Charr destroys Milacic

Former WBA heavyweight world champion “Diamond Boy” Mahmoud Charr (33-4, 19 KOs) blew away Nikola Milacic (21-3, 14 KOs) in round three on Saturday night outdoors at Die Bucht in Hamburg, Germany. Easy work for Charr who dropped Milacic multiple times. Milacic was a late sub after Charr’s original opponent Jean Pierre Augustin was arrested at the airport when trying to catch a plane for Germany.

WBO #13 heavyweight Ali Eren Demirezen (16-1, 12 KOs), coming off his TKO over Gerald Washington on a January 1 PPV, topped 42-year-old former world title challenger Kevin “Kingpin” Johnson (35-19-1, 19 KOs) via eight round unanimous decision.

Heavyweight Christian Hammer (27-9, 17 KOs) knocked out journeyman Drazan Janjanin (22-35, 19 KOs) in the first round.

Heavyweight Michael Wallisch (23-5, 16 KOs) stopped Toni Thes (19-12-1, 13 KOs) in round two.

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  • to make al short story shorter..lets see charr vs bryant the public demands such. .johnson goes without saying..its amazing that i dont think hes ever been kayoed..he made Vitali look silly when they for hammer hes no joke..there has not been a field of competent boxers ever assembled in the world currently then there has been in this peridand era. internationally! primerily Cuba has no restraints now. The only question of putting the weekly concerns on the back page of the new york publications lies with eliminating those greesy dirty black handed gungsters that pull the srings that sponser invest andd hold stables of slaves discustd as pugilistic specialist..And im notalluding to Sam Watson..

    • I hate to break it to you, but the public isn’t demanding *anything* involving Charr. Or Bryant.

  • This guy, Charr, won the WBA heavyweight title against against another guy who had no business fighting for any championship. Then….took 5 years off.

    Comes back last year and fights another nobody. Then……takes another year off and fights…..another nobody.

    This guy is very serious about his career and totally capitalized on his championship momentum

    • One of those lay-offs was due to him being shot I believe. Not sure about the others…

  • Saw parts of this card, and it was pitiful really. Horrendous matchups, very few people attending. The Kevin Johnson/Demirezen fight was somewhat competive, but basically a glorified sparring session. Demirezen didn’t even look like a Top 20 fighter, much less WBO#13.
    Charr had no competition, but at least he got it over with quick.

  • >