Chris Arreola: If I lose this fight, I will retire

“If I lose this fight, I will retire, plain and simple,” says former heavyweight title challenger Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola. “I love the sport of boxing and I want people to still remember me as a world heavyweight champion. I believe I still have the skills to do so.” The 38-year-old Arreola (38-5-1, 33 KOs) takes on unbeaten heavyweight prospect Adam Kownacki (19-0, 15 KOs) on Saturday on FOX and he says he’s not coming to Brooklyn to be another “W” on Kownacki’s record.

“When I fought Jameel McCline, he was one of those big heavyweights that everybody was talking about, but never made it,” said Arreola. “I don’t want to be that guy. I don’t want to be his Jameel. So that’s why I’m working hard out here with Joe Goossen. To make sure to put a little setback to his plans for the world title. He will get there, but my plan is to not let him use my name as a stepping stone.”

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    • I don’t either, but with titles being created every day, it is possible.

    • He wasn’t. He was simply saying, “he wants to be remembered as a heavy weight champion” and that he still has the skills to make it happen

  • I like Chris, but I think his better days are behind him. I’m glad to see that he at least is thinking that if he can’t then it’s time to move on.

    • I do.

      Arreola is hungry and has a lot to prove, that makes him dangerous.

      Kownacki is easy to hit and Chris still has the power to hurt you.

      • In his prime this might have been a good fight-old and shot probably means rather quick ending.

  • Kownacki in four. Arreola is not even a bad dream, let alone a nightmare. Adam is a good choice against Wilder or Ruiz and could be a stern test for Dubois or Joyce

  • Happy retirement. Missed his opportunity . should have gotten into world class athlete shape/condition in his prime

  • Chris Arreola if he comes in shape this is a 50/50 fight .Kownacki has very nice hands throws great combos His problem is his head is straight up in the air and if Arreola is patient can catch this guy .

  • Arreola is getting a little long in the tooth and him not being in the best shape will not be good for him

    Time and the tide wait for no man
    Kownacki by late stoppage after busting up Arreola

  • Arreola is rarely in a bad fight, so it will be sad to see him go, but I’d rather him get out with his faculties. I think Kownacki will win…7th round TKO.

  • Arreola could have been such a great story if he committed a little more to physical fitness and dieting. He goes in there and gives it is all but he always comes up short. It must be killing him that Ruiz took his thunder because I believe that Arreola would have defeated that version of AJ as well. at 38 you are who you are in this world and Arreola will come in heavy, and get owned the way Vitali did to him IMHO.

    Happy Retirement Chris! It was great watching you.

  • Fuck if Arriola would of trained and been in top physical shape he would of been Champ.He has dangerous power and great chin but no stamina…

  • Deontay is a very careful fighter who only explodes when he sees a clear opening. If he sees it early it’s lights out early. If he sees it late so be it. He doesn’t rush to beat people faster than the next guy

  • Best thing he ever said CUZ, he gonna lose, Kownacki is NO bum, got power, relentless and takes a great shot, has a very hard head… Arreola to retire and probably getting KO’d any time after the 1st round. He picked the wrong guy to fight and has been inactive way too long …

  • Arreola should fight Fres Oquendo and the loser should be forced to retire. Or start paying amateurs to come in and beat up on these old guys

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