Country Box back in Nashville

Boxing will be back at The Troubadour Nashville on Tuesday night with Country Box 4. The first three installments have been a huge success as top boxing prospects were been able to ply their trade, while the sold-out crowds have been treated to concerts featuring Country Music heavyweights Leon Evertette, Clayton Q and Adam Warner.

Country Box is the brainchild of longtime boxing manager turned promoter Jimmy Adams, who guided fighters like Oliver McCall, Greg Page, Tony Tucker, Robert Daniels, Steve Cunningham, Bert Cooper and Sharmba Mitchell.

“I did 47 fights in 1997. All in one year, and that’s how Tennessee became number-two for boxing, beating out Las Vegas & Atlantic City, NJ with California being number-one. My first fighter to ever manage was Earnie Shavers. My mentor in understanding boxing has been promoter and long time friend Don King, who I still have a very close tie to. Country Box is a platform for unknown fighters & entertainers to get a shot in becoming Champions or Country Superstars. Really its where today’s nobodies can become tomorrow’s somebody.

“I am excited because my son Jimmy Jr is training to become a professional boxer and my daughter Masey Adams is following my footsteps in becoming a boxing manager plus she runs the social media for Country Box. On a personal note from my heart I am so proud to have my wife standing behind me for support, my children are working to turn it into a family business, Howard Wear, Christy Dembrock, Robert Golden, Chris Harris part of my team and so blessed to have professional people on my team like Marc Abrams, John Moceyunas, Christy Martin, Albert Haynesworth. Thanks to Jennifer the owner of The Troubadour for allowing her place to become the home of Country Box “Where Music Meets Boxing”

The short term goal is to stage events on the first Tuesday of every month.

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