Chavez Jr: I’m not playing around anymore

Former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. arrived last night in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico, where he will return to the ring against Evert Bravo in a ten round super middleweight bout. Junior and his team were received by Mayor Jesus Medina Briseño and other important officials.
Llegada Jc Chavez Jr1
“I feel good because I’ve always learned from every fight and I’m at a point when I know with more certainty what I want from my career,” said Chavez Jr. “I’m not playing around anymore as I know I did sometimes, especially after the fight with Sergio Martinez when I stopped thinking 100 percent about boxing. That’s why I know it’s time to resume my career.

“I know that I haven’t given my best. I believe and I’m convinced that I can give more and that we have still yet to see the best of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. I’m not a rookie. I’m 33 years old, but I’m not finished either and I know I have four or five more years left to prove what I know, what I am and what I have, because now I’m going to focus totally on boxing and win a second world championship.
Llegada Jc Chavez Jr2
“This is the first time I’ve fought in Jalisco and I’m happy to do it. I’ve gone a long time without a fight. The last one was against Canelo and now, by coincidences of life, I am in this state (Canelo’s backyard) for my comeback fight. I’ve prepared myself very well. I have a lot of experience. I know that there are no easy fights and that they are won in the gym, not in the ring, so I prepared as if I was going to face the best.”

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  • Fighting at super middleweight tells me your stil playing around and stil being lazy.

    Train harder, eat properly and make middleweight lazybones

  • If he barely won a rd vs Canelo what makes him think he could hang with any of the other SM?

    • Thats like saying Manny lost to Floyd, how could he beat any body else at 147. Canelo is top 5 pound for pound. Not the end of anybody’s career losing to a top 5 pound for pound fighter. For being JC Superstars son he accomplished more than any of us expected. Yes, if he was focused he should have done more, but im impressed, rich kid did OK.

  • Dudes a joke, go away. No one wants to watch this idiot. If he didn’t share his dads name he never would have made it in the first place.

  • Junior isn’t a senior. Thats a hard thing to live up to I give him that. Just doesn’t have the tenacity and the ability to pull the trigger like pop. And……………..with several layoffs you never quite make it back. Sparring and the real fights are different.

    • He was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth; his pops was raised in an abandoned box car with his other siblings. No wonder the old man was tough as barbed-wire. Can’t expect JR. to be like his daddy when he didn’t pay the dues like his daddy did. The old man fought to get out of poverty; Junior never had to worry about being poor

  • Better fighters than him (if we can call jr. a fighter) never had the opportunity to be under so much protection like he did, thanks to a tricky promoter that knew how to milk his name. If Chavez jr. had had at least the talent of Yory Boy Campas, he could’ve been able to honor his father’s name, but he was empty with no discipline, talent, motivation or passion for the sport of boxing. I believe he should retire, and also I believe boxing won’t miss him

  • We’ve heard it before, you dragged the Chavez name through the mud, you embarrassed your father. The truth is you ran out of money, let me make a million by fighting a bum and the circus starts again!!!

  • I see everyone is down on Jr, but give him another shot, fighters mature and he wants to prove something

  • He had the help of his shady promoter and godfather WBC president. Getting away with murder would run out once his godfather passed. Those rigged scales and masked PEDs weren’t around once Sulaiman was gone and Jr. had to fight at higher weight classes without gifts. We later learned that he in fact is not a Mexican warrior and never will be in quitting on the stool to Fanfora , avoiding a brawl with Canelo and couldn’t pull the trigger against Martinez up until the championship rounds and still fell short.

  • The behind the scenes showed how difficult it was for Roach to get Chavez prepared for his upcoming fight with Martinez and many times if he showed up at all he showed up late with little to no desire to train. Throughout the early stages of his championship quest he didn’t have good stamina and that plagued him up until he fought Rubio who knew something was up when they didn’t even follow testing protocol post fight. Chavez jr. had extraordinary stamina that he never possessed before.

  • Your bum you will never be like your father now you want to come back because you need the money your father was one of the greatest and a legend you let him down so you’re sitting there saying you’re coming back and you’re not playing games anymore after so long somebody’s going to knock you out and put you back into retirement permanent

  • I bet you his father can come out of retirement at his age and do a better job in Junior you better keep watching all these face from ringside before you get in the ring and get hurt

  • I am a HUGE fan of Chavez SR but is lacking the heart and doesn’t have the killer instinct which his father had.. He will retire soon as his resume proves that he can’t win the big fights…

  • >