch scream, it was like the last gasp of his career going out of him, he wasted his time on getting the Pacquiao fight done when it mattered, and was having to rematch Maidana because he didn’t really beat him the first time….but let Floyd make some extra off of bets and exhibitions, even though he looks like sh*t in the ring in 2021.

  • When I hear about Manny’s bad shoulder allegation, I often wonder how the world would have reacted if Mayweather lost that fight, while his camp (and/or Mayweather) developed the bad shoulder allegation?

  • they could fight 10 times pacman could never beat mayweather fortune is a tool

    • Most people who really know boxing understand this. Usually casual fans can’t grasp it, but Mayweather’s style and skill are too much. Every time they fight, it’s a boring UD for Mayweather.

  • I have no idea who Justin is but he sounds like a bitter ex. Manny “surpassed” Floyd loses lol. When people mention Manny they always mention Floyd such as this justin guy has. A “shoulder injury” is ultimately Manny’s problem. Boxer has won fights under those circumstances so why couldn’t Manny? If Manny was humble enough to accept his loss like a man he probably would have gotten a rematch. Trulthfully, Manny does do well against smart fighters. Ugas, Marquez and Floyd. He’s accustomed to fighting dumb fighters who will stand in front of him and trade shots like idiots instead of exploting his weaknesses.

  • Oh come on Justin. Manny is an all time great, no doubt, but why not leave it at praising Manny? You look ridiculous when you start injecting excuses about Floyd Mayweather or claiming that he “surpassed” Mayweather. That’s just not true.

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